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3 Days - 20 Bucks - Rocky Mountain RR Club NG Excursions 23.75
A History of Georgia Railroads 21.50
A History of the CB&Q Quincy Branch 80.75
A History of Transportation in Western North Carolina 21.50
Adirondack Logging 26.75
Alton & Southern Operations in St Louis - TRRA 39.75
American Car & Foundry Box Cars 1960-1981 70.75
Amtrak Across America 36.75
Ann Arbor Best of Emery Gulash 36.75
Armoured Trains 70.75
Auto-Train 55.75
Baltimore & Ohio Best of Bob Collins 36.75
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Cumberland, MD to Connersville, PA 58.75
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Old Main Line Hancock, WV to Cumberland, MD 60.75
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad's Pittsburgh Division- Arcadia 22.50
Big Hooks Vol 2 36.75
Bispham to Fleetwood- Blackpool Tramway Since 1960 Vol 3 64.00
Black River & Western Railroad - Arcadia 21.50
BNSF Locomotive Directory 2015-2016 32.75
Boston & Albany Railroad Worcester, MA to Albany, NY 53.75
Boston & Maine Railroad - Ayer, MA to Rotterdam Junction, NY 63.75
Brighton's Buses and Trams 62.00
Buchanan-Levisa-Dismal Creek - Norfolk & Western Branch Lines 40.75
Building London's Underground 64.00
Burlington Route in Focus 27.75
Burlington Route Steam 27.75
California's Capitol Corridor 22.50
California's Lumber Shortline Railroads 30.75
Canadian Pacific Facilities in Color Vol 3 48.75
Canadian Pacific Thru the Rockies 36.75
Canadian Trackside Guide 2017 35.00
Chasing the Powhatan Arrow 18.50
Chateau Laurier -Ottawa 42.75
Chesapeake & Ohio 2-6-6-2 Mallet Locomotives 23.75
Chesapeake & Ohio Coal Tipples 23.75
Chesapeake & Ohio Mail by Rail 23.75
Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Depots, Towers & Other Structures 36.75
Chesapeake & Ohio Through Passenger Service in Color 48.75
Chicago & Western Indiana Railroad -Arcadia 21.50
Colorado & Southern Clear Creek District Memories & Then Some 55.75
Conrail-D&H-NYS&W Operations on NY's Southern Tier 36.75
Conrail Northern Region in Color48.75
Conrail Shared Assets Operations in Color 48.75
Conrail's North Jersey Coast Line 23.75
CSX in Action 27.75
CSX Power in Color Vol 148.75
Eastern Oregon Shortline Railroads 30.75
Electric Interurbans and the American People 45.75
Elevated Railways of Manhattan 55.75
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern in Color Vol 348.75
EMD SD70 Vol 2 36.75
Empire of Dreams Story of the Oregon Pacific 50.75
Encyclopedia of B&O Cabooses Vol 4 42.75
End of the Line French & German Railroads at the End of WW2 19.50
Erie & DL&W in Hudson County, NJ 36.75
Erie-DL&W-EL Trackside with Bob Krone 48.75
Erie & Erie Lackawanna in Orange County, NY 30.75
Erie Railroad Official Photography Vol 1 36.75
Erie Railroad Official Photography Vol 2 36.75
Erie Western in Color 48.75
Express, Mail and Merchandise Service 20.75
ForestRails - Georgia Pacific's Railroads 75.50
Forging the "Bee Line" Railroad - Rise & Fall of Hoosier Partisans 40.75
Franklin County Narrow Gauge Vol 3 The Next Step is Kingsfield 50.75
Freight Car Color Portfolio Vol 1 ACL-GN 36.75
GG1 The World's Greatest Electric Locomotive Vol 1 36.75
Ghost Rails Vol 13 - Coal Runners 60.00
Grand Trunk Western Power in Color Vol 1 48.75
Great Northern Railway Through Time 21.75
Great Railroad War - US Railway Operations in WW1 23.75
Great Temple of Travel A Pictorial History of Birmingham Terminal Station 55.75
History and Railroads of North Pocono 60.75
