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KANSAS CITY SOUTHERN RAILWAY Thad Carter 128 pages softcover Arcadia

The Kansas City Southern Railway initially offered freight service to the immediate Kansas City area and southern points. As the line expanded towards Texas, each tiny community had its own railway station with access to daily passenger service and less-then-carload lot freight services. No one could have foreseen that the road would eventually haul international import and export goods or that its line would reach into Mexico. Photographs in this book include coverage of the railway's steam locomotives and pictures from the files of esteemed rail photographers Harold K. Vollrath and Gary Coates. Kilo1

$ 21.50
KANSAS CITY STREET SCENES Ken Davis 64 pages softcover

PCC Streetcars began roaming Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas in 1941 and forever dramatically changed the local street scene. Before the arrival of the PCC cars, the average age of the traditional trolley cars operating on the Kansas City Public Service was thirty-two years. The PCC cars brought Kansas City streets out of the Cowboy era and into the Space Age. The sleek new aerodynamic style of the PCC cars matched that of the popular sporty Detroit Automobiles. Includes many color images. Kilo1

$ 19.50
KATY DIESELS TO THE GULF J. Parker Lamb 108 pages softcover

Crisscrossing the South, the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad, or "the Katy" as it was known, was rejuvenated during the late 1960s. This exceptional photographic record features the new and upgraded diesel locomotives of the Katy, including the F3s, F7s, GP7s and FA1s from the 1950s, new GP40s and GP38s from the 1960s and the massive SD40-2s and GP39-2s from the 1970s and '80s. Kilo1

$ 36.75
KING TROLLEY & THE SUBURBAN QUEENS James Baker 308 pages softcover

The story of streetcar service to Meramec Highlands, Kirkwood, Webster Groves, and other St. Louis County, Missouri destinations from 1890 to 1950. Over 70 photographs and maps. Kilo1

$ 23.50
LORDS OF THE LINE - CANADIAN PACIFIC David Cruise and Alison Griffiths 486 pages hardcover

This is the story of the men who combined foresight, power and wealth to create Canada's greatest institution -the Canadian Pacific Railroad and through it help shape a nation. Lima1

$ 27.75
MAINLINE STEAM REVIVAL Ron Ziel 208 pages hardcover

This is a look at mainline steam after 1960. This looks at the last veterans of steam in use by the Duluth Missabi & Iron Range, Reading, Burlington Route and Union Pacific, as well as locomotives that were restored and returned to excursion service including engines from the Santa Fe, C&O, Cotton Belt, Clinchfield, C&NW, Florida East Coast, Frisco and more. Motor1

$ 30.00
MAYWOOD THE BOROUGH, THE RAILROAD AND THE STATION Edward Kaminski 128 pages softcover Arcadia

Originally settled by Dutch farmers in the 1600s, the borough of Maywood experienced population and industrial growth in the late 1800s with the coming of the railroad. New Jersey Midland Railway, predecessor to the New York, Susquehanna and Western Railroad, arrived in 1872, a time when Maywood consisted mainly of farmland. Maywood was incorporated in 1894, when the railroad expanded into the Pennsylvania coalfields. The railroad provided the means for transportation of people, goods, and services, and Maywood grew measurably with it into the 20th century. Today the borough has developed into a suburb of such iconic cities as New York City, Paterson, Passaic, and Hackensack, while still retaining its character and charm. Motor1

$ 21.50
MINNESOTA-ONTARIO IRON ORE RAILROADS Patrick Dorin 112 pages softcover

All new book encompassing history, iron ore operations, equipment & locomotives of DM&IR, BN, Soo, CN, North Shore Mining and LTV. Together with the companion volume, Michigan-Ontario Iron Ore Railroads, a great treatment of iron ore haulage around Lake Superior. Over 175 photos. Motor1

$ 20.50

Overview history of MoPac's freight service in late transition years from steam to diesel, and down to the absorption into the Unio Pacific system. Mechanical diagrams of steam and diesel locomotives. Over 200 photos. Motor1

