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The American southwest of Arizona is home to monumental monoliths, grand canyons, petrified forests, and vividly painted deserts. It is here that you'll find one of the busiest mainline railroads in America! Join 7idea Productions on a fantastic adventure across the Grand Canyon State on BNSF's Seligman and Gallup Subdivisions. In Part 1 of this two part series, we will travel the western half of the state beginning at Needles, California. The double-track main line heads east through Topock and across the Mojave Desert to Kingman Canyon. The steady drumming of big GE diesels fills the air as the grade reaches 1.8%. We continue through Crozier Canyon, the double-track tunnel at Nelson, Seligman, and up the western slope of the Colorado Plateau to Williams, just south of the Grand Canyon. The scenery changes dramatically as the railroad gains over 6,000 feet in elevation. Seeing over seventy trains per day, this is one of the most popular railfan destinations in the west! Join us as we travel "Across Arizona! BNSF's Arizona Mainline Part 1: Needles to Williams."

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In part 2 of this two-part series, we continue our trek across the Grand Canyon State. Beginning at Williams Junction we explore BNSF's Seligman Subdivision east through Flagstaff while a fast moving snowstorm blows over the Arizona Divide. The weather improves as we follow the Southern Transcon over Canyon Diablo Bridge and through the big sag into Winslow Yard. The high mountain forests transition into open country accented by the vividly shaded badlands of the Painted Desert as trains head east over the Gallup Sub to the New Mexico border. We will visit locations such as Joseph City, Holbrook, Arntz, Adamana, and Coronado Junction, before reaching the state line beneath the beautiful rock cliffs at Lupton. Intermodal, manifest, grain, and coal trains ply the rails on this busy corridor. Seeing over seventy trains per day, this is one of the most popular railfan destinations in the west! Join us as we travel モAcross Arizona! BNSF's Arizona Mainline Part 2: Williams Junction to Lupton.ヤ

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ACROSS THE UTAH DESERT 7idea 1 hours 58 minutes

The Book Cliffs rise above the desert floor of eastern Utah stretching 200 miles between the Wasatch Mountains and Colorado's De Beque Canyon. The towering rock faces set the backdrop for the former Denver and Rio Grande Western's Desert Mainline, known today as Union Pacific's Green River Sub.

Running between Grand Junction, Colorado and Helper, Utah, this lesser known route is often overlooked by railfans, yet it offers great railroading action through some of the most incredible scenery you'll find anywhere!

Join 7idea Productions as we take you on an amazing journey through a land few get to see. Hike into Ruby Canyon and catch Amtrak's California Zephyr rolling beneath giant sandstone cliffs. Watch heavy coal trains climbing the grade at Thompson Cut. The scenic highlight of the trip is our tour of the thirty-seven mile Cane Creek Branch near Moab, Utah between Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. The ageless setting of the American West overshadows any train that runs through here.

Union Pacific, BNSF, Amtrak, and even the Utah Railway make an appearance as we uncover one of the best kept secret railfan locations in the west! Join us as we travel Across the Utah Desert on Union Pacific's Green River Sub.

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BNSF Railway's Gateway Subdivision stretches 203 miles between Klamath Falls, Oregon and Keddie, California. This remote line traverses the semi-arid high country of extreme northern California meeting Union Pacific's route through the Feather River Canyon at the famous Keddie Wye. The southern Cascades and northern Sierra Nevada mountain ranges offer both scenic vistas and many challenges for railroaders who work here. Shot in beautiful Hi-Definition in all seasons, our cameras show trains pounding the diamond at Stronghold, enduring icy winter conditions at Lookout, climbing mountain grades of up to 2.2% near Almanor and nearly stalling while climbing out of the Feather River Canyon!

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BNSF RAILWAY'S KOOTENAI RIVER SUB 7idea 2 hours 7 minutes

Come on an exciting journey through the rugged mountains of northern Idaho and northwestern Montana! BNSFメs Kootenai River Subdivision is a busy section of the Northern Transcon running between Sandpoint Junction and Whitefish.

High priority Z trains race between Chicago and the west coast. Stack trains, grain, coal, oil, and mixed merchandise trains run back and forth across the beautiful countryside. This seldom visited line connects two well known railfan hot spots: The Funnel and Marias Pass. It follows the very scenic Kootenai River through the densely forested Cabinet Mountains, allowing trains to sprint along the water level course. Then itメs a steady 1% climb through the Salish Range where the thunder of hard-working diesels echoes through the mountains.

The top of the grade is marked by the seven mile long Flathead Tunnel, the second longest in the United States. Modern diesel locomotives are everywhere including GE ES44C4メs, GEOVS, Dash 9メs, EMD SD70ACeメs, SD70MACメs, even SD90/43ACメs make an appearance on Union Pacificメs nearby Spokane Sub. Great railroading action and fantastic scenery abound in BNSF Railwayメs Kootenai River Sub!

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BNSF Railwayメs Oregon Trunk Subdivision stretches 220 miles between Wishram, Washington and Chemult, Oregon. This DVD will take you on a trip from Chemult to the Columbia River Gorge ending at Wishram Yard. Watch trains as they sprint through the pine forests of Central Oregon, roll through an ancient lava flow near Bend, cross high bridges and trestles at breath-taking locations like the famous Crooked River Bridge, and snake through the scenic Deschutes River Canyon. We will also see a few Union Pacific trains detouring off of the nearby Cascade line due to a massive mudslide. This program was taped between January and July, 2008.

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BNSF'S MOJAVE MAIN LINE 7idea 2 hours 20 minutes

BNSFメs Needles Subdivision travels 170 miles through one of the hottest and driest places in North America: The Mojave Desert.

