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3025 A CHINESE MIKADO IN THE CONNECTICUT RIVER VALLEY Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX 1 Hour 18 minutes color with stereo sound and narration

She was built half a world away, and once worked in Pennsylvania, but now she steams through the Nutmeg State on former New Haven Railroad trackage. She's Valley Railroad #3025, a Chinese Mikado hard at work hauling tourists in the beautiful Connecticut River Valley. Come along with Pentrex as we share the story of this most interesting 2-8-2. We'll talk to renowned railroad photographer Tom Nanos, who describes the engine's rebuild in Connecticut after a devastating roundhouse fire in Pennsylvania. Next we'll go trackside as #3025 struts her stuff on a chartered photographer's train. Then we'll watch as two Mikados are steamed up for a day's work - a rare sight in the 21st century. All this and more awaits you in this new Pentrex release: 3025 - A Chinese Mikado in the Connecticut River Valley.

$ 20.00
ALONG THE HUDSON DIVISION COMBO Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX 1 Hour 30 Minutes color with hi-fi sound and narration

The Hudson Division is one of the most scenic and interesting sections of Amtrak's Northeast Corridor. Running north/south from Penn Station in New York City to Albany-Rensselaer, it follows the course of the Hudson River and offers beautiful vistas, charming old railway stations, and the special character of the river itself. However, it's not just the scenic landscapes that attract railfans to this area. In 1992, when Pentrex documented the line with two video releases, the Hudson Division was FL-9 country. We'll take you aboard one of these classic diesels and also treat you to a cab ride on a Turbo Train. Get ready for an exciting tour of the Hudson Division! Included on this combo DVD are:Along the Hudson Division. Join us in the cab and trackside from Penn Station, NYC north to Albany-Rensselaer. The line is home to both Metro North's and Amtrak's fleet of Electro-Motive FL-9 diesel-electric/electrics. These unique locomotives are the highlight of our tour, but we_ll also see Amtrak Turbos, Metro North MU cars, and Conrail freights. See Amtrak's Westside line from the cab as the train snakes out of cavernous Penn Station. Cross over the newly rebuilt Spuyten Duyvil Bridge, and ride along the shore in this exciting, beautiful journey.Amtrak's Turbo Trains Cab Ride. Climb aboard an Amtrak Turbo Train for a high-speed run south along the Hudson Division. The ride is as smooth as it is fast and the scenery is spectacular. You'll see Conrail freights flash past and meet other Amtrak trains on their northbound journeys. Once in Metro North territory, you'll see Metro trains classic FL-9s and MU cars busily rushing New York commuters off to the City. Nearing NYC, the line diverges onto Amtrak's Westside track. We cross over the bridge at Spuyten Duyvil and end our Turbo Train adventure at Penn Station.

$ 20.00
AMTRAK CHIEF Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX 40 Minutes color with sound and narration

Join Pentrex as we travel back in time to the summer of 1972- a truly great time to be a railfan in Southern California. During Amtraks first summer in 1971, the Super Chief/El Capitan enjoyed high ridership levels, which prompted Amtrak to run an additional train between LA and Chicago during the busy summer months. This train, known simply as "The Chief" had a daily 1PM departure from LA that allowed for a daytime run over Santa Fe's Second District mainline and the majestic Cajon Pass. This became the only time "The Chief" was ever run. In this fascinating DVD watch leased Santa Fe F Units pulling the Chief eastward out of Los Angeles through a number of communities and over Cajon. Both Summit and Sullivans Curve are shown before major realignments would soon change these areas forever. You don't want to miss this incredible footage! The show wraps up with a ride aboard The Chief between San Bernardino & Barstow!

$ 20.00
AMTRAK'S NORTHEAST CORRIDOR CAB RIDE Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX 1 Hour 25 minutes color with Hi Fi sound and narration

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to step back to the early 1990s to experience a cab ride on one of Amtrak's fastest trains, this is your golden opportunity! Pentrex takes you into the cab of an AEM7 for a high-speed ride at the head of Metroliner Train 110 from Washington D.C. to Philadelphia along the electrified, heavily trafficked south end of Amtrak's Northeast Corridor. The big picture windows of locomotive number 911 give you a clear view of what it's like to meet trains at full throttle. With both trains doing 125 mph, the closing speeds are a thrilling 250 mph! Amtrak's constant maintenance and its manicured roadbed result in a smooth ride for the AEM7. You'll be amazed as the Metroliner rolls through a high-speed turnout at almost 70 mph. Produced with Amtrak's cooperation in 1992, this video was released originally in VHS as part of a 3-volume tour of Amtrak's pride and joy, the Northeast Corridor. Now all the excitement of a high-speed cab ride can be yours to enjoy through the enhanced viewing benefits of DVD.

$ 20.00
B&O ODYSSEY VOL 2 Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX 1 Hour color with sound and narration

Linking 13 Great States with the Nation - that was the slogan of the B&O Railroad. Step back to the 1960s to see what made the Baltimore & Ohio one of the all-time great railroads! The odyssey resumes in Michigan, shortly after B&O had merged with the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway. Motive power and rolling stock of both railroads are frequently seen intermingled. We catch the Cincinnatian and other passenger trains on the C&O route between Detroit and Toledo, including the towers at Wayne Junction, Romulus, and Carleton. Moving east we visit Connellsville, Pennsylvania and Brunswick, Maryland where freight traffic is heavy. Motive power includes F-units and brand new GP30s. At Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, perhaps the most scenic spot on the B&O, we see both passenger and freight trains making their daily runs. Coal movements are captured at Hancock, West Virginia. Returning westward we enjoy freight action in Pennsylvania and Ohio, then return to Michigan for lots more passenger action. Volume 2 of B&O Odyssey, which covers the years 1965 to 1968, is the second in a multi-volume series based on the works of noted railroad photographer Emery Gulash. Collect the whole series!

$ 20.00
BEAUMONT HILL COMBO Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX DVD 2 Hours 30 minutes color with stereo sound and narration

Beaumont Hill's San Gorgonio Pass, the mountain gateway to the Sunset Route, was a tough proving ground for Southern Pacific's locomotives. The demanding grade and extreme weather conditions of this Southern California railroading landmark put SP's newest locomotives and leased power from other roads to the test. Video Rails spent three years filming great action over Beaumont Hill and the result was two exciting shows that have now been combined on one DVD for your viewing pleasure. Experience Southern Pacific's high-speed crossing of San Gorgonio Pass, a daunting grade that demanded mid-train and rear-train helpers for the push to the top. SP employed a vast array of motive power on this route and you'll see leased units from CSX, Conrail, and many other roads. Ride in the cab of an SD40T-2 rebuild from Colton to Indio aboard one of SP's hottest trains. See the last runs of the Sugar Beet trains. From flash floods to 120 degree heat, here is mainline railroading at its best! Climb aboard Southern Pacific engine 8305, an SD40T-2, on Southern Pacific's hottest train, the LAMFF. Leaving the West Colton yard, you'll get the crew's vantage point of beautiful San Gorgonio Pass as your train climbs over Beaumont Hill at track speed!