$ 27.50

Great overview history of MoPac in its great streamline era of passenger service. All new look at the Eagles and more. Modelers and passenger train buffs will love this treatment. Included are Otto Perry photos of the Colorado Eagles and much other important material. Over 175 photos. Motor1

$ 25.75
MORRIS COUNTY TRACTION COMPANY Larry Lowenthal & William Greenberg Jr 136 pages softcover

THRIVING prosperous communities in Morris and Union Counties, New Jersey, presented an attractive target during the trolley mania that swept America early in the 20th Century. Backed by prominent individuals in the area, the Morris County Traction Co. was formed to serve this population. Its first trolley car rumbled through Dover on a glorious day in 1904, but after that it took more than ten years to complete the system. Eventually, the company operated about 50 miles of lines, extending from Lake Hopatcong and Boonton through Dover, Morristown, Summit and other communities to Union and Maplewood, with connections to Elizabeth and Newark. The mature MCT was typical of the entire electric railway industry: it strove to provide good, dependable service, but soon found itself engaged in an endless battle to survive against a multitude of threats. Although its cars transported over seven million passengers a year-workers, shoppers, school children and postmen-it was finally worn down by industry-wide problems and the proliferation of automobiles and gave up the struggle in 1928. The failure of the MCT provides a vivid example of how events of the 1920s wiped out an enormous investment in electric railways and shaped the transportation system and the human landscape we see today. Motor1

$ 27.75
MOUNT TAMALPAIS SCENIC RAILWAY Fred Runner 128 pages softcover

A hundred years ago, high on the summit of Mount Tamalpais, stood a grand lodge with a breathtaking view. For 33 years, elegantly dressed men and women came to visit on the gritty steam trains of a famous twisting railroad known affectionately as the Crookedest Railroad in the World. They could dine, dance, and spend the night, and in the morning coast down the mountain in a gravity car. The Mount Tamalpais Scenic Railway had 281 curves in 8 1/5 miles. It had a branch into Muir Woods. It was built by business-minded conservationists in seven months in 1896 and climbed from a depot on the dirt streets of Mill Valley through a redwood forest and on to the rocky summit one-half mile above San Francisco Bay. Motor1

$ 21.50
MOUNTAIN VIEW TROLLEY LINE William Rogers Jr 128 pages softcover

The Mountain View Trolley was established on July 10, 1907, after booming tourism increased the need for transportation between Stroudsburg and the town of Delaware Water Gap. In the late 1800s, visitors began flocking to the region to enjoy the beautiful scenery and pristine wildlife. Built by the J. R. Brill Company in Philadelphia, the Mountain View Trolley ran on a narrow-gauge track and was capable of hauling a large number of passengers. The trolley cars operated on overhead wires and battery power and ran year-round, shuttling residents and visitors and working as a school bus for local schoolchildren. The introduction of motor coaches and automobiles brought about the end of the trolley age, and the Mountain View Trolley ended its run in September 1928. Motor1

$ 21.50

This a reprint of the newsletters from 1975 to 1977. November1

$ 30.50

This book looks at the Waynesburg & Washington Railroad, it's stations, locomotives, passenger cars, tank cars and rail cars. Well illustrated. November1

$ 45.00
NARROW GAUGE RAILWAY SCENES Adoph Hungry Wolf 224 pages softcover

See everything from "classic" railroad photos you'd expect to see to the unusual such as night scenes at a depot to cab-view scenes from a Rio Grande Galloping Goose. For the logging fan there's some great shots of the West Side Lumber Company and Mich-Cal, and for something completely different there are some great shots of Ward Kimball's backyard, er, "layout." (One shot even shows Walt Disney at the throttle!) Of course, fans of the Colorado narrow gauge "circle" will not be disappointed! In the East we get the East Broad Top, the Tweetsie, and some Maine two-foot action. In Canada we get some choice shots, and we even get a couple of lines you can still see today: the B.C. Forest Museum and Oregon's Sumpter Valley Railroad. Finally, we get some tasty shots from a region famous for its great narrow gauge railroads, Central America. November1