Between Barstow and Needles, California, the double track main line follows the rough contours of a land that is anything but flat. Modern locomotives fight an age old battle with gravity through several miles of 1.4% grades. The wide open vistas of the desert produce great views of long trains twisting through its many curves. The lonely mile posts pass old ghost towns slowly succumbing to the desert and mysterious station names like Klondike, Siberia and Bagdad.

Highlights include the junction with Union Pacificメs Salt Lake City route at Daggett, Ash Hill, the junction with the Arizona & California Railroad at Cadiz, and Goffメs Hill.

The high density Southern Transcon sees 80 trains per day, yielding both a wide variety and many perfectly timed meets. From hot and fast Z trains to long, heavy stacks, grain, coal, ethanol and manifest trains, the Needles Subdivision delivers!

$ 27.75

BNSFメs Gallup Subdivision cuts through a wild country etched in red rock cliffs, high mesas, and jagged black formations of ancient lava flows. Running nearly 165 miles from the Arizona border at Lupton to Belen, this former Santa Fe route through the "Land of Enchantment" continues to see a high volume of rail traffic.

Watch long double stacks, hot shot Z trains, coal, grain, and mixed manifests roll beneath the huge sandstone cliffs that mark the southern boundary of the Colorado Plateau. Thrill to the sight and sound of high horsepower diesels lugging freight over the Continental Divide and racing down the east side toward the Albuquerque Basin. Besides BNSF trains, catch Amtrak's Southwest Chief racing between LA and Chicago plus the Escalante Western Railroad hauling coal to a power plant just off the main line.

We'll even show you some of the last remaining semaphore signals still working on the nearby Raton Subdivision. This is modern day main line railroading through the rugged setting of the American southwest! This is BNSF's New Mexico Main Line: The Gallup Sub.

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BNSF'S SEATTLE SUBDIVISION 7idea 2 hours 13 minutes

BNSFメs Seattle Subdivision is one of the busiest rail lines in the Pacific Northwest. BNSF and Union Pacific polish the rails with a great variety of unit trains plus intermodal, mixed merchandise, and many locals.In addition to freight traffic, the busy subdivision hosts ten Amtrak trains: four Cascades each direction, plus the north and southbound Coast Starlight. Between Tacoma and Seattle, Sounder commuter trains are also added to the mix. See this beautiful line between Vancouver, Washington and Seattleメs King Street Station.

The rails provide access to the busy ports of Kalama, Longview, Tacoma, and Seattle. Watch trains tackle the Napavine Grade to Chehalis. The scenic highlight of the route is the section of track along the Puget Sound between Steilacoom and the Nelson Bennett Tunnel at Tacoma. Amtrak trains are covered here prior to being permanently rerouted over the Point Defiance Bypass.

UPDATE: After the tragic accident of Amtrak 501 on December 18th, the line around Point Defiance will continue to be used by Amtrak through the spring of 2018.

Shot in the summer and fall of 2017, see why BNSFメs Seattle Subdivision is truly a railfanメs paradise!

$ 27.75

7idea Productions traveled to Cajon Pass in April of 2011 to capture modern-day railroading at this spectacular place. We will begin in San Bernardino first thing in the morning and head east over the summit and through the Mojave Desert to Barstow.

Thrill to the sound of 10,000 foot-long stack trains grinding up the 2.2% grade and right into your living room! A great variety of trains are featured including mixed manifests, auto racks, coal and piggyback trains. We will visit famous locations such as Sullivanメs Curve, the Mormon Rocks, the daylighted tunnels at Alray and much more.

There is plenty of action on BNSFメs new triple track main plus UP trains on the former SP Palmdale Cutoff, making a total of four main lines over Cajon! The high density of trains, noteworthy scenery and numerous photo locations has made this THE destination for railfans from all over the world! Youメll see why in Cajon Pass...BNSF Railwayメs Cajon Subdivision.

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CANADA'S FRASER CANYON 7idea 1 hour 37 minutes

Travel with 7idea Productions to beautiful British Columbia, Canada where both Canadian Pacific and Canadian National traverse the rugged Fraser Canyon. Cutting a deep swath through the Cascade Range, this is an important link in the trans-Canada rail network connecting Vancouver with Montreal.

This program follows each lineメs course along opposite banks of the Fraser River between Hope and the confluence with the Thompson River at Lytton. These competing railways operate jointly in the canyon. Eastbounds use Canadian Pacificメs Cascade and Thompson Subdivisions, while westbounds travel over Canadian Nationalメs Ashcroft and Yale Subs.

One of the many highlights of the canyon are the Cisco Bridges where both railways cross the river with the CN flying over the CP. Our summer and winter visits reveal the grand seasonal contrast of the canyonメs appearance. Add to that a great variety of trains from hot shot intermodals, to coal, grain, potash, mixed merchandise, and the Rocky Mountaineer and you will know why railfans the world over love visiting Canadaメs Fraser Canyon! This program was shot between July 2016 and January 2017.

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CANADA'S THOMPSON CANYON 7idea 1 hour 48 minutes

The Thompson River cuts through the rugged country of south central British Columbia, Canada. Its wild and scenic course proved to be the best route for building a transcontinental railway and today is used by both the Canadian Pacific and Canadian National.

Continuing the journey that began in Canadaメs Fraser Canyon, we follow the Thompson River for 95 miles between Lytton and Kamloops. Both railways operate jointly over much of the territory with eastbounds using Canadian Pacificメs Thompson Subdivision and westbounds using Canadian Nationalメs Ashcroft Sub.

Shot in both summer and winter, the stunning scenery and stark seasonal contrast is enhanced by the sight and sound of heavy main line trains. Massive coal, grain, and potash trains share the rails with long double stacks and mixed manifests. Canadaメs Rocky Mountaineer adds to the wide variety of trains. CNメs new Tier 4 GEメs are viewed working along side classic cowl bodied C-40-8Mメs! Illinois Central and BC Rail units create an interesting assortment of motive power along with Canadian Pacificメs fleet of modern GEメs. This is your front row seat to Canadaメs Thompson Canyon!