$ 20.00
BIG BOY 4014 UPDATE Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX 1 hour in color with Stereo Sound and Narration

For more than half a century, Union Pacific_s Big Boy 4014 was on display in Pomona, CA. In 2013, Union Pacific began the process to move and restore it back into excursion service, which would make 4014 the ultimate rolling museum as it showcases UP in its finest era. But before that can happen, the massive 4-8-8-4 would have to be moved from its resting spot at the RailGiants Train Museum in Southern California to Cheyenne, WY where UP bases its steam power. Plenty of work was required to get the big locomotive on the move, from the temporary snap track across a huge parking lot to getting it back on the mainline. Several stops were made along the way to inspect the Big Boy. Both the media and large crowds of fans took part in this historic event. Pentrex covered this extraordinary move throughout much of Southern California. Big Boy 4014 Update will show the tireless steam crew erecting the temporary track across the parking lot. Watch 4014 as it_s towed by a front-end loader under the watchful eye of the steam crew. Witness the moment when a UP diesel coupled onto the tender of 4014 to the delight of cheering crowds. Towed by modern diesel power, many great runbys were made as the train began its journey to Cheyenne. Several meets with opposing freight traffic were also made on Cajon Pass.

$ 20.00
BIG BOYS, CAB FORWARDS, CHALLENGERS & DAYLIGHTS Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX 1 hour 25 minutes in color with Stereo Sound and Narration

Henry Hank Griffiths Jr. was one of the most prominent railroad cinematographers of the steam era. Traveling throughout Idaho, Montana, Washington, Utah, and other northwest states, he captured images of steam at work in locations other photographers seldom visited. In 1992, Video Rails compiled a fascinating collection of Hank Griffiths' films, which they released on VHS as Classic Collectors Series Volumes 7 and 8. These two fascinating shows are now available from Pentrex on one DVD. Hank Griffiths covered a wide swath to capture steam locomotives and the occasional early diesel seen here at work on the Union Pacific, Southern Pacific, Northern Pacific, Milwaukee Road, Denver & Rio Grande Western, Colorado & Southern, and the Sierra Railroad. You'll also see the Oregon & Northwestern Lumber Company and other northwest logging railroads. The famous locomotives featured in this show include Union Pacific Big Boys and Challengers; Southern Pacific Cab Forwards and Daylights, Milwaukee Road electrics; and Northern Pacific Challengers. There's more! Highlights showcase the Rio Grande Zephyr, the UP 8444, a UP rotary snow plow, the last run of the Portland Rose over the Blue Mountains, and scenes shot at Promontory, Utah in 1969. This DVD is packed with an amazing display of American railroading history as seen through the lens of an expert craftsman. Every minute is a treat!

$ 20.00
BURLINGTON NORTHERN E UNITS Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX 1 Hour color with sound and narration

Once leading the country's finest passenger trains on high-speed schedules, the last remaining fleet of Electro-Motive E-units worked during their later years pulling commuter trains in Chicago. Pentrex filmed these timeless machines in the early 1990s, capturing their sleek lines and throaty exhaust in exciting line-side action and thrilling cab ride footage just before they were retired from Metra duty.Climb up into the cab of BNE-9 #9914 and ride the entire line from Chicago's Union Station out to Aurora. Watch as the engineer skillfully brings the machine from notch 8 to a screaming stop at stations along the line. Listen as the throttle is ratcheted through the notches and the dual-engine machine responds with rumbling exhaust talk. You'll get a view of the triple track BN mainline as you've never seen it before!The afternoon Dinky Parade, as the railroaders call it, is a dispatcher's nightmare, with train after train scheduled for action. The route to Aurora is filled with curves, bridges, and scenic stations and many thrilling meets occur as you speed down the "racetrack." For a nostalgic look at rare power actively still at work and the engineer's view of the route they travel, treat yourself to Burlington Northern E-Units, Along the Racetrack!

$ 20.00
CALIFORNIA VINTAGE COLLECTION Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX DVD 1 hour 33 minutes in color with Hi-Fi Sound and Narration

Three rare films are brought together here for a nostalgic and thoroughly entertaining revisit of California railroading from the 1920s to the 1950s. Included on this combo DVD are:

Gerald M. Best's California Limiteds: The films of railroad cinematographer Gerald M. Best are highly prized among devotees of the Southern Pacific and the Santa Fe. This video takes you back to the late 1920s for Best's own black and white movie footage capturing the Lark, the Daylight, the Grand Canyon Limited, and even the Santa Paula local. The action is mostly in Southern California but you'll also see Pullmans over Cajon Pass, action at long vanished city terminals, and the only footage we know of showing the Mt. Tamalpais gravity car! Black and white. 33 Minutes.

California Zephyr: In this rare 1950s public relations film, you'll see glimpses of '50s-era Chicago, Denver, Salt Lake City, Oakland, and San Francisco, stopping points on the east-west route of the famous California Zephyr. Enjoy images taken in the diner, the sleepers, the Vista-Dome coaches, and from trackside. Relish the spectacular scenery that made this route so popular. Plus, a rare newsreel is included that features the last run of the California Zephyr! Color. 30 Minutes.

Western Pacific on TV: Step back to 1956 and join host Bob Day in a television salute to the Western Pacific Railroad. This "Success Story" episode begins at WP's Oakland Yards with the 1872 Baldwin Genoa and Alco #94 steamers, Lucius Beebe's elegant Gold Coast private car, and WP's new F-unit #803-A, the pride of its fleet. Your tour includes the commissary, classrooms, and the Sacramento shops. Plus, you'll see the California Zephyr on the Feather River Route. Thanks to this gem of a film, we can view the Western Pacific when it was the role model for the American success story! Black and white. 30 Minutes.

$ 20.00
CAPE COD RAILROADS Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX 1 hours in color with Stereo Sound and Narration

Travel to old Cape Cod with Pentrex as we look back over ten years of change _ from 1999 to 2009 _ on the former New Haven Old Colony line. It's a tourist destination famous for its scenic beauty, but there's plenty of action for railfans too. We'll take you trackside to watch the Bay Colony Railroad trash train - a train that turns trash into cash! This train takes trucks off the scenic roads and trash off the Cape as it provides a revenue stream for its operator; we'll watch as it hauls refuse to a power plant in Rochester. You'll also see dinner and brunch trains running on the Cape Cod Central as well as a shipment of huge tracked vehicles from the Otis Military Reservation hauled by newcomer Mass Coastal. There's a wide variety of motive power for you to enjoy, such as rebuilt Geeps, a re-engined Alco, and a gurgling GE B39. We'll take a detour to the town of Millis to watch plucky Bay Colony Railroad GP9 #1705 switch the sprawling GAF shingle plant. Then we'll return to the Cape to see the debut of the Mass Coastal Railroad, featuring a gleaming roster of Geeps and custom-built "energy" cars. It's a trip to old Cape Cod you won't want to miss. Join us for a look at Cape Cod Railroads - A Decade of Change.

$ 20.00
CASS SCENIC RAILROAD Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX 52 minutes in color with Hi-Fi sound and narration

Each spring, the Cass Scenic Railroad in West Virginia opens its tourist season with a special event known as the Cass Railfan Weekend. Trains that aren't regularly a part of the season's schedule are operated then to the delight of riders and photographers. Pentrex takes you back to 1990 to experience the extra runs and excitement of that year's Railfan Weekend and discover why Cass draws crowds back year after year. A parade of steam opens the event with a spectacular display. Three Shay locomotives, Numbers 2, 3 and 4, run side-by-side down the triple tracks, spewing great billows of steam and thrilling the crowd with their antics. Then the Shays triple-head to Bald Knob at the top of Black Allegheny Mountain with a passenger train in tow, followed closely by a vintage log train pulled by the railroad's Heisler locomotive. The Shays make numerous run-bys as they struggle up the daunting eleven percent grades of the mountainside. You_ll ride in the cabs of several as the firemen work intensely to keep the hungry engines fueled with shovel after shovelful of coal. The locomotives' intricate systems of shafts, flywheels, and gears are seen close up as they strain to pull the trains uphill. Cass Scenic has it all: unusual locomotives, vintage cars, and fabulous scenery. Here's your chance to enjoy it at its best!