Illinois Central Gulf 1972 -1988 55.75
Illinois Central Through Passenger Service in Color 48.75
Illinois Division of the Santa Fe Railway 60.75
Iron Mine Railroads of Northern New Jersey 36.75
Jersey Central Lines Official Photography 36.75
John H Burdakin and the Grand Trunk Western Railroad 23.75
John W Garrett and the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad 45.75
Las Vegas & Tonopah Railroad 36.75
Lehigh & New England Railroad Company Operations on the East End 45.75
Lehigh & Susquehanna Jersey Central's Pennsylvania Operations Vol 1 22.75
Lehigh & Susquehanna Jersey Central's Pennsylvania Operations Vol 2 40.75
Lehigh Valley Best of Bob Wilt Vol 1 1960's 36.75
Lehigh Valley Diesel Pictorial 23.75
Life of James Everell Henry - New Hampshire Logging 19.50
Little Saw Mill Run Railroad - Pennsylvania 36.75
London Trolleybuses A Colour Album 52.00
Long Island Rail-Road Company A History 1834-1965 45.75
Long Island Railroad Power in Color48.75
Lost Oregon Streetcars 21.50
Lost Steel Plants of the Monongahela River Valley 22.50
Maidstone Trams and Trolleybuses 44.00
McCloud River Railroad 65.75
Metro-North in Color 48.75
Metroliners 55.75
Milwaukee Road Facilities in Color Vol 1 48.75
Milwaukee Road Facilities in Color Vol 2 48.75
Milwaukee Road Passenger Trains Vol 3 55.75
Milwaukee Road - Washington, Idaho, Montana48.75
Monson Railroad Forney Locomotives 3 & 4 24.50
Nashville's Streetcars & Interurban Railways - Arcadia 21.50
New York Central Power in Color Vol 2 48.75
Norfolk & Western Railway Steam Pictorial 27.75
Norfolk Southern 2016-2017 Locomotive Directory 32.75
Norfolk Southern in Color Vol 1 48.75
Northern Pacific A Personal Perspective 36.75
NYO&W Port Jervis & Monticello Branches Part 1 32.75
Pacific Electric Series Vol 3 Along the Beach 26.50
Passenger & Merchant Ships of the GTP & Canadian Northern Ry 21.75
Pennsylvania Main Line Railroad Stations - Philadelphia to Harrisburg - Arcadia 21.50
Pennsylvania Railroad Eastern Region Trackside 48.75
Pennsylvania Railroad Lines West Vol 3 60.75
Pennsylvania Railroad Shamokin Branch Ore Trains and Coal Mines 112.00
PERHS Monograph 2 - John L Whitmeyer Remembrances of the Pacific Electric 36.75
PERHS Monograph 9 -Alan K Weeks Remembrances of the Pacific Electric 36.75
Philadelphia Trolleys - From Survival to Revival 22.50
Pickle & Vinegar Makers of the Midwest 30.75
Pittsburg, Shawmut & Northern Railroad - Arcadia 21.50
Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad The Last 30 Years 36.75
Power Clash - PRR vs B&O 75.50
Railroad Collisions A Deadly Story of Mismanaged Risk 23.75
Railroad Pit Stops 23.75
Railroads Through the Coeur d'Alenes - Revised Edition 45.75
Rails Across Australia 36.75
Rails Across the River- Rail Car Ferry - Prescott, ON to Ogdensburg, NY 29.50
Rails Across the Rock - Newfoundland Railway 28.75
Rails Around the Rock - Newfoundland Branchlines 28.75
Rails in the Road - History of Tramways in Britain & Ireland 45.75
Rails of War Supplying the Americans and their Allies in China-Burma-India 27.75
Rails' Tales - Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company 36.75
Railway Palaces of Portland, Oregon 21.50
Railway Guns British and German Guns at War 36.75
Railway Prototype Cyclopedia Vol 31/32 57.00
Railway Prototype Cyclopedia Vol 33 57.00
Railway Prototype Cyclopedia Vol 34 57.00
Reading Company Power in Color Vol 1 48.75
Reading Railroad Book 2 Main Line Swedeland to Port Kennedy 125.00