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CANADA'S YELLOWHEAD PASS 7idea 1 hour 47 minutes

At 3,711 feet above sea level and with gradual approaches on both sides, Yellowhead Pass is the ideal railway passage of Canadaメs Rocky Mountains.

Canadian National utilizes this strategic crossing of the continental divide marking the provincial boundary of British Columbia and Alberta. The railway is busy with intermodal traffic heading to and from west coast ports of Vancouver and Prince Rupert, BC. The rails stay polished with unit grain and coal trains heading for export, numerous mixed merchandise trains, and Via Rail passenger trains sporting sleek silver dome cars.

See this incredibly beautiful line from Hinton, Alberta, to Red Pass, British Columbia. A good deal of the route traverses the picturesque setting of Jasper National Park. 7idea Productions made two trips to the Yellowhead Country and our cameras captured its natural beauty in both summer and winter.

Join us for a spectacular railfan adventure you wonメt soon forget!

$ 27.75
CASCADE SNOW FIGHTERS 7idea 1 hour 5 minutes

Winter storms blowing in from the Pacific Ocean bring heavy snow to the Cascade Mountains of western Oregon. The former Southern Pacificメs Cascade Subdivision winds through this steep mountain pass and when the snow flies the Union Pacific calls out an elite team of snow fighters to keep the main line open.

This is your front row seat to UPメs winter operations on モThe Hillヤ between Oakridge and Crescent Lake. Ride aboard flangers plowing in some of the most remote portions of the line. See the classic Jordan Spreader number SPMW 4033 in action as crews work through harsh winter conditions to clear snow from the right of way.

Experience what it is like to ride powerful diesel locomotives through tunnels and snow sheds while plowing the main. Shot in stunning hi-definition video with superb digital stereo sound, youメll swear these snow fighting machines are rolling right through your living room!

$ 27.75

The Powder River Basin lies between Wyomingメs Bighorn Mountains and the Black Hills of South Dakota. Thirteen active mines produce over 400 million tons of low-sulfur coal each year and it is up to the BNSF Railway and Union Pacific to transport it from the mines to customers throughout the United States and various ports for export.

Over 100 miles of coal hoppers roll through the Powder River Basin each day. The majority of traffic can be found along the Orin Subdivision between Donkey Creek Junction and Shawnee Junction, making this the highest tonnage mainline in the world. This joint line serves several Powder River Basin mines including the Caballo, Belle Ayr, Cordero Rojo mines, Coal Creek, Black Thunder mines, North Antelope Rochelle and the Antelope mines.

We begin at Donkey Creek Junction and follow the Orin Sub south to Shawnee Junction where joint trackage ends. Between those two points, a steady parade of long, heavy coal trains traverse the triple track main. Get ready for 117 miles of coal as 7idea Productions presents: モCoal Trains of the Powder River Basinヤ

$ 27.75

The mighty Columbia River carves its way through the Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest as it fashions much of the boundary between Oregon and Washington State. The Columbia River Gorge is rich in scenery from snow capped mountains to magnificent waterfalls. This is the backdrop for Union Pacificメs Portland Subdivision between Portland, Oregon and Hinkle Yard.

Many manifest trains make their way to and from UPメs classification yard at Hinkle while expedited intermodal trains race between western ports in Portland, Tacoma and Seattle to major intermodal hubs in and around Chicago. With a gentle grade and many high-speed curves, this water-level route through the Cascade Mountains is ideal for long, heavy trains. Add the breath-taking scenery found along the gorge and you have the perfect recipe for great train watching.

See UP's mighty SD90 MACs pounding the rails with 130 car potash trains! ES45AC's on the point of long double-stack trains! Vintage geeps in local service and much more, all in the spectacular setting of the Columbia River Gorge!

$ 27.75

The westward flow of the Columbia River to the Pacific Ocean scores the boundary between the states of Oregon and Washington. It cuts through the heart of the Cascade Range creating a natural passage through the mountains known as the Columbia River Gorge.

The river is busy with marine traffic for both business and pleasure. Both banks of the Columbia are lined with steel rails and the competition between the railroads is great. In part 1 of this two-part series, we covered Union Pacific's Portland Subdivision in Oregon, heading east to Hinkle Yard. Now letメs return west along the BNSF and see the gorge from the Washington side of the river.

We will begin at BNSF's hump yard at Pasco and head over 200 miles to Vancouver. You'll see heavy Powder River Basin coal trains, hot Z trains, garbage trains, manifests, Amtrak's Empire Builder, and a special visit from SP Daylight steam locomotive #4449. One breathtaking image opens after another as the photographic possibilities here are endless. Join us for Columbia River Gorge Part 2: BNSF Railway's Fallbridge Subdivision.

$ 27.75
DESCHUTES DAYLIGHT: SP 4449 PORTLAND TO BEND 7idea 1 hour 22 minutes

Southern Pacific Daylight Number 4449 is one of the most beautiful and well known steam locomotives in America! Watching her traverse the Pacific Northwest with a colorful consist of vintage passenger cars is always a sight to behold.

7idea and Marcam Productions have teamed up to present a fascinating look at the SP 4449 traveling the BNSF mainline through the Columbia River Gorge and the Deschutes River Canyon. This action-packed program features highlights from steam excursions between Portland and Bend, Oregon from 2006, 2012 and 2017, plus trips to Wishram, Washington in 2011 celebrating 4449メs 70th year!