$ 20.00
CENTRAL MEXICO RAILS Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX DVD 1 Hour 30 minutes color with hi-fi sound and narration

In the early 1990s, Pentrex embarked upon a fascinating tour of Mexico's railroading operations. The Northern portion of the country was featured in our first release, 'Northern Mexico Rails._ Now we continue that journey of exploration as we travel toward Mexico City and investigate the lines running east of the capital. You_ll have an opportunity to see the new electrified section of the railroad and visit one of North America_s best railroading hot spots. Then you_ll head further east to the railway museum at Puebla, and catch lots of big Alcos in all types of service along the way. A cab ride over the last remaining section of narrow gauge allows you to savor a few final moments on a soon-to-be-replaced monument of old time railroading. Finally, you_ll venture into the incredible mountain passes of eastern Mexico, where freight trains often run with two sets of mid-train helpers. The freights snake around sharp curves, pulled by sets of General Electric Super Sevens. Mexico_s railroads, with their older railroading traditions still preserved, are truly captivating, and so is the beautiful countryside through which they operate. Join us on the grand adventure called Central Mexico Rails!

$ 20.00
CHINA STEAM SPECTACULAR Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX 2 Hour 28 minutes in colorwith Hi Fi sound and narration.

Imagine thousands of steam locomotives in everyday use, rolling through lands of stunning beauty. That was steam railroading in China in 2001 when this exciting documentary was filmed. Much of it is hauntingly similar to the American railroads of the 1930s-1950s. All of it is fascinating. Join our tour of six unique sites and see why steam in China may be the greatest railroad show on earth! We begin on legendary Jing Peng Pass with its 40 miles of tunnels, 2% ruling grade, horse shoe curves, and spiral bridges entirely serviced by double-headed 2-10-2 QJ class locomotives. Next we take you to Daban where the entire fleet of 100 QJ's are serviced. Their resemblance to Union Pacific or NYC locomotives, with smoke box deflectors, Boxpok driving wheels, and large smokebox-mounted headlights, is remarkable. In the coal mining region of Tiefa, a fleet of thirty 2-8-2 SY class locomotives pull fast commuter trains with amazing frequency. Our camera catches the action there near a busy double diamond junction. The Dahiuchang Limestone Quarry near Beijing is an enchanting narrow gauge steam line where we'll view endless strings of tiny ore cars pulled by miniature locomotives. At Anshan, we are granted rare access into one of the world's largest steel mills. It operates its own fleet of forty 2-8-2's and the activity level is incredible. Finally, we'll witness the awesome brute strength of three 2-8-2's straining full throttle up the 3-1/2 percent grade to the Chengde steel mill complex. This line has it all: steep curves, rock cuts, narrow tunnels, and terrific rural scenery. Experience the wonder of it all in China Steam Spectacular!

$ 20.00
COLORADO NARROW GAUGE IN THE 1950S Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX 32 minutes in color with Hi Fi Sound and Narration

In the summer of 1953, time was running out for railroading on most of Rio Grande's intense narrow gauge network in southwestern Colorado. Though dieselization was nearly complete for most Class 1 railroads across America, here in Narrow Gauge country, steam remained king until the fire was dropped on the last engine after operations came to a standing halt. Pentrex takes you back to this place and time through a priceless collection of carefully restored vintage films. Our journey begins with a look at dual gauge activity in the Salida Yard, located alongside the meandering Arkansas River. A standard gauge class C41 2-8-0 is seen along with several L131 2-8-8-2 articulateds at the coaling tower. Narrow gauge K27 #453 is also earning its keep. In addition, there are views of Salida's classic 20-stall roundhouse and car shop. We take a brief but scenic drive over Marshall Pass Road as we explore the more than 10,000-foot high Pass. Next we work our way to Gunnison where we encounter C16 #268, which is emerging from the roundhouse and gets turned manually on the turntable. The 2-8-2 is being prepared to take a freight to Sapinero. We chase the train through rocky canyons and open prairies and catch switching operations in Sapinero. Then watch as raw steam power tackles 4.5 percent grades and unique double switcbacks on the Monarch Branch. Today, with the exception of two tourist lines, the narrow gauge empire is little more than a memory. However, you can still relive that fascinating era once again with Pentrex's Colorado Narrow Gauge in the 1950s!

$ 20.00
COPPER CANYON - ROUTE OF THE CHIHUAHUA PACIFICO RAILROAD Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX DVD 1 Hour 20 minutes color with hi-fi sound and narration

Ride the famous Chihuahua Pacifico Railroad over northwest Mexico's Sierra Madres and through the spectacular Copper Canyon, one of the most rugged passes in North America. With 86 tunnels, a loop, and many high bridges, this line has been hailed as an engineering marvel. See both freight and passenger operations over this remote and seldom photographed line. At Los Mochis, we visit North America's last freight-only, exclusively steam powered common carrier, the Mexicano del Pacifico, and ride in the cab of #44, a 1923 Baldwin 2-8-2. Discover secrets hidden away just waiting to be revealed. Our railroad heritage is still alive working for our friends south of the border and you will be surprised by what you see. Pentrex visited the Copper Canyon in 1990 to bring you this exciting tour on VHS video. Now you can experience the grandeur of this railroading adventure on DVD!

$ 20.00
CUBA STEAM Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX 1 hour 11 Minutes Color with Stereo Sound and Narration.

Steam locomotives are alive and well, and play a vital role in the economy of today's Cuba. Incredible scenes that were taped in 1996, but are reminiscent of the 1950s, show standard and narrow gauge steam locomotives working side by side with oxen and horse drawn carts on sugar plantations. Vintage 1950's automobiles in daily use add to the illusion of a country frozen in time.Enjoy U.S.-built Alco and Baldwin steam locomotives along with Russian-built diesels, including Alco diesel clones reproduced from U.S. prototypes, operating on a wide variety of track gauges including 27.5, 30, and 36 inch. Watch as farm hands load sugar cane onto the railroad equipment the hard way, and visit the railroad shops and servicing facilities that keep the steamers running. As a special treat you'll ride along in the cab of a Baldwin 2-6-0 standard gauge steam locomotive! An auto tour of several cities and surrounding countryside gives you a unique opportunity to experience a rarely visited country, its people, its way of life, and steam in daily operation in 1996!