Reading Railroad Book 3 Main Line Valley Forge to Douglassville 125.00
Reading Railroad Heritage 24.75
Regional Tramways - Scotland 36.75
Regional Tramways - Yorkshire and North East of London 36.75
Reich Rails - Prussia, Imperial Germany & The First World War 32.75
Rio Grande Best of Bob Davis 36.75
Rock Island Railroad in Arkansas 21.50
Rock Island Westward Vol 3 19.50
Route 66 Railway - Expanded 2nd Edition 40.75
Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes Model T Ford Vose Inspection Car 19.50
Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes Parlor Car Rangeley 24.50
Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes/Bridgton & Harrison Railbus 4/Railbus 3 24.50
Santa Cruz Trains Railroads of the Santa Cruz Mountains 27.75
Santa Fe and Grain Story 40.75
Santa Fe Diesel Locomotive Development 70.75
Santa Fe Pictorial Vol 15 New Mexico Divison 26.50
Santa Fe to the Bay 40.75
Secrets of the New York City Subways 27.75
Served by London's Trolleybuses 62.00
Shortline Railroads of Long Island 32.75
Shortlines of the Intermountain West 65.75
Simpson Railroad - A Recent History 72.00
Smoke Over Oklahoma 27.75
Smoke Over Steamtown 32.75
Snow Fighters Vol 1 36.75
Southern California Rails 1941-1971 Vol 1 36.75
Southern California Rails 1841-1971 Vol 2 36.75
Southern Pacific Facilities in Color Vol 2 48.75
Southern Pacific Freight Car Painting and Lettering Guide 75.50
Southern Pacific Historic Diesels Vol 22 36.75
Southern Pacific in Oregon in Color 48.75
Southern Pacific Power in Color Vol 1 48.75
Southern Pacific Steam Locomotive Compendium 65.75
Southern Railway Power in Color Vol 248.75
State Belt- San Francisco's Waterfront Railroad 55.75
Steam and Diesel Era in Wheeling, West Virginia 40.75
Steel Mill Railroad Facilities and Equipment 36.75
Steel Mill Railroads in Color Vol 7 48.75
Steel Road Nostalgia Vol 2 New England 36.75
Steel -The Story of Pittsburgh's Iron and Steel Industry 1852-1902 21.50
Strasburg Rail Road- Arcadia 21.50
Streetcars of Washington DC 24.75
Summit County's (CO) Narrow Gauge Railroads 21.50
Sunnyside Yard and Hell Gate Bridge 21.50
Tacoma - The Fateful Fourth - America's Worst Transit Disaster 27.75
The First 25 Miles - Test Track Activity - GE Transportation, Erie, PA 2015-2016 19.50
The Railroad and the Art of Place 55.75
The Rusty Dusty - Great Northern Ry's Wenatchee-Oroville Branch 60.75
The Well Dressed Hobo 32.75
Thirty Year War A History of Detroit's Streetcars 1892-1922 36.75
Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo in Color48.75
Tracks of the New York Subway 2017 Edition 40.00
Tracks to the Trenches: Canadian Railway Troops in the Great War (1914-18) 36.75
Trackside in the Mohawk Valley 1955-201548.75
Trail of the Turbo - Amtrak Turboliner Story 39.75
Twilight and Dawn of the East Broad Top 1945-1965 25.75
Twin Cities Trolleys in Color 48.75
Under Ground - Subways & Metros of the World 32.75
Union Pacific Power in Color Vol 1 48.75
Waterfront Terminals and Operations 20.75
Westchester County (NY) Airport 21.50
White Pass & Yukon in Color 48.75
Wisconsin Central in Color48.75
Wisconsin Shortline & Logging Steam 36.75
With the Slack, That Will Do and Other Railroad Stories 16.50
Wood Hicks and Bark Peelers- Pennsylvania's Railroad Lumbering Communities 36.75
X Car (Private Owner) Color Guide Vol 4 48.75
X Car Color Guide Vol 548.75


American Wire & Steel Company- Cleveland, OH 60.00
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Locust Point Transfer Bridges 27.00