Like a モgreatest hitsヤ collection, this carefully crafted program offers fantastic coverage of the route using the best scenes from each excursion. Sit back and enjoy a 500 mile round trip through some of the most scenic country in the western United States!

$ 27.75

For over 140 years the Sierra Nevada Mountains of northern California have reverberated with the sounds of hard-working locomotives of the Central Pacific, Southern Pacific and now the Union Pacific. In November, 2009 double-stack container traffic was re-routed off the nearby Feather River Canyon adding to the frequency of trains on this legendary route.

7idea Productions made three trips to Donner Pass between January and September 2010 to capture the many personalities of "The Hill" between Roseville, California and Sparks, Nevada. From late summer sun to blizzard conditions on the mountain, you'll have a front row seat of the Union Pacific in action!

Take in the amazing view of mainline action from high atop Red Mountain, the old Central Pacific fire lookout above Cisco. Stand inside the snow sheds of Norden as a heavy stack train blasts through! Snowshoe into Troy and see Jordan Spreaders and flangers hard at work clearing the white stuff off the double-track main! Feel the ground shake as 10,000 foot stack and manifest trains labor up 2% grades in Run 8! Distributed power is everywhere, as Union Pacific utilizes this technology for more efficient train handling. Witness heavy trains running in 4x2, 1x1x1, even 3x3x1 configurations.

Shot in beautiful high-definition in spring, late summer and winter, this is the ultimate look at Donner Pass!

$ 27.75
EAST TO SPOKANE 7idea 2 hours 15 Minutes

Every day, thousands of steel wheels roll over hundreds of miles of welded rail in eastern Washington State, carrying raw materials and goods bound for distant destinations. BNSF's Northern Transcon passes golden fields of wheat, grass hay, and other crops found in the rolling hills between Pasco and Spokane. Stretching nearly 150 miles across The Evergreen State, the Lakeside Subdivision sees over 50 trains per day and traffic continues to increase.

Our tour begins at the busy hump yard in Pasco where rail cars from all over the nation are classified. Then we turn east, as trains roll past acres of rich farmland dotted with small towns and big grain elevators. Trains put on a great show climbing Providence Hill and rolling through Marshall Canyon in the snow. The Lakeside Sub sees unit coal, grain, and oil trains as well as mixed manifests and intermodal trains running between Portland, Oregon and Chicago. Amtrakメs Empire Builder makes several appearances too.

If you like modern day mainline railroading, then come along with us as we travel "East to Spokaneヤ on BNSF's Lakeside Sub!

$ 27.75

Travel to the legendary Feather River Canyon and see this historic line between Oroville and Portola, California. This program was shot in the spring and summer of 2009 just before Union Pacific moved its intermodl traffic to nearby Donner Pass. Highlights of the canyon include: The famous bridges at Pulga, Clio Trestle, Serpentine Canyon, Williams Loop (where trains loop over themselves), and the famous Keddie Wye. Catch the legendary "Broncos" escorting trains through the rain when the risk of rock slides and washouts is high. You will see the Quincy Railroad in action and take a ride on their EMD SW7 switcher up and down the 4% grade which connects a local Sierra Pacific sawmill with the UP. At Portola we spend some time at the Western Pacific Railroad Museum where the WP lives. You will even witness the UP 844 steam locomotive making a special appearance as the UP celebrates 100 years of railroading in the Feather River Canyon!

$ 27.75

The southern Canadian Rockies are a breathtaking spectacle shouldering the Continental Divide and boundary of British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. Topped with glaciers and surrounded by emerald lakes and rivers, their beauty is beyond pictures or words.

For those who built the Canadian Pacific, these mountains were the ultimate obstacle to overcome. The route they chose was the difficult ascent over Kicking Horse Pass. Known to railroaders as "The Big Hill", Canadian Pacific trains have been climbing this grade since 1884 and it is still an amazing sight today!Beginning at Field, BC, we follow the Laggan Sub east to Exshaw, Alberta. Watch trains battle the 2.2% grade above the Kicking Horse River, pass through the incredible Spiral Tunnels, and sprint along the bank of the scenic Bow River. See 10,000 foot stack trains, unit grain, potash, and mixed manifests. We also catch The Rocky Mountaineer, Canada's premiere passenger train. There's nothing like mountain railroading in the Canadian Rockies!

$ 27.75

Itメs mid October at Glacier National Park in Montanaメs rugged Rocky Mountains. Fall splendor has faded from the quaking aspens. Stands of larch have begun their annual transformation from green to yellow before their needles fall. The wind-swept open country to the east has taken on shades of brown while evidence of recent snows highlights the mountain peaks. Somewhere below all of this the Middle Fork of the Flathead River meanders through this wild and scenic country on its way west. The icy water knows an easy way through this forbidding mountain range and so does a railroad, for this place is Marias Pass. Todayメs BNSF Railway continues to use this historic route through the Rockies forged over 100 years ago by the モEmpire Builderヤ James J. Hill. Beginning at Whitefish, BNSFメs Hi Line Sub heads east through tunnels, trestles, wooden snow sheds and over the Continental Divide where mountain forests meet the high plains. Witness heavy trains and big power rolling through Montanaメs Big Sky Country. Enjoy bonus scenes of SP Daylight steam locomotive #4449 in Montana and Idaho.

$ 27.75

In the American west, one place holds a special allure to those who have discovered its splendorナMontana. If you listen closely, you just might hear the pulse of a regional railroad that has been beating strongly for nearly a quarter of a century: The Montana Rail Link. Rolling on over 900 miles of former Northern Pacific track through Montana, Idaho and Washington State, the MRL passes through some of the most splendid scenery the NP had to offer.