$ 20.00
CUMBRES & TOLTEC SCENIC FREIGHT TRAIN Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX DVD 1 hour in color with Hi-Fi Sound and Narration

Here is your ticket to relive the days of Rio Grande narrow gauge freight service aboard the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad. In September 1990, the San Juan Express, a privately sponsored photographer's freight train, ran on an unusual 2-day excursion that covered the entire line from Chama, New Mexico to Antonito, Colorado. Led by Baldwin-built 2-8-2 Mikado locomotive #488, the train with its vintage freight equipment tackled the four percent grade from Chama to Cumbres Pass at an elevation of 10,015-feet and then continued east to Antonito. Stops were scheduled to allow photographers ample opportunity to capture fantastic run-bys at the most scenic spots, with plenty of smoke, whistles, and steam. Excellent weather conditions and the wide variety of scenery along the way added to the excitement of the trip. Steep mountain curves, rolling upland meadows, and incredible Rocky Mountain vistas made fantastic settings against which the historic train performed. This 64-mile long remnant of the once-flourishing Rio Grande Narrow Gauge network is now the longest 3-foot gauge railroad in America and one of the country's most popular train rides.

$ 20.00
DOUBLESTACKS OVER DONNER Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX 2 Hours color with Stereo sound and narration

Pentrex traveled to Donner Pass in the winter of 2009-2010, spending several weeks to capture the revitalized action that can now be found on the Roseville Subdivision. The Union Pacific had just finished a 12-month project to increase the width of 15 tunnels and snow sheds on Donner Pass so that doublestack trains could again be routed over this crossing of the Sierra Nevada range. Southern Pacific once ran doublestacks over Donner Pass but as larger containers with extra height evolved, its successor, Union Pacific, had been compelled to route its container trains over the Feather River Canyon instead, and traffic on Donner declined to a trickle of its former intensity. However, in 2008 UP decided it would be worth the cost to "raise the roof" on the shorter, faster line to expedite delivery of intermodal freight by several hours when compared to the more lengthy transit of the former Western Pacific line. As a result, traffic is now flowing over Donner in abundance! You'll see types of trains showcased here: grain trains, fruit trains, auto trains, general freight, and Amtrak's California Zephyr. We'll show them battling the stiff grades and serpentine curves that railroaders face on Donner. The spotlight, however, is on the enormous doublestack trains, some of them up to 9,000-feet long! Once again, the sounds of laboring diesels hauling containers by the hundreds echo off the granite walls of this historic pass. At last you can see those massive doublestacks slugging their way over the crest of the jaw-dropping 7,000-foot summit. There is nothing quite like Doublestacks Over Donner!

$ 20.00
DOUBLESTACKS OVER TEHACHAPI Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX 30 minutes color with hi fi sound and narration

Doublestack containers have revolutionized the railroad industry. You can see them everywhere across the nation. Yet one of America's most famous railroad landmarks has been off limits to doublestacks due to numerous small tunnels. Now, after millions of dollars and months of hard work, the famous Tehachapi Loop has doublestacks traveling around it in spectacular style!Pentrex visited Tehachapi in the 1990's to show the results of the work done in the tunnels and trackside to prepare for the doublestacks. A season of record rainfall in California left hillsides green and gorgeous, and every shot in this video is a beauty! You'll see the latest high-powered, high-tech locomotives growling up the grades and pulling their mile-long trains around the Loop.

$ 20.00
DURANGO & SILVERTON NARROW GAUGE Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX 60 minutes in color with Hi-Fi Sound and Narration

The Durango & Silverton offers one of the most spectacular train rides in North America. Steep grades, sharp curves, narrow ledges, and perilous chasms are the hallmarks of this popular narrow gauge tourist railroad. See famous locations: the breathtaking Highline balancing 400 feet above the River of the Lost Souls, The Narrows, Rockwood Cut with its huge red granite rock formations, and Silverton, perched at an elevation of 9,288 feet.

$ 20.00
EMPIRE BUILDERS TO MILWAUKEE Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX 50 minutes color with sound and narration

Privately run intercity passenger service in Milwaukee was a thing of the past by early 1971. The Federal government had formed Amtrak to remove the burden of passenger service from the railroads and insure that core passenger routes remained active. By May 1st, when Amtrak rolled into Milwaukee, things had changed. Milwaukee Road's Hiawatha and C&NW's bi-level Streamliners were out, but Amtrak's Empire Builder was in. Direct rail service was now available all the way to Seattle, but one could no longer travel to Green Bay! All passenger service on C&NW rails was gone, but Amtrak did pick up some Chicago-Milwaukee trains over Milwaukee Road rails. These new trains looked different, too. Amtrak paint was months away and its first units were made up of mismatched heritage cars and engines that earned them the nickname "Rainbow" trains (BN green, GN orange and blue, Milwaukee yellow, Burlington silver, NP greens, and others). Their classic motive power included E-9s, F-3s, F-7s, and F-9s. Empire Builders to Milwaukee takes you back to the six months preceding and following the start of Amtrak service in Milwaukee. You'll view the Morning Hiawatha and the C&NW bi-level Streamliners during their last winter and spring of operations as well as Amtrak's new Empire Builder and Chicago-Milwaukee corridor service. Also making appearances are freights (many pulled by venerable GP35s and GP9s) on the Milwaukee Road and Soo Line, the commuter Cannonball, and specials including Amtrak's Turbo Train on its national tour and the Great Circus Train of 1971. These exciting scenes were filmed at Oconomowoc, Pewaukee, Duplainville, Brookfield, Elm Grove, Wauwatosa, Oak Creek, West Bend, and other Milwaukee metro areas. There's plenty to enjoy in this fascinating tribute to Amtrak's early Empire Builders!

$ 20.00
GRAND ISLAND Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX 48 minutes color with HiFi sound and narration

Until July, 1995, Burlington Northern and Union Pacific trains took turns using a diamond crossing where their lines intersect in Grand Island, Nebraska. Now, Burlington Northern Santa Fe trains climb up and over the UP triple-track main line to avoid the congestion of a crossing at grade. The elevated structure provides a spectacular setting for over-and-under railroad action.In this video, Pentrex first follows the BNSF line from Cairo, Nebraska to Grand Island. A variety of motive power is seen, including brand new BNSF SD70MACs hauling coal, Kansas City Southern and EMD/Oakway SD60s, and BN SD60M 1991 in patriotic red, white and blue paint. The action then moves to the Union Pacific line east of Grand Island. Several Chicago & North Western GE locomotives make appearances on coal and doublestack trains, along with lots of UP power.Back at Grand Island, the camera catches a rail grinder at work and a bright red pair of geeps pulls a Nebraska Central train off a branch line and pushes it into the yard.

$ 20.00
GREAT AMERICAN CIRCUS & SHOW TRAINS Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX 1 hour 45 minutes color with sound and narration

Years ago excited crowds would be thrilled by the appearance of a circus or a carnival train. They knew a spectacle of grand proportions was coming to town. That thrill has not completely disappeared. Here's your chance to view the last two modern circus trains and the only carnival that still travels by rail! Every year the Circus World Museum at Baraboo, Wisconsin reenacts an old-fashioned circus train. Antique circus wagons from the museum's extensive collection are loaded aboard railroad cars by traditional methods. Then vintage passenger diesels power the special train across the state to Milwaukee where these highly prized wagons, pulled by teams of powerful draft horses called "baggage stock," will star in the annual Great Circus Parade. The James E. Strates Carnival travels the eastern US aboard a 61-car train. Many of the carnival's employees live aboard the train, just as in times past. Jimmy Strates, the founder's grandson, relates what it was like growing up on the train and explains how traveling by rail works better for the company than other transportation methods.These trains and others are shown while underway and as equipment and personnel work to load and unload them. You'll see the unique methods used to handle heavy equipment and gain additional background on the great American circus trains of the past and present. It's a railroading experience like no other and one the whole family will enjoy!