$ 20.50

This is a history of the Nashville, Chattanooga & St Louis from it's formation to it's merger with the Louisville & Nashville. Well illustrated. November1

$ 36.75

This is a guide to steam era freight cars. This volume looks at the freight cars and paint schemes for a variety of railroads and private companies, include the Bangor & Aroostook, B&O,Baker's Chocolate, Bessemer & Lake Erie, Bordon Co, Boston & Maine and many more. Well illustrated, but the photo reproduction is fair.

These books are limited supply. Many of these are seconds and have minor imperfections. The best copies available will be sent first. November1 "

$ 20.00
NEW LONDON COUNTY (CT) TROLLEYS Connecticut Motor Coach Museum 128 pages softcover Arcadia

Railroads were instrumental to the growth of industry in America. Streetcar systems branched off from railroad lines, extending transportation to urban and rural areas not otherwise accessible. The expansion of the trolley system in New London County also revitalized industry in the area. By the 1860s, the number of farms in Connecticut had begun to decline, and the need for reliable, reasonable transportation to towns and cities increased. The Norwich Horse Railroad, incorporated in 1864, was followed by various other trolley companies, including the Norwich Street Railway Company, the New London Horse Railroad, the New London Street Railway, and the Montville Horse Railway. Trolley transportation was finally electrified in 1889, fueling the expansion of trolley networks in Norwich and New London. The increase in trolley service allowed the textile industry to grow by expanding access to a sufficient workforce. The system also worked in reverse, enabling city dwellers to escape to the country for outings. November1

$ 19.50

This book reproduces drawings of New York Central Freight cars from 1938. Included are box cars, flat cars, gondolas, container cars, hoppers and stock cars.


$ 29.50

This book reproduces drawings of New York Central steam & electric locomotives from 1930. Included are switchers, American Types, Forneys, Moguls, Ten Wheelers, Consolidations, Mikados, Atlantics, Prairies, Pacifics, Mohawks, Mallets and electric locomotives.


$ 34.50
NEW YORK SUBWAY CARS FROM R-1 TO R-160 James Greller hardcover

This popular work now updated with the newest additions to the vast New York City transit system. The book picks up where the third edition left off with the order of the R110 A/B test trains. Covering the new orders of R142, R143 and R160 in detail and supported by drawings and color photographs by some of the best urban rail photographers. In this new hard cover 200-page book all the historical facts from the first R1 to the future fleet of R188s are covered. The retirement and disposition of the R32s and R40s is also included as well as some work equipment. In full color with drawings of each car and roster information. A must for the New York subway spotter and a history of where the great system is headed in the future. November1

$ 60.75

This book includes brief histories for all of the major and minor steam locomotives builders in the US and Canada. The book also includes a small section on builders plates. November1

$ 40.75
NORTH BEACH PENINSULA'S IR&N "Sydney Stevens 128 pages softcover

For nearly 40 years, the quirky little narrow gauge railroad, begun in 1889 by the Ilwaco Railway & Navigation Company, ran along the North Beach Peninsula in southwestern Washington. The train provided the primary transportation link from Ilwaco in the south to Nahcotta in the north, making the peninsula communities accessible to one another and supplying a reliable route to outside markets for the area's major industries- oystering, logging and cranberry farming. A tide table, not a timetable, governed the railroad's schedule, allowing coordination with steamers that met the train at either end of its daily journeys. Old-Timers in the area still speak affectionately of the trains unorthodox schedule and its informal and accomodating service. And they remember with fondness that the IR&N was widely known as the 'Irregular Ramblin' & Never-get-there Railroad'. November1 "