MRL serves as a bridge line for BNSF Railway between Laurel, Montana and Spokane, Washington. BNSF trains make up the majority of traffic seen here, although they are operated by MRL crews. In Part 1 of our two-part video series, we cover the First and Second Subdivisions between Jones Junction and Helena, Montana. The railroad follows the Yellowstone River west to Livingston, then up over Bozeman Pass, through Lombard Canyon and over Winston Hill before arriving at Helena.

Thrill to the sight and sound of genuine 20 cylinder SD45メs shoving heavy unit trains over Bozeman Pass! Watch MRL and BNSF trains at several scenic locations in both summer and winter. Catch 125 car coal trains, grain trains, mixed manifests, locals and the special Boeing 737 train. The combination of great scenery and raw horsepower makes this an exciting video to see and hear!

$ 27.75

In MRL Montana Mainline Part 2, we return to Helena in the dead of winter as trains prepare to do battle with Mullan Pass. A strong Canadian storm system slammed into the Rockies sending the mercury below zero while a quintet of MRL's EMD SD70ACe's put on a fantastic show shoving heavy trains to the summit. This is a mountain railroading at its best with 2.2% grades, numerous curves and high trestles.

Shot in January and July of 2011, you will see the MRL taking on Mullan Pass in all types of weather as it climbs to the continental divide at Blossburg via the famous Mullan Tunnel. The action doesn't stop there, as trains race west along the 3rd, 4th and 10th subdivisions through the fantastic scenery that is the hallmark of Montana. Catch trains as they follow the course of the Clark Fork River and scale high above the treetops on Evaro Hill. Our tour concludes as we head west through the Bitterroot Mountains along the banks of the Clark Fork to Sandpoint, Idaho where MRL joins BNSF's busy "Funnel."

A great variety of trains run over the line including coal, grain, mixed manifests and MRL's daily gas train. From perfect sunny skies, through thunderstorms and winter's arctic chill, this is a trip to MRL country you won't soon forget! Raw horsepower and beautiful scenery combine again for two great hours of entertainment.

$ 27.75

The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful part of America. Getting to see it up close by rail only enhances the experience. Join 7idea Productions as we visit five tourist lines in Oregon, Washington, and northern California.

Enjoy steam and vintage diesels pulling excursions and photo freights at:

The Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad in Garibaldi, Oregon

The Eagle Cap Excursion Train in Elgin, Oregon

The Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad in Elbe, Washington

The Sumpter Valley Railroad in McEwen, Oregon

The McCloud Railway in McCloud, California

We will begin by visiting the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad on the Port of Tillamook Bay line between Garibaldi and Salmonberry. Next stop is Elgin, Oregon where the Eagle Cap Excursion Train traverses the wild and scenic Joseph Branch. Heading to Elbe, Washington we visit the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad and see their tank engine, the Hammond Lumber Company #17 pulling excursion trains to Mineral. Returning to eastern Oregon, the Sumpter Valley Railroad hosts a photographerメs special with their Mikado Number 19 and Heisler Number 3. Finally, we take a look at the former McCloud Railway in northern California as McCloud Number 18 pulls a fall photo special and plows snow. This is your ticket to enjoy some of the unique rail heritage of the Pacific Northwest!

$ 27.75
OVER SHERMAN HILL 7idea 1 hour 45 Minutes

In Southeast Wyoming the Laramie Mountains mark the division between the Great Plains and the Rockies. Rising to over 9,500 feet above sea-level, the transition from prairie to mountains is subtle except for the Sherman Granite rock outcroppings which dominate the landscape. Three sets of steel rails twist and wind through this remarkable setting with a history dating back to the First Transcontinental Railroad. This is Union Pacific's legendary route over Sherman Hill.

Join 7idea Productions as we take you trackside from Cheyenne to Laramie. Known as the Laramie Sub, this busy portion of Union Pacificメs Overland Route is witness to a nearly steady stream of rail traffic heading to destinations in both the eastern and western United States.

We will begin in historic Cheyenne Wyoming and head west as long, heavy trains snake their way over the highest point on the Transcontinental Railroad. Youメll see trains passing through deep cuts, over high fills and rolling through the legendary Hermosa Tunnel. Witness monster manifests over 2 miles long tackling the grade. This is big time railroading in the Cowboy State as trains travel Over Sherman Hill on Union Pacific's Laramie Subdivision.

$ 27.75

The Selkirk Mountains touch the sky at over 11,000 feet in southeastern British Columbia, Canada. Encircled by the Columbia River and dressed in a richly forested garment, the sheer jagged peaks produce an aura of beauty and danger.

Deep within the heart of these mountains, a transcontinental rail line passes through two different tunnels: the five mile long Connaught Tunnel and the nine mile long Mount Macdonald Tunnel, which is the longest railway tunnel in the western hemisphere. This is Canadian Pacific's route over Roger's Pass!Between Revelstoke and Field, the Mountain Sub lives up to its name with stiff grades of 2.4% that burrow under dangerous avalanche zones. Part of CP's 3,000 mile trans- continental line from Montreal to Vancouver, the Mountain Sub sees high priority intermodal trains, unit grain trains, 152 car coal trains, monster 170 car potash trains, and Canada's premiere passenger train, The Rocky Mountaineer.

$ 27.75
SOLDIER SUMMIT 7idea 2 hours 11 Minutes

The rugged beauty of the American West comes alive in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah. From snow-covered peaks, to sheer cliffs and deep canyons containing a wealth of minerals and history, this land has been witness to a battle that has lasted for over 130 years...The battle of trains over Soldier Summit.

7idea Productions paid several visits to this former Rio Grande line and offers a stunning look at mountain railroading in the Wasatch during the fall and winter seasons. Union Pacific coal and merchandise trains are seen daily with manned helpers used on heavy westbounds. BNSF makes an appearance via trackage rights and Amtrak's California Zephyr slips through the night. The Utah Railway steals the show with their incredible power lash-ups of Morrison Knudsen MK 50-3's and six mid-train swing helpers!