$ 20.00
HEARTLAND HIGHLIGHTS Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX 90 minutes color with sound and narration

Youミre invited to come along and take a trip with us as we capture some great railroading action at random locations in half a dozen states throughout the Midwest. The Arkansas & Missouri always puts on a great show and our cameras were there to catch them doing what they do best. Further North, the Wisconsin & Southern is another favorite gem for railfans and we caught some great activity from that railroad in Janesville, Wisconsin. When was the last time you've seen classic F units in freight service? A visit to the Keokuk Junction Railway will make it worth your while. in Southern Illinois, the Crab Orchard & Egyptian adds more variety. the Belton, Grandview, and Kansas City railroad offers train rides Southward out of Belton, Missouri. A few hours were spent in Davenport, Iowa at exciting spots, such as Canadian Pacifics Nahant yard. Plus, you'll see heavy duty mainline action along the BNSF, Canadian National, Union Pacific, Iowa Interstate, and so much more.

$ 20.00
HORSESHOE CURVE/SAND PATCH GRADE Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX 2 Hours 15 minutes color with Hi Fi sound and narration

Horse Shoe Curve and Sand Patch Grade are two Pennsylvania railroading landmarks of enormous popularity, with good reason. They share long history, challenging terrain, heavy traffic, and innovative technologies. Pentrex recorded these famous sites in the late 1980s and released two outstanding shows, both of which are included on this new combo DVD.Horse Shoe Curve - Step back to 1989 when Conrail was running from 40-60 trains a day through the 3-track curve at this historic site in central Pennsylvania. Most of the action here is led by Conrail but Amtrak makes an appearance as well. The interesting mix of motive power you'll see here includes SD40s, SD40-2s, SD45-2s, and GE C30-7As. You'll travel to Alto Tower in Altoona, Benny, the Gallitzin Twin Tunnels, AR Tower, MO Tower in Cresson, but most of all you'll spend quality time at Horse Shoe Curve itself, the granddaddy of railfan locations! (75 minutes)Sand Patch Grade- Old and new technologies intermingle on this remote yet important route through the Alleghenies. In 1990, when our show was recorded, this former B&O trackage was known as the Mainline Subdivision, a part of CSX's Chicago-to-Baltimore mainline. CSX trains battled their way upgrade through Brackens, Fairhope, Falls Cut Tunnel, Glencoe, the horse shoe curve at Mance, and Sand Patch Grade itself. You'll see a variety of motive power including GP30s, GP40s, SD50s, the CSX F-unit, and others in an assortment of paint schemes such as B&O, C&O, Clinchfield, Seaboard, Chessie, and classic CSX colors. You'll also tour the tower at Hyndman where vintage Armstrong levers were still in daily use and visit busy SA tower at the crest of Sand Patch Summit. Sand Patch Grade, rich in history, abounds in exciting mainline railroading! (60 minutes)

$ 20.00
HOUSTON A DECADE OF DIFFERENCE Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX 2 Hours 55 minutes color with Stereo sound and narration

Split into two shows on two discs, Pentrex takes you on a fascinating journey of railroading operations in Houston and its surrounding areas. The first show, shot in the early 2000ミs, captures Houstonミs diverse scenery, great railfanning hotspots, and the typical locomotives commonly found during this period. The second show, shot in the spring of 2014, revisits this favorite railfan area with new, exciting footage. Along this journey, youミll pay a visit to the Angelina & Neches River, Sabine River & Northern, Moscow, Camden & San Augustine and other great railroads. Youミll be there to marvel at a 1944 Baldwin VO 1000 on the Texas Southeastern in Diboll, TX. Plus, youミll even get a glimpse of trains crossing the impressive trestle over the Los Brazos River in Richmond, TX. To top off an already exciting program, we travel to Palestine, TX for some amazing footage of operations on the Texas State Railroad, including a Black Widow Alco RS2 and a freshly painted and rebuilt 2-8-2 steam engine! Our special coverage also includes powerful consists still painted for their former owners and the changes that occurred in the town of Rosenberg, particularly with its tower.With great train action, variety and beautiful scenery, youミll be amazed by how much change has taken place in the span of a few years. This is Houston, A Decade of Difference!

$ 20.00
JUICE THE FINAL 3 INTERURBAN FREIGHT SURVIVORS Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX - 1 hour 12 minutes Color with Hi Fi Sound & Narration

At one time, electrified freight interurbans operated throughout the United States. Yet in the late 1990s, just three remained in service. Toiling under the wires as if time had passed them by, these survivors depended upon an assortment of antique motors to keep them rolling.Pentrex traveled to Wisconsin in 1998 to record the East Troy Electric, which still pulled freight on an as-needed basis. The East Troy Electric utilized motor L-9 when it took part in moving fourteen special loads of stainless steel tubing. The next stop was San Antonio where Texas Transportation ran electric freight motors through the city's streets to serve the iconic Pearl Brewery. Then we headed to Mason City, Iowa to view multiple motors on Iowa Traction. A ride aboard one of their historic motors gave us a great view of the motorman at work. During our visits, you'll learn why these railroads continued to operate their old freight motors in modern times. If you love traction, you'll be thrilled by the sight of these antique electrics at work in Juice, the Final Three Electric Interurban Freight Survivors!

$ 20.00
KANSAS CITY SOUTHERN Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX 1 hour 20 minutes color with sound and narration

Step back to 1990 and tour the entire Kansas City Southern system from Kansas City, Missouri to Port Arthur, Texas and over the former Louisiana & Arkansas line from New Orleans to Shreveport and across the Texas Division towards Dallas. Thrilling action on the KCS reveals heavy coal and grain trains snaking through the Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas as helpers shove hard on the rear. Manifest freights are seen grinding their way over the summit of Rich Mountain. Elsewhere locals are racing against the clock before their time expires while yard switchers toil at their unending tasks. Every class of engine running on the KCS in early 1990 is seen in action here. Its well-known white paint scheme was transitioning to the new gray and you'll see examples of both. In a grand finale, a hot train with one of the KCS F-Unit slugs sprints across the rolling Texas Division. Here's a great opportunity to revisit one of America's favorite railways!

$ 20.00
LAST RUN OF A CAB FOWARD OVER DONNER PASS Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX 1 hour color & Black & White with sound and narration

An Albert C. Phelps Film One of railroading's most spectacular runs took place over the weekend of November 30, 1957 when Southern Pacific Cab Forward 4274 left Sacramento for its final journey across Donner Pass. This historic event was captured on film by Albert C. Phelps, with special photography by J. Allen Hawkins and Jacob DeVries. You'll ride in the cab of the AC-powered 10-car train as it climbs the steep grade. Special scenes include 4274's shake-down run in Roseville as it prepares for its final run, rare pacing shots of the train as it races up the Sierra Nevada foothills, and photo run-bys staged for the passengers at remote locations. This is a rare treat for all steam fans to enjoy!

