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KANSAS CENTRAL NARROW GAUGE I.E. Quastler 104 pages softcover

The Kansas Central Railway was one of America's pioneer narrow gauge (three feet) railroads, started in 1871 and extending westward from the Missouri River at Leavenworth, Kan. This "slim princess" of the prairies operated as both an independent carrier and, ultimately, as a branch line of the Union Pacific Railroad. Kansas Central Narrow Gauge skillfully recounts the story of the bold dreams and economic folly which brought slim gauge to the plains of northeast Kansas. Kilo1

$ 24.50

Represented are the first and second generation diesels in early as well as late paint schemes. There are also many photos of colorful passenger cars and depots. A short history, rosters, and maps are included. Kilo1

$ 45.50
KANSAS CITY SOUTHERN IN COLOR Jim Boyd 128 pages hardcover almost all color

This look at the Kansas City Southern focuses on the line's first and second generation diesels. The book also looks at railroad's steam locomotives, passenger trains and the Louisiana & Arkansas. Well illustrated. Kilo1

$ 48.75
KANSAS CITY SOUTHERN IN THE DERAMUS ERA Louis Marre and Gregory Sommers 232 pages hardcover

Kansas City Southern has always been an unusual property and this book examines some of the qualities that have made it so. The focus is on the period during which its affairs were managed by three generations of the same family, the Deramus era. This books is not a study of management or of financial affairs, but rather of motive power and train operations. The heart of this book is the diesel age, but the age of steam that preceded it is covered too. Among its many achievements, KCS introduced the diesel streamliner to its service territory, and the premier Southern Bell gets pilot-to-markers coverage. Included is a full steam and diesel locmotive roster to support the story of KCS's motive power and the trains it pulled-and occasionally pushed- in the Deramus Eras. Kilo1

$ 44.75
KANSAS CITY STREET SCENES Ken Davis 64 pages softcover

PCC Streetcars began roaming Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas in 1941 and forever dramatically changed the local street scene. Before the arrival of the PCC cars, the average age of the traditional trolley cars operating on the Kansas City Public Service was thirty-two years. The PCC cars brought Kansas City streets out of the Cowboy era and into the Space Age. The sleek new aerodynamic style of the PCC cars matched that of the popular sporty Detroit Automobiles. Includes many color images. Kilo1

$ 19.50
KANSAS CURVE Robert Olmsted 48 pages softcover

Robert Olmsted, well-known railroad photographer has authored this pictorial about "Don Ball Curve," located in Robert's hometown of Lawrence, Kansas. Informally named for another master of railroad photography and book publishing, the curve is located along the Kansas City-Denver main line of the Union Pacific. Using Robert's own excellent b&w photography, the book is devoted to the Union Pacific and Rock Island trains (the latter using trackage rights) that have rolled through Don Ball Curve between 1948 and 2007. It can also serve as a guide for railfans interested in visiting Lawrence and the Curve with its current high volume of train traffic. Kilo1

$ 19.50
KATY DIESELS TO THE GULF J. Parker Lamb 108 pages softcover

Crisscrossing the South, the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad, or "the Katy" as it was known, was rejuvenated during the late 1960s. This exceptional photographic record features the new and upgraded diesel locomotives of the Katy, including the F3s, F7s, GP7s and FA1s from the 1950s, new GP40s and GP38s from the 1960s and the massive SD40-2s and GP39-2s from the 1970s and '80s. Kilo1

$ 36.75
KAYMOOR COAL MINE 1900 20 pages softcover

This is a look at the Kaymoor Coal Mine near Fayetteville West Virginia. Includes maps of the elevation and area, drawings of the Headhouse, ventation structures, processing plant, some of the equipment used to move the coal and some of the mining methods. Kilo1

$ 30.00

This is a look at the Keane Wonder Mining Company's Aerial Tramway in Death Valley region of California. Includes a look at transporting the ore and diagrams of the loading terminal, Breakover tower and discharge terminal. Kilo1

$ 25.00

This is a look at the Kennecott Copper Corp facilities in Alaska. Includes a look at the methods of transporting the ore from the mines to the smelter, plans for the mill town, drawings of the Concentration Mill & Leaching Plant, drawings of the general managers office, bunkhouse and refrigeration plant. Kilo1 "

$ 25.00
KEY SYSTEM GALLERY James Harrison 96 pages softcover

This is a photographic tour of the Key System. 170 photos. Kilo1

$ 27.50

This is a complete history of the streetcar lines in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area, from 1869 to 1948. Centered on Oakland, but spanning from Richmond through Berkeley to Hayward, this extensive network had quite diverse equipment, fully covered in complete rosters. Route descriptions and superb, historical photos of street scenes, are the core of the work. 778 photos. Kilo1

$ 65.50
KNOW THY NIAGARAS Thomas Gerbracht hardcover

This hard cover book is the complete story of the New York Central's famous Niagara type Steam Locomotives, written by NYCSHS Director and former President Tom Gerbracht, after several years of research and a lifelong history of information collection for these great locomotives. Tom gives a detailed history of this famous locomotive from the official Railroad Historical Record Cards and official NYC drawings. This book identifies the New York Central's earliest attempt of a locomotive with a 4-8-4-wheel arrangement. The book covers the Niagara in all of its forms, including the original Niagara, the production Niagaras, and the poppet valve Niagara. There is a section describing the design changes made to Niagaras during their careers, and a chapter of the testing of the Niagaras, including correspondence from some of the test participants. Tom also reviews the design details for a divided drive successor to the Niagara, an engine that was never built. The PT tenders used by Niagaras are also included, including future plans for a "Super PT". Extensive reference material is included. Kilo1

$ 85.50

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