Heading west out of Helper, youメll witness trains thundering through the Price River Canyon. View trains racing through Colton as they march up the east side of Soldier Summit! See all three levels of the Gilluly Loops as we hike through this remote section of the railroad and visit the famed Thistle Tunnels. From beautiful fall weather to heavy blowing snow, our hi-definition cameras caught it all for you to enjoy in the comfort of your living room. This is mountain railroading you can see and feel!

$ 27.75

Stevens Pass stands at an elevation of 4,061 feet above sea-level in the heart of the Pacific Northwest's Cascade Mountains. Large granite outcroppings tower above the densely forested landscape creating a cool, wet rainforest on the west and semi-arid country on the east. Weaving through this seemingly impassible barrier is a transcontinental railroad connecting the heartland of America with the Pacific Northwest and the Orient.

BNSF Railway utilizes a historic route carved by John F. Stevens over 100 years ago. A continuous parade of long and heavy trains roll back and fourth over the beautiful terrain on what is fittingly named the "Scenic Subdivision." 7idea Productions traveled to the State of Washington in May of 2010 to document current operations over this former route of the Great Northern between Everett and Wenatchee. Witness long stack trains crossing beautiful mountain streams, heavy grain trains thundering up 2.2% grades with mid and rear-end DPU's plus Amtrak's Empire Builder on its daily run between Chicago and Seattle. The highlight of the line is the famous 7.8 mile Cascade Tunnel. the longest tunnel in the United States. See how smoke and fumes are flushed out of the tunnel in between trains. Plus recount the 1910 Wellington avalanche which swept two trains off the mountain.

No one ever said mountain railroading was easy and you'll see why in STEVENS PASS...BNSF Railway's Scenic Sub!

$ 27.75

The Tehachapi Mountains create a natural barrier between California's fertile San Joaquin Valley and the arid Mojave Desert. That barrier was breached 140 years ago by Southern Pacificメs civil engineer William Hood. The result was an engineering marvel that is still impressive today.

Both BNSF and Union Pacific keep these rails polished with increasingly long and heavy trains. The Tehachapis have a reputation as a hard climb with a stiff 2.2% grade on both sides of the summit. Trains negotiate numerous curves, pass through several tunnels and wrap around the crown feature that has attracted railfans from all over the world: the Tehachapi Loop.

Our journey begins in Bakersfield as we travel timetable south through the mountains to Mojave. Stacks, manifests, hot intermodals, and heavy unit grain trains grind up grade to Summit Switch, then drop down into the desert. Night and day, the pass resounds with the steady drum of prime movers, the squeal of wheel flanges, and the whine of heavy dynamics.

Join us on an exciting adventure through Southern California's back country as 7idea Productions presents: Tehachapi...Union Pacific's Mojave Sub.

$ 27.75

For more than a century, the Blue Mountains of Oregon have echoed with the sounds of hard-working trains laboring up and down steep grades and squealing through numerous curves. Even with today's powerful, high-tech locomotives, railroaders still face a daunting challenge of running long and heavy trains through a range of mountains with three different summits.

This DVD takes you on a 204 mile journey through "The Blues" starting at the Hinkle hump yard and heading toward the Idaho border just east of Huntington. Heavy trains and heavy grades means BIG POWER! Thrill to the sound of 16,000 ton soda ash trains tackling 2% grades with mid and rear DPUs! Watch long stack trains race by at nearly 70 miles per hour!Enjoy winter scenes around Meacham and Kamela where trains seem to appear right out of the ground as they crest the summit and immediately plunge down the other side. The magnificent scenery of northeast Oregon's Blue Mountains coupled with a good mix of long, high-tonnage trains makes this an amazing program to see and hear! Shot in January and April, 2010.

$ 27.75
THE FUNNEL: BNSF'S SPOKANE SUB 7idea 1 hour 59 Minutes

Since the days of the Burlington Northern, The Funnel has seen some of the heaviest rail traffic in the Northwest. Now part of the busy BNSF Northern Transcon, this 70 mile-long corridor between Spokane, Washington and Sandpoint, Idaho is still a railfan magnet.

7idea Productions paid several visits to this scenic line in different seasons. Our tour begins at Latah Junction where trains roll in and out of downtown Spokane. The tracks travel in a northeasterly direction into the Idaho panhandle before crossing the 5,000 foot Lake Pend Oreille Bridge and arriving at Sandpoint Junction. Unit grain trains, coal, intermodal, vehicle, manifests and the new Bakken oil trains all use this important route.

With over 50 trains per day on a line with several sections of single track, dispatchers and crews have to stay on their toes to keep things rolling. From clear summer days, to cold winter nights, this is great railroad action you don't want to miss!

$ 27.75

In Central Colorado where the Great Plains meet the Rockies, trains battle a short, stiff grade to the Continental Divide. Denver businessman David Moffat spent his entire fortune building this engineering marvel. Although he never lived to see its success, this stretch of track was instrumental to the growth of Colorado and remains a busy main line today.

Part of Union Pacific's Denver Area, this former piece of Denver and Rio Grande Western track is known as the Moffat Tunnel Subdivision. In Part 1 of this two-part series, we will cover the east side between Denver and the Moffat Tunnel. Watch trains wrap around Big Ten Curve, climb through the rugged Tunnel District, and disappear under the Continental Divide through the famous 6.2 mile-long Moffat Tunnel. Cresting the Rockies at over 9,000 feet, this is the highest active mainline in North America.