$ 20.00
LTV MINING RAILROAD Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX 1 hour, color, hi-fi sound, narration

Pentrex takes you where few have ventured: deep into the inner plant and strip mines of LTV Mining Company's Minnesota operation as it existed in the early 1990s. You'll see the last intact group of EMD-delivered F-Units that remain in service on what was formerly known as the Erie Mining Railroad. There's plenty of Alco action on mine runs, and Baldwin switchers are seen working around the plant.This is the complete taconite story. Starting with the removal of ore-bearing rock from pit mines, we trace the process from crushing and pulverizing to concentrating the ore and forming taconite pellets. Once the pellets have been formed, they are transported to the dock by railroad for their journey to LTV's blast furnaces. LTV's roster of locomotives is truly unique, with units from three different manufacturers. A group of Electro-Motive F-9s is used to haul 96-car trains of taconite pellets to the ore dock. Rock is hauled from the strip mines by Alco diesels, primarily RS-11 roadswitchers. Alco C-420 engines and a C-424 are also used. A fleet of Baldwin S-12 switch engines handles supplies for the plant. You'll see all of these locomotives in action as they perform their daily routines around the huge mining complex. Then you'll climb aboard the cab of an F-9 for the trip to the Lake Superior ore dock. It's a beautiful ride through the north woods of Minnesota's remote iron range country. Hop aboard with this exciting presentation of LTV Mining Railroad!

$ 20.00
MISSOURI-KANSAS-TEXAS Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX 1 hour color with sound and narration

Known popularly as the KATY (due to its "K-T" trading symbol), the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad was a major force in the development of the west, linking Kansas City and St. Louis, Missouri and Salina, Kansas to the port of Galveston, Texas. Pentrex takes you back to 1988 to explore everyday operations on the KATY just prior to its takeover by Union Pacific. Starting at Dallas, Texas, we'll make our way to Kansas City, Missouri to explore the northeast portion of the line. Then we'll travel from Ft. Worth to Galveston and back to experience railroading on the southern stretch. For the most part, KATY locomotives appear in their green and yellow paint scheme but the former red paint and some Conrail blue can also be seen. GP38s, GP39s, and GP40s make up the majority of the fleet; however, you'll also enjoy images of SD40s, SD40-2s, an ALCO RS3, and an F7A rebuilt slug. Cabooses were in use on most of these trains; you'll see them paired with an interesting mix of freight equipment. We caught riveting action on the KATY, with a wide variety of trains. Union Pacific and Burlington Northern also make an appearance, especially at the busy crossing of the Red River Bridge and at Waggoner Crossing. Highlights of the show include street running in La Grange, a ride aboard a KATY train headed for Kansas City, the clickety-clack of steel wheels on jointed rails, yard switching, and long, awesome pacing sequences. These scenes were shot over a several month period, giving you a broader view of what life was like on the KATY before it was absorbed into a new identity. A once mighty fallen flag comes back to life as you enjoy Pentrex's salute to the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad!

$ 20.00
MT RAINIER SCENIC'S GEARED LOCOMOTIVES Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX 1 hour 9 minutes color with stereo sound and narration

Experience geared steam action as Heisler, Shay and Climax locomotives launch a new season on the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad. Ready for the annual Spring photo run is Heisler No. 91, a three truck West Coast Special; former Pickering Lumber Company No. 11, a three truck Pacific Coast Shay built in 1929 by Lima Locomotive Works; and Mt. Rainier's Climax, the next-to-last of its type ever constructed and the first locomotive restored at the Mt. Rainier shops in southeastern Washington. These standard gauge oil burners represent the highest level of geared technology developed by each manufacturer. They have plenty of muscle to easily haul heavy lumber up 2.8 percent grades. Close up shots demonstrate the different gear systems in motion. Plus, there are stunning action scenes of all three locomotives pulling uphill side by side. A surprise debut of saddle tank No. 17, a Minaret Mikado-type steamer, and views of an Alco S1 and a former Northern Pacific F9 add to the adventure. Both passenger and freight trains are headed by some of the most interesting and rarely seen locomotives in existence. It's a fantastic sight!

$ 20.00
NEW YORK CENTRAL AN INSIDER'S VIEW COMBO Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX 1 hour 55 minutes B&W & Color with Hi-Fi Sound and Narration.

The New York Central of the 1940s was a mighty railroad with a never-ending parade of freight and passenger trains making their way along the well maintained tracks of the Water Level Route. Into this world stepped cinematographer Fred Beach. Hired by the NYC to produce a number of public relations and employee training films, Mr. Beach went trackside between 1941 and 1954 to record the many activities of this iconic railroad. Pentrex released two videos in 1993 that feature Fred Beach's work, including many films that were not previously released to the public. Both videos have been combined here for your enjoyment. Included on this disc are:NYC, An Insider's View. We begin our journey with black and white footage taken during World War II, when the powerful Hudsons were still the pride of the fleet. Then we move forward in time to the early diesel era with all color footage. Crack passenger limiteds, local commuter trains, and plenty of freight action are all found in abundance as we journey along the NYC's mainline between Harmon and Buffalo, New York. We also visit the Harmon roundhouse and watch as steam locomotives are serviced between runs. Our tour demonstrates fully what made the NYC such an impressive entity: famous locomotives, sleek passenger trains, efficient operations, beautiful surroundings, and nonstop action!NYC, The Beach Collection. Three popular New York Central films produced for the railroad by Fred Beach are presented here: The Freight Yard, The Steam Locomotive, and The Railroad Signal. Interspersed with them are fascinating commentaries by Mr. Beach in which he explains how and why the films were produced. Here is your opportunity to gain a rare insight into the history of these influential films and enjoy a personal conversation with the railroad filmmaker who made history.

$ 20.00
NORFOLK & WESTERN #1218 Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX 30 minutes color with live audio and narration

The Norfolk & Western 1218 is a mammoth 2-6-6-4 steam locomotive that shakes the earth as it thunders down the rails. Experience one of the greatest locomotives that still operate today. Travel to Virginia and witness the 1218 on various runs as it operates over its home rails. Included is the side-by-side running of the 1218 and the Norfolk & Western 611. Then follow the 1218 as it travels to St. Louis to participate in the 1990 National Railway Historical Society convention.

$ 20.00
NORFOLK & WESTERN #611 Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX 1 hour Color with Stereo Sound and Narration.

Includes spectacular footage of these locomotives being built! Travel through six eastern states to experience one of the most powerful 4-8-4 steam locomotives ever built. Along the way, ride in the cab with the late NS Chairman of the Board Robert B. Claytor, view the 611 from all angles and in great details. Listen to the crew's explanations about running the 611 in today's railroading environment, and thrill to exciting pacing sequences and runbys. A special treat is included - rare footage of the Js being built in the shops at Roanoke, Virginia!

$ 20.00
NORTHWEST DOUBLE-HEADER STEAM Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX DVD 2 hours 50 minutes in color with Stereo Sound and Narration

On May 18 and 19, 2007, the Union Pacific 844 and Southern Pacific 4449 steam locomotives made history by doubleheading for the first time ever between Tacoma and Everett, Washington. This historic event, which was jointly run by the Union Pacific Railroad and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, was a benefit excursion on behalf of the Barriger Library of the University of Missouri at St. Louis and the Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation. Pentrex was on hand to capture the excitement created by Friday's private excursion to and from Tacoma and Everett as well as Saturday's round-trip public excursion, the Puget Sound Steam Special. We also followed the engines on their doubleheaded return trip from Tacoma to Portland. In addition, we chased the UP 844 on its way back home, capturing great footage of it through the Columbia River Gorge, flashing past beautiful Multnomah Falls, and steaming over the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon.