Chicago Sanitary & Ship Canal 30.00
Denver & Rio Grande RR San Juan Ext. Wolf Creek Trestle 27.00
Expansion of the N&W to include the NKP & Wabash 27.00
Johnstown Plant - Bethlehem Steel Company 27.00
Maps of Interurban Lines 27.00
Northern Pacific Tacoma, WA Passenger Station 27.00
Penn Central Equipment Painting Plans 30.00
Pennsylvania Railroad Harbor Facilities 27.00
Pennsylvania Railroad Inspection of Physical Property 1948 70.00
Pennsylvania Railroad Record of Transportation Lines 1940 30.00
Pictorial History of the C&O Train and Auto Ferries & Pere Marquette Line Steamers 30.00
Plan Package Motive Power of the Union Pacific System All Types 1869-1974 40.00
Steam Schooner Wapama 27.00
Steel Making Cleveland District Plants - Republic Steel 27.00
This is the Bessemer 27.00
Wilfred Sykes The Story of a Modern Ore Boat27.00


B&O Power in Color Vol 1Due 7/1/17 48.75
Illinois Central Gulf in Color Volume 1 Due 7/1/17 48.75
DT&I Power in Color Including Ann Arbor Due 8/1/17 48.75
Southern Pacific Power in Color Volume 2 Due 8/1/17 48.75


50 Years North American Railroads Vol 1 The Southwest Due Summer65.75
"A" Real Engine - Norfolk & Western 2-6-6-4 Locomotive Due 2018TBA
Along the Old West Shore Due September55.75
Along the Valley Line - Connecticut Valley Railroad Due September23.75
American Steam Locomotive in the Twentieth Century Due Summer92.75
American Traction in Britain Due Spring21.75
Amtrak Across America - An Illustrated History Expanded 2nd Edition Due Fall34.75
Birmingham Tramways Due July84.00
Black Mountain Railway Due 201852.75
Branch Line Empires - PRR & NYC Due October50.75
Building Grand Central Terminal Due May21.50
California Zephyr Due Summer34.75
Chicago Trolleys Due September21.50
Columbus Crossroads of Change Due July36.75
Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad Due October22.50
Delaware Valley Railway 1901-1937 Due June21.50
Down by the N&W Depot Due 201836.75
From New York to San Francisco - Travel Sketches from the Year 1869 Due October32.75
Great Northern Railway 1945-1970 Photo Archive 2nd Edition Due Fall34.75
Great Northern Railway in Marias Pass Due June24.75
Indianapolis Union and Belt Railroads Due September40.75
Jim Shaughnessy Essential Witness 60 Years of Railroad Photography Due November55.75
Lehigh & Susquehanna Jersey Central's Pennsylvania Operations Vol 3 Due June45.75
Lehigh Valley Best of Bob Wilt Vol 2 1970's Due July36.75
London Underground Timeline Due Fall65.75
Lost Coal Country of Northeastern Pennsylvania Due August21.50
Madison Hardware Story Due June45.75
Military Trains and Railways Due Summer 40.75
My Life with Trains - Memoir of a Railroader Due June40.75
New Jersey Central's Blue Comet - Arcadia Due July21.50
Pennsylvania Railroad Locomotives Photo Archive - Revised Due Summer34.75
Piggyback & Container Traffic Due June20.75
Poster to Poster Railwy Journeys in Art Vol 9 Rails Across America Due February55.75
Pullmans Derailed - What, Where, How & Why of Sleeping Car Wrecks 1940-1968 Due spring32.75
Rail Depots of Eastern North Carolina Due September21.50
Rails in and Around Saratoga (NY) Due September21.50
Railway Guns of World War 1 Due August17.50
Regional Tramways North West of England Post 1945 Due November36.75
Riding the Rails - Inside the Business of America's Railroads Due May40.75
San Diego Trolleys Due September21.50
Wallace W Abbey A Life in Railroad Photography Due February45.75

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