$ 21.50
NORTHERN ELECTRIC Norm Brauer 210 pages softcover

This is a history of the Northern Electric Street Railway. November1

$ 32.50

This book covers the railroads of Ontario from Lake Simcoe north to Moosonee. Covering 60 years of railroad history, the book covers all of the railroads operating in the region. Included are almost 300 color photos and maps. November1

$ 50.75
ON RAILWAYS FAR AWAY William Middleton 320 pages hardcover

In this lavishly illustrated memoir, William D. Middleton invites readers to climb aboard and share with him 60 years of railroad tourism around the globe. Middleton_s award-winning photography has recorded events such as the final days of American Civil War locomotives in Morocco and the start up of the world_s first high-speed railway in Japan. He has photographed such great civil works as Scotland_s Firth of Forth Bridge and the splendid railway station at Haydarpasa on the Asian side of the Bosporus, while closer to home he has been recognized for his significant contribution to the photographic interpretation of North America_s railroading history. On Railways Far Away presents over 200 of Middleton_s favorite photographs and the personal stories behind the images. It is a book that will delight both armchair travelers and those for whom the railroads still hold romance. Oscar1

$ 55.75
ON30 ANNUAL 2013 softcover


$ 16.50
PASSENGER CARS #1 PLANS & PICTURES/WOOD& HVWT.CARS Hal Carstens 104 pages softcover

Wood and heavyweight passenger cars disappeared from revenue service in the years following World War II. Here are photos of cars from the early days of railroading until the last cars were relegated to work train service. Chock full of vintage photographs this book shows passenger cars in their heyday including some interesting interior shots. Diagrams of cars included. Papa1

$ 30.50
PASSENGER CARS #2 STREAMLINE CARS Hal Carstens 118 pages softcover

Our second passenger car volume, is loaded with plans and photos of streamlined lightweight coaches, combines, baggage and mail cars, lounge cars, cafe and dining cars. Many of these cars were later operated by Amtrak while others went to Auto-Train, the Susquehanna, Algoma Central, Sierra RR, Alaska Railroad and other roads. Papa1

$ 30.50

This volume is dedicated to documenting the develoment of lightweight streamlined extra-fare accomodation and special purpose passenger carsin operation during the post-war 'Golden Age' of rail travel until the twilight of independent railroad passenger service. Spanning the years from 1936 when the first lightweight sleepers were introduced until the inauguration of Amtrak, this collection of photographs, plans and commentary covers the period of rail travel when 'half the fun of going was getting there'. Over 120 photographs." Papa1

$ 30.50
PASSENGER CARS 1930'S TO 1960'S Robert Wayner 64 pages softcover

This is a look at passenger cars between the 1930s and 60s. Well illustrated. Papa1

$ 22.50
PENNSYLVANIA OIL REGION TROLLEYS Benson Rohrbeck 144 pages softcover

This is an illustrated history of electric railways in Venango and Crawford Counties in Pennsylvania. Includes Oil City Street Railway, Franklin Electric Street Railway, Citizens Traction and Titusville Traction. Over 80 photos, rosters, and fold-out map Papa1

$ 16.50

The Pennsylvania Railroad's slogan was 'Standard Railroad of the World.' Often referred to as the Pennsy, the railroad was an early advocate of standardization, especially with motive power. This book highlights the steam, diesel and electric locomotives. The Pennsy experimented with different types of locomotives until the found the right design. Highlighted are various classes of steam locomotives like the K4 4-6-2, S1 6-4-4-6 Duplex and T1 4-4-4-4 Duplex, diesels like Alco RS models, Baldwin end-cab switchers, Fairbanks-Morse Train Master, Electromotive GP series, F-units and E-units, along with the legendary bi-directional, center-cab GG1 electric locomotive. System map, timetables, advertising and locomotive designs by Raymond Lowey, industrial designer for the Pennsylvania Railroad, are also featured from this previously unpublished collection of archival photos. Papa1

$ 27.50
PITTSBURGH & WEST VIRGINIA TIMETABLES Howard Worley jr 508 pages softcover

Here published for the first time is a complete set of Pittsburgh & West Virginia Railway timetables, from the Number 1 issued in 1917 up to the final Number 27 edition published in 1956. Papa1

This title is out of print and in limited supply.