Coal traffic is king on the Moffat Tunnel Sub, with loaded trains heading east to Denver and empties returning west. The steep mountain grades require additional locomotives in the middle and rear of eastbound coal trains, creating a fantastic show of horsepower. Besides coal, mixed manifests from both UP and BNSF plus Amtrakメs California Zephyr make a daily appearance. Thereメs nothing like mountain railroading in the Colorado Rockies!

$ 27.75

The rugged majesty of the Colorado Rockies sets the backdrop for this historic route running west out of Denver. Between the west bore of the famed Moffat Tunnel and Glenwood Springs lies 130 miles of high mountain parks and deep colorful canyons.

After exiting the 6.2 mile long Moffat Tunnel, the grade lessens allowing trains to sprint through the Colorado high country. Loaded coal trains put on a fantastic show of raw horsepower verses gravity, with remote swing and rear-end helpers. Weメll visit Gore and Little Gore Canyons, Byers Canyon, the spectacular Dotsero Cutoff, Glenwood Canyon and the Crater Loops on the Craig Branch.

This is one of the most scenic railroads in the west! Part of Union Pacific's Denver Area, this line sees mainly coal traffic out of western Colorado and eastern Utah. BNSF operates trains over the Moffat via trackage rights and Amtrak's California Zephyr runs each way daily between Chicago and the west coast. As trains follow the course of the Colorado River, one awe inspiring vista opens up after another. The Rio Grande called this モThe Scenic Line of the Worldヤ and you will see why in The Moffat Road Part 2: Winter Park to Glenwood Springs!

$ 27.75
THE SHASTA ROUTE 7idea 1 hour 58 Minutes

Southern Pacific's legendary Shasta Division was an important and challenging portion of the I-5 Corridor carrying traffic between Los Angeles and Seattle. Today it remains a vital link to the Pacific Northwest for the Union Pacific.

In this program, we will cover nearly 170 miles of this amazing line between Redding, California and Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Many trains are identified by their symbols, so you will know where they came from and where they're going. You'll see trains work their way up the Sacramento River Canyon to Dunsmuir, climb out of a box canyon with grades that reach 2.2%, reach the highest point on the Cascade Route at Grass Lake, and sprint through the high desert into Oregon.

Interesting locations covered in this DVD include the Redding Trestle, Pitt River Bridge, the famous Cantara Loop, Dry Canyon Viaduct, Dorris Tunnel and more! You'll even see the largest operating steam locomotive in the world, Union Pacific's Challenger #3985 making a rare appearance in the Pacific Northwest!

$ 27.75

Standing guard over the Utah-Wyoming border the massive cliffs of the Wasatch Mountains divide the rolling grasslands to the east from the salt deserts to the west. The immense features once echoed the bark of the largest steam locomotives on earth. Today they reverberate with the drumming of mighty diesels climbing the Wasatch grade.

In this program we will explore the Union Pacificメs Evanston Subdivision between Ogden, Utah and Green River, Wyoming. This is the classic grade over the Wasatch Mountains where the Big Boyメs once roamed. Highlights include scenic Weber and Echo Canyons, monster 200 car manifests cresting the summit at Wahsatch, and cleaning up a derailment at Peru that wiped out both main tracks. As a bonus, see historic footage of Big Boy 4014メs return to the Wasatch grade while heading to Cheyenne for restoration.

Join 7idea Productions on an amazing tour through northeast Utah and southwest Wyoming. Shot in beautiful hi definition the panoramas of the west come alive on the wide screen!

$ 27.75
THROUGH THE OREGON CASCADES PART 1 7idea 2 hours 35 Minutes

The Cascade Mountains of western Oregon are thick with tall timber growing along steep slopes broken by waterfalls and streams. This is the setting for a mountain railroad that climbs from deep within the Willamette Valley to nearly 5,000 feet above sea level at Cascade Summit.

Part 1: The Long Grade, begins at Eugene Yard and heads railroad south into the foothills of the Cascades. A forty mile 1.8% grade between Oakridge and Cascade Summit puts UPメs newest locomotives to the test and keeps train crews on their toes. The line wraps around horse shoe curves, crosses trestles, and disappears through numerous rock sheds and tunnels before reaching the top of the pass.

In this highly anticipated follow up to モUnion Pacificメs Cascade Sub,ヤ we hike deeper into the most remote parts of the line and visit ground zero of the Frazier Slide which closed the railroad for three months in 2008. This is one of the most rugged portions of the I-5 Corridor which links the Pacific Northwest with California!

$ 27.75
THROUGH THE OREGON CASCADES PART 2 7idea 2 hours 22 Minutes

In the high country of central Oregon, Union Pacific trains sprint along the east side of the Cascade Mountains on a route originally run by the Southern Pacific. In Part 2 of this exciting series, we follow the Cascade Subdivision for 108 miles between Cascade Summit and Klamath Falls. With easy grades and gentle curves, this is a racetrack with speeds of up to 60mph for freight and 80mph for passengers.

Heavy manifest trains head south with lumber from the Pacific Northwest. Doublestacks, grain, crude oil trains, the Gilchrist Local, and Amtrakメs Coast Starlight head back and forth through the beautiful countryside. Adding to the interesting mix of traffic, BNSF runs via trackage rights between Chemult and Klamath Falls.

In addition to the steady flow of trains, witness a Jordan Spreader at work pushing back the snow banks between winter storms. See brand new Tier 4 GEVOS making their first revenue runs over the Cascade Line, plus Canadian Pacific, Amtrak heritage power, and a GE center cab switcher at work on the Klamath Northern. Shot in all seasons over an eight year period between 2008 and 2016, the amazing journey continues through the Oregon Cascades!

$ 27.75
THROUGH THE SHADOW OF MT. SHASTA 7idea 2 hours 35 Minutes

Like a sleeping giant, Mount Shasta dominates the mountains of Northern California. It dwarfs everything in sight including the iron horses that have traversed its flanks for the past 130 years. Carved out of the base of the volcano, this highway paved with steel continues to be a vital link between the Pacific Northwest and California. It guides trains through some of the most beautiful country in the state.