$ 20.00
PACIFIC ELECTRIC/LOS ANGELES STREETCARS COMBO Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX - 1 hour 5 minutes Color with Hi Fi Sound & Narration

The Pacific Electric Railway, once the largest interurban railway in the nation, and the unique streetcars of the Los Angeles Transit Lines exist now only in memory and on film. Two outstanding documentaries from Pentrex have been combined on one DVD to let you relive the final years of these two transportation legends. Pacific Electric: The Twilight Years After serving Southern California's transportation needs for over sixty years, by the 1950s the PE's rail passenger service had been reduced to five lines. View the last of the once-famous Hollywood cars on the Watts Local and the Big Red Cars, often referred to as "blimps," on the Long Beach, San Pedro, Bellflower, and Catalina Lines. You'll also see memorable railfan trips, the tower cars on the four-track mainline, and the last of the "Juice Jacks" in action on Santa Monica Boulevard and at Butte Street Yard. Filmed by noted rail photographer Bruce Ward, this is an unforgettable journey to enjoy again and again. (30 minutes)Los Angeles Streetcars: The Final YearsLos Angeles commuters fondly referred to their narrow-gauge streetcars as "Yellow Cars." We'll take you on an end-to-end tour of the W and S lines, the last to use H-Series standard type streetcars. In 1958, the MTA took over and converted the whole system to streamlined PCC-type cars, most of which were painted two-tone green. You'll see the entire routes of the five remaining lines: R, S, V, P and J. Then you'll go to the Georgia Street Car House on the last day of operation and the Vernon Yard as retired cars are placed in storage. It's a remarkable look at a memorable system. (35 minutes)

$ 20.00
PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD COLLECTION COMBO Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX 2 Hours 9 minutes with Hi Fi sound and narration

For 125 years, the Pennsylvania Railroad was the leader of its industry and proudly called itself the Standard Railroad of the World. Now, for the first time, two outstanding video productions about the Pennsy have been combined onto one DVD for your total viewing entertainment! Featured are:The Standard Railroad of the World: The mighty Pennsy is well represented in this superb video biography. You'll see steam, diesel, and electric power including K-4s and GG-1s, T1 Duplex 4-4-4-4s, shiny E-units, and even doodlebugs. Penn and Washington Union Stations are shown and you'll enjoy images of the Broadway and Congressional Limiteds. Also featured are the Northeast Corridor (including the Long Island Railroad) and commuters; inclined planes of the 1830s; Horseshoe Curve, Rockville Bridge, and Enola Yards; the wreck of the Federal Express and the birth of the Metroliners. Producer and director Bill Warrick spent years poring over archival footage and data and the result is this milestone production. Color and B&W.The Pennsylvania Collection: The Pennsylvania Railroad of the 1950s was a railroading show unlike anything else. With powerful duplex-drive T1s, classic GG-1 electrics, and "next generation" cab unit diesels, the Pennsy was truly a class act. In this video you'll get to sample that era through a collection of previously released Pennsylvania Railroad publicity films. Included are: "Progress on Rails," "Wheels of Steel," "Opening a New Frontier," and "Clear Track Ahead." B&W.

$ 20.00
RAIL EXPLORATIONS Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX 2 hours 14 minutes color with stereo sound and narration

From Arizona to Missouri, Rail Explorations is a fascinating trip across seven states as we deliver the interesting and the unusual for your enjoyment. We invite you to join us as we explored the rails for the best sights to be had. Our journey takes you to the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic, the Abilene & Smoky Valley and the Grand Canyon Railway tourist lines. You'll get a fascinating look at 50-kilovolt electrics pulling trainloads of heavy coal on the Black Mesa & Lake Powell. We also caught great action of ALCO C420s smoking it up on the Arkansas & Missouri. If that's not enough, in eastern Kansas on the Midland Railway, you'll take a cab ride on an RS3, and later, watch as it performs a great runby for our camera. There is even some mainline action to be had along the BNSF, KCS, and UP. From gorgeous scenery to exciting locations and trains, there is all this and a whole lot more to experience and enjoy in Rail Explorations!

$ 20.00
SOLDIER SUMMIT ASSAULT Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX 1 hour 28 Minutes color with sound and narration

At 7,440 feet, the crest of the Wasatch Plateau in Utah is the fifth highest railroad pass on a US transcontinental mainline. It was the highest point for the former Denver & Rio Grande in Utah. Assaulting the steep grades of Soldier Summit takes brute force horsepower. Many trains require both mid-train and rear end helpers. In 2000, when this show was recorded, the diesels of the Rio Grande, Southern Pacific, and Union Pacific worked together to muscle trains over the pass.Union Pacific runs here now, but the Utah Railway and BNSF have traffic rights and Amtrak's California Zephyr runs two trains a day. Classic black and orange Rio Grande SD40T-2s are seen in daily use as helpers on UP's coal trains, and on the famous "trash train." During this time, the Utah Railway's fleet of SD40s was joined by six MK5000s and five Australian-built SD50s. UP's E-units and a C&NW Dash 8 also make an appearance.Watch as extra power is cut into the trains at Helper for the push up the hill. The descent sees the line change direction 180 degrees at the Gilluly Loops, before continuing west to Provo. Coal is a major commodity here, and you'll visit UR coal loading facilities. The red rocks of Utah and snow-capped mountains, the famous formations of Castle Gate, the horseshoe curves at Gilluly, and the slide area at Thistle create a spectacular display. This detailed look at UP's Provo Subdivision offers everything to interest and entertain: rare motive power, challenging terrain, a variety of trains, and fantastic scenery!

$ 20.00
SOUTHERN PACIFIC DAYLIGHT COLLECTION Regularly $36.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX 1 hour 20 minutes- color with Hi- Fi sound and Narration.

They were known as the most beautiful passenger trains in the world. With an emphasis on sheer riding comfort, Southern Pacific_s famous Daylight trains transported thousands of passengers along the California coast, with the blue Pacific Ocean as a backdrop, breaking one ridership record after another. The SP was hard pressed to keep up with the demand as these trains grew more and more popular with the riding public. Fortunately, railfans were trackside, too, recording the beautiful Daylights on film. You_ll see the Daylights at work in many locations, from El Paso to Phoenix, crossing the Great Salt Lake, and other scenic areas. In California, you_ll spot the Daylights on Beaumont Hill, Soledad Canyon, and especially'where it all began'along the Coast Line. A few Daylights are shown during the diesel era, but for the most part the GS-4s are the star of the show! You_ll even see a few locomotives in service after they_d been relieved of the Daylight duties.Our program ends with the 1930s film, Daylighting the Padres Trail. We know you will enjoy this presentation from beginning to end. It_s the most complete coverage of the Daylights ever released, and it_s Pentrex_s grand tribute to 'The Most Beautiful Train in the World.'