$ 25.00
PLACER COUNTY CALIFORNIA "Arthur Sommers 128 pages softcover Arcadia

Placer County runs between the Sacramento Valley and the Sierra Nevada mountains, against Sacramento County in the west and 100 miles east to Lake Tahoe. Along the present-day southern border, gold was discovered in 1848 by James Marshall at John Sutter_s lumber mill, leading to the California Gold Rush. This relatively narrow county (only 10 to 15 miles across in some spots) has early immigrant trails, wagon roads, railways, and highways all passing through as they head across Donner Summit and across the Sierra Nevadas. Mining, agriculture, transportation, logging, and recreation made Placer County important in the past, and they keep it a thriving place to live now in the 21st century. Papa1 "

$ 21.50

Over a century ago, an industrial America was awakening, and a new transportation technology arrived on the north Texas prairie: electric interurbans. Plano's Interurban Railway depot was dedicated in July 1908, and electric interurban rail travel began with the creation of the Texas Traction Company. In 1917, three separate systems were connected by a single entrepreneur, J. F. Strickland. Throughout the 1920s, the Texas Electric Railway traveled in and out of Plano carrying riders, mail, and freight. The system was built to travel on existing streetcar tracks and often ran over private rights-of-way between cities. To promote interurban travel, the company created unique cars and special classes of service to appeal to every need. In the post'World War II era, however, the popularity of automobiles ended the important era of electric interurban travel. Papa1

$ 21.50

This is the fascinating story of railroad travel by Presidents of the United States from the very earliest period when John Quincy Adams was the first to ride a train, to the present day. Once the private Pullman car on a special train was for the President what Air Force One is today, allowing him freedom to make important trips, campaign for re-election and do the nation's business wherever he was needed. The story takes on special interest from the time of Lincoln, whose trip to his inauguration by rail was made dangerous by the oncoming Civil War, to the golden age of Presidential travel under Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman in the 1930s & 1940s. This book gives all the rich and interesting details connected with the great decisions and sometimes high drama connected with the transportation of the nation's chief executive. The superbly researched text is supplemented with many rare illustrations. Papa1

$ 45.75
PULLMAN PORTERS AND WEST OAKLAND Thomas & Wilma Tramble 128 pages softcover Arcadia

A hub of transportation and industry since the mid-19th century, West Oakland is today a vital commercial conduit and an inimitably distinct and diverse community within the Greater Oakland metropolitan area. The catalyst that transformed this neighborhood from a transcontinental rail terminal into a true settlement was the arrival of the railroad porters, employed by the Pullman Palace Car Company as early as 1867. After years of struggling in labor battles and negotiations, the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters Union became the first African American led union to sign a contract with a large American company. The union's West Coast headquarters were established at Fifth and Wood Streets in West Oakland. Soon families, benevolent societies, and churches followed, and a true community came into being. Papa1

$ 19.50

This publication examines the railroads of Cameroun from when the first rails were laid by the Germans in 1901, the transition of World War I, during and through the British and French administrations, and after independence through to the present day. Summary of contents:The plantation railroad networks _ their development and demise, plus equipment and rolling stock, with a focus on the locomotive Gouverneur Ebermaier; The mainline railroads _ construction and operation, services and schedules, rolling stock, the transition from public to private ownership, and the outlook for future growth and expansion; Other rail lines in the port and town of Douala; The transport of mail and the railroad postal service _ under the German administration, through the Anglo-French occupation of World War I, expansion during the French administration, and into the post-independence period; Railroad postmarks and their recorded dates of use. 138 photos. Romeo1

$ 50.50
RAILROADS OF THE PIKE'S PEAK REGION 1870-1900 Allan Lewis 128 pages softcover Arcadia