From Redding, California in the south to Klamath Falls, Oregon in the north, the main line crosses impressive bridges, bores through several tunnels, curves inside deep canyons, and weaves across lonely desert valleys. Through this rough course of 172 miles, the railroad gains over 4,000 feet in elevation. In a follow up to our 2007 release The Shasta Route, we return to one of our favorite locations to view todayメs Union Pacific in action.

There is nothing like the show of modern high-powered diesels tackling a 2.2% mountain grade on a hot summer afternoon or racing through a frozen desert on a chilly winter morning. Shot with broadcast quality Hi-Definition and 4K equipment, this is truly a stunning picture of trains traveling through the shadow of Mt. Shasta.

$ 27.75
TRAIN MOUNTAIN 2015 TRIENNIAL 7idea 1 hour 39 Minutes

Welcome to the largest hobby railroad in the world: Train Mountain! The tracks are only 7 1/2 inches apart yet they take you for a thirty-seven mile journey through the pristine countryside. This 2,200 acre railroad park is nestled among the forested slopes of the Cascade Mountains in southern Oregon.

Live steam enthusiasts come from all corners of the globe to ride the rails, test their railroading skills and equipment on the stiff mountain grades, and enjoy a hobby that is nearly as old as railroading itself. The international meet is held triennially and 2015 was the biggest yet! Over two thousand people and 380 trains were in attendance.

7idea Productions covered the event from the work week before the Triennial to the final Big Toot and Parade. Over one hundred live steam locomotives plied the rails as well as modern diesels and classic box cab electrics.

Whether you are an avid hobbyist or just love seeing these little trains, this Official Train Mountain Triennial DVD is your front-row seat to this amazing event!

Includes bonus footage of the Parade.

$ 27.75
UNION PACIFIC'S CASCADE SUB PART 1 & 2 7idea 3 hours 40 Minutes

In this premiere release from 7idea Productions, you'll travel though Oregon's scenic Cascade Mountain Range along the former Southern Pacific line. Now operated by the Union Pacific, the Cascade Line is still a vital link between the Pacific Northwest and California.

Union Pacific's Cascade Sub Part I:Eugene to Cascade Summit

Part I of this two-part video series covers the 113 miles of track between Eugene, Oregon and Cascade Summit. The railroad climbs 4,422 feet in elevation in the process. Railroaders refer to this line as "The Hill" and you will see why. Numerous tunnels, rock sheds, bridges, horse shoe curves and 40 miles of 1.6% gradient winding though thick mountain forests makes this a place you'll not soon forget. You will witness heavy manifests with manned and DPU helpers shoving hard! Catch piggyback trains and Amtrak's Coast Starlight at several locations. Many trains are identified by their symbols and you will learn where they originated and where they are going. The backdrop of Oregon's spectacular Cascade Mountain Range makes this section of the I-5 corridor a beautiful place to visit! Over three years in the making!

Union Pacific's Cascade Sub Part II:Cascade Summit to Klamath Falls

Continuing our journey along this historic Southern Pacific line, Union Pacific's Cascade Sub Part II features big time railroading in the high country of Southern Oregon through all seasons! See trains roll through near white-out conditions on "The Hill." Watch a Pike M-2 clearing snow from the right-of-way near Kirk and some beautiful snow scenes on the east side of the Cascades. At Chemult, BNSF traffic mixes with the UP via trackage rights to Klamath Falls making for a nice variety of power including SD40-2's still in Cascade Green. Catch former Southern Pacific tunnel motors, UP's Heritage unit #1996 in Klamath Falls on her maiden voyage and some rare footage of the Swift Road Railer train at Calimus! Shot over a four year period in all types of weather, this DVD is packed full of great railroading action!

$ 36.75

California's Mojave Desert is the driest place in North America. It ranges in elevation from over 11,000 feet in the Spring Mountains, to 282 feet below sea level in Death Valley. Through this seemingly barren land, a mainline railroad charts a course connecting Salt Lake City with the rich ports of Southern California. It is known as Union Pacificメs Cima Subdivision.

Covering the western portion of the San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad, the Cima Subdivision runs for 173 miles between Yermo, California and Las Vegas, Nevada. Various intermodal trains race between Chicago and Southern California. Coal trains lumber over the steel rails along with heavy manifests for Salt Lake City, North Platte, and West Colton. Auto rack and ethanol tank trains add to the interesting mix of traffic.

Following the Mojave River, the rails pass through the amazing features of Afton Canyon then race across the dunes to the oasis of Kelso. Next comes the stiff 2.2% climb over Cima Hill. Draw bars strain as big diesels dig in for the nineteen mile pull to the summit. Crossing into Nevada, trains leave the lonely desert behind as they roll among the lights of Las Vegas.

This program was shot in March and April of 2018.

$ 27.75
WINTER ON DONNER PASS 7idea 2 hours 5 Minutes

Journey high into California�s Sierra Nevada Mountains for a stunning look at winter operations over Donner Pass. As Pacific storms dump heavy snow, Union Pacific battles to keep trains rolling.

Get a taste of what it is like to be trackside in the midst of winter�s fury. Long stack trains, heavy manifests, and Amtrak�s California Zephyr share the rails with an army of snow fighting equipment including flangers, spreaders, and the mighty rotaries.

Beginning at Colfax, trains climb toward the snow zone at Blue Ca�on, then on to Truckee on rails once covered almost completely by snow sheds. Extra time is spent near the summit at Soda Springs and Norden where man and machine are put to the test against the elements. This is mountain railroading and snow fighting rolled into one exciting presentation!

$ 27.75

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