$ 30.00
SOUTHERN PACIFIC'S SHASTA DIVISION Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX - 1 hour Color with Hi Fi Sound & Narration

Step back to 1991 to experience one of the busiest and most scenic railroad routes in Northern California, the Shasta Division of the Southern Pacific. The Valley and Black Butte Districts host a daily parade of heavy lumber and merchandise trains, joined by an ever-increasing number of intermodal movements. Our coverage of this exciting area starts in Redding and continues to Grass Lake. Trains cross the dramatic Redding Trestle as they start upgrade into the mountains. The constantly twisting route follows the Sacramento River to Dunsmuir where diesels are added to many of the trains for the battle through Cantara Loop and up the stiff 2.1 percent grade through Azalea. Continuing east from Black Butte, trains climb a constant 1.4 percent grade as they skirt their way around the base of Mt. Shasta. On the Shasta Division, Southern Pacific's trains work their way through changing and spectacular scenery. You'll experience the challenges they face as they cross high trestles and grind uphill to the summit at Grass Lake. You'll witness the seasons change from summer's long days to winter's snow-covered slopes, as the trains keep moving. Interesting motive power, varied and plentiful trains, and the difficulties of mountain railroading await you in Southern Pacific's Shasta Division!

$ 20.00
STEAM ACROSS THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX DVD 100 minutes plus 15 bonus minutes in color with Stereo Sound and Narration.

This is the BNSF Employee Appreciation Special. See the Daylight 4449 in black paint. Watch big steam over Stevens Pass. Ride along scenic Puget Sound and catch dozens and dozens of spectacular runbys.

The bonus footage features diesel freight and Amtrak in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

$ 20.00
STEAM TO LOS ANGELES Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX DVD 1 Hour 15 minutes in color with Hi-Fi Sound and Narration.

It's now known as one of the most dramatically exciting side-by-side steam locomotives scenes ever staged - UP 8444 and SP 4449 running on the parallel tracks leading up Cajon Pass. The two mighty locomotives were leaving the 50th Anniversary Celebration at Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal in 1989 and Pentrex camera crews were trackside and onboard to capture incredible footage of this once-in-a-lifetime event! We begin with UP 8444_s journey from Cheyenne, Wyoming in April 1989 and follow the powerful 4-8-4 across Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada, to California. With its matched set of 14 Armour yellow passenger cars, the train also included UP's vintage E-9 diesel number 951 and its new SD60M number 6085 which would also be on display during the festivities. Steaming across the Western landscapes and through scenic canyons, the 8444 looks fantastic. Then, as both the SP 4999 and UP 8444 parade side-by-side into the LAUPT station, our camera catches the Grand Entry from the middle of the two tracks it's a classic shot! We spend some time seeing the displays at the celebration, especially the photographers' special 3-across line up of Southern Pacific's and Union Pacific's E-9s and Santa Fe's F-7 vintage diesels.

$ 20.00
TODAY'S ILLINOIS CENTRAL VOL 1 NORTH Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX DVD color with stereo sound and narration

$ 20.00
TOUGH TIMES ON THE SOUTHERN PACIFIC Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX 54 minutes with Hi Fi sound and narration

This priceless collection of archival footage documents the trauma that Mother Nature and Murphy's Law inflicted upon Southern Pacific and how the railroad coped with these setbacks. Southern Pacific's own film crews created most of this material to display its efficiency and resourcefulness in times of stress. Now you can experience these challenges, from an earthquake on the San Joaquin Division in 1952 to the Roseville Yard bomb explosions of 1973. Flood, fire, derailments, and worse -- here's what you'll see in Tough Times on the Southern Pacific: Eel River Canyon. "The Christmas Flood of 1964" was a deluge that wiped out entire towns along the South Fork of the Eel River and either swept away nearly 100 miles of rails or left them dangling along the cliffs like giant garlands. It took 177 days to repair what nature did in hours. Recovery of the 8946. In 1971, a derailed train crashed down the mountainside on Donner Pass. You'll see how 3 bulldozers and a pair of locomotives hauled the damaged engine uphill and back onto the rails. Trestle Fire on the Great Salt Lake. In 1956, a fire burned 645 feet of trestle, putting the Lucin Cutoff out of service. SP and Morrison-Knudsen cooperated in rebuilding the trestle, and SP crews laid 650 feet of new track in just one week.Earthquake on the San Joaquin Division. In 1952, the second most severe earthquake in California's recorded history damaged tunnels and destroyed tracks. Yet 25 days later, the tunnels were daylighted or by-passed and the tracks were restored. Flooding along the Rio Grande. In 1954, one of the worst floods in Texas history stripped away tracks and soil, trapping the Sunset Limited. But within two days, 559 men and 88 pieces of equipment were at work putting back what nature had washed away. Explosion in Roseville Yard. In 1973, a train carrying over 7,200 bombs caught fire and soon the bombs began to explode. Shrapnel flew for miles around. The town of Antelope was destroyed. Unexploded bombs were found up to a mile away. Remarkably, no one was killed and six days later SP's yard was rebuilt enough to resume service. You'll see the explosions and the remarkable aftermath.

$ 20.00
TOWER 55 Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX 48 minutes color with stereo sound and narration

Interlocking towers played an important role in the safe operation of our country's railroads. They acted as traffic coordination centers at busy railroad junctions, allowing the safe passage of trains. Perhaps the busiest tower in the western U.S., with an average of over 100 movements in a 24 hour period, was Tower 55 located in Ft. Worth, Texas. Also known as the "Mixmaster" by locals, the tower utilized state of the art railroading technology up until its closing on May 15, 1995. Pentrex camera crews captured the nonstop action of Union Pacific, Santa Fe, Burlington Northern, Southern Pacific, and Amtrak trains at this famous Texas landmark prior to its abandonment. You'll also see fascinating interior shots of the control panels and computer screens that were in use during operation. As a bonus, exciting video sequences from the 1980s are also presented, as well as some striking night scenes of trains passing the Mixmaster. The current structure, which had seen over 50 years of service, now sits empty and idle due to a freeway construction project. The endless parade of passing trains is now controlled remotely from a nearby tower. Another railroad era has come to an end, but you can still experience the inner workings of an interlocking tower as passing trains pay their respects to Tower 55!

$ 20.00
TRAIN MEETS Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

PENTREX DVD - 48 minutes in color with stereo sound

Double the action with this amazing film. Every scene gives you two trains meeting or passing each other. All set in Southern California. Most on on Cajon Pass. You will see side by side action as the trains battle the grades of Cajon This film has it all - doublestacks, piggybacks, autoracks, mixed freight and passenger trains.

$ 20.00
TRIPLE TRACK CAJON PENTREX 3 hours 15 minutes with Stereo sound and narration

California's Cajon Pass has long been a favorite destination for countless railfans from around the world. The first line was built by Santa Fe in 1885 and years later the Southern Pacific constructed its own line through the pass. Today, Cajon is busier than ever with more traffic than the two lines can support. So, after several years of careful planning, BNSF broke ground in 2007 for a third main track linking the 15.9 miles between Keenbrook and Summit.Pentrex brings you the story of this third track construction from beginning to end. We'll take you back to the start of the project and show you the process of cutting new slopes and embankments; moving millions of cubic yards of earthwork and rocks, building culverts and retaining walls, eliminating two tunnels, creating five new bridges, and track laying. It was a massive undertaking, as you'll see during the first portion of our show.Then we treat you to nonstop action on today's triple-tracked Cajon, traveling from Verdemont to Summit with great before and after footage. A heavy winter storm gave us the opportunity to bring you rare, fantastic snow scenes. As a special treat, we've included Bonus Footage featuring a cab ride from Blue Cut to Summit. If you thought seeing dual movements on two tracks was a thrill, wait until you see the screen filled with the excitement of three trains operating simultaneously on three tracks! Triple Track Cajon delivers the kind of railroading adventure that you will enjoy time and again!

$ 27.75

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