During the gilded age of rail travel in the late 1800s, Colorado Springs became one of the primary portals of westward expansion and a hub for both passenger and freight traffic. Over thousands of miles of tracks traveled merchants, industrialists, tourists, and fortune seekers, all bent on enjoying what Colorado had to offer either on a temporary or permanent basis. Much of the history of the Pike's Peak Region was predicated on the railroads, and the growth that the area enjoyed was dependent on the new residents and the trains that brought them. Romeo1

$ 19.50
RAILWAYS OF SOUTHERN QUEBEC VOL 2 Derek Booth 196 pages softcover

Railways of Southern Quebec, Volume II, continues the study, begun in Volume I, of various railway companies that operated in Quebec south of the St. Lawrence River. The featured railways illustrate the many diverse elements of 19th century railway construction. Also covered are aspects of the railway network rationalization resulting from railways having lost their transportation primacy to cars and trucks. This volume focuses on the central Eastern Townships with the histories of the Waterloo & Magog Railway, the Missisquoi & Black Rivers Valley Railway, and the Orford Mountain Railway. Also covered are other associated lines, including the Canadian Pacific Railway_s "Short Line" which continued from Megantic, Quebec to Saint John, New Brunswick through Maine. There are overviews of several other railway companies, all of which, together, formed the extensive network of railways that lay south of the St. Lawrence River in Quebec. Romeo1

$ 28.50
READING COMPANY CABOOSES John Hall 270 pages hardcover

This is a look at all of the cabooses used by the Reading Railroad. Includes early cabooses up to former Reading cabooses used by Conrail. Well illustrated. Romeo1

$ 45.50
READING STEAM IN ACTION VOLUME 2 Benjamin Bernhart 70 pages softcover

This is a look at the steam locomotives of the Reading. Well illustrated. Romeo1

$ 15.00
REMEMBERING THE GRAND TRUNK WESTERN I.E. Quastler 112 pages softcover

This is a photographic look at the last decades of the Grand Trunk Western. The book includes 102 full page photos, 80 of which are in color. Romeo1

$ 32.75

As a child, David Plowden was given a box camera, and before long he began to photograph railroad trains. As he matured and started on what would become a lifetime in photography, trains_specifically steam locomotives_became one of his passions, and then they were eclipsed by modern diesel locomotives. It is our good fortune that Plowden was on the scene at the end, documenting what would become this book, his reverent tribute to the steam era. Romeo1 "

$ 60.75
RICHMOND COUNTY AND THE SEABOARD AIR LINE RAILWAY Stephen Massengil and Vernon Vallance 128 pages softcover Arcadia.

Richmond County and the Seaboard Air Line Railway presents vintage photographs by talented photographer Frederick 'Frank' Marchant (1872_1942). The images document the bustling railroad town of Hamlet and the county seat of Rockingham in North Carolina during the first quarter of the 20th century. By 1907, he was working as a commercial photographer and as the official 'picture taker' for the railroad company. His photographs, many of which he published as postcards, record rail activity in the Hamlet area, which became the 'hub' of the Seaboard Air Line. Romeo1

$ 19.50

This book looks at the passenger train service of the RF&P. Includes the passenger operations, locomotives and passenger cars. Well illustrated." Romeo1

$ 25.00
RIO GRANDE CAR PLANS "Robert Wayner softcover

This book includes scale drawings of Rio Grande passenger, freight and maintenance of way equipment. Well illustrated." Romeo1

$ 18.50
ROCK ISLAND STEAM POWER F. Wesley Krambeck, William Edson and Jack Farrell 140 pages hardcover

This book looks at the steam locomotives of the Rock Island. Includes American Types, Ten Wheelers, Moguls, Consolidations, Atlantics (Chautauqua), Pacifics, Mikados, Mountains, Santa Fes, Northerns and switchers.

This title is out of print and in limited supply. Romeo1

$ 45.00

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