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100 YEARS AGAINST THE MOUNTAIN - SHAY #5 AT CASS, WV 72 pages. Softcover.

This a look at Cass Shay Locomotive #5. This includes a look at the locomotive and stories about it use. Number1

$ 19.50
100 YEARS AND STILL COUNTING - THE TOWN OF CASS, WV Gerald Futej & Max Robin 100 pages softcover

This is a look at the town of Cass West Virgina. Included is a history of the town, the Company Store, Churches, schools, post offices, houses and more. Well illustrated. Number1

$ 23.75
100 YEARS OF CANADIAN RAILWAY RECIPES COOKBOOK Marie-Paule Partikian and Jean-Paul Viaud 208 pages softcover

Imagine traveling by train while seated at an elegant dining car table savouring dishes prepared by a world famous chef. Exporail, the Canadian Railway Museum, invites you to discover the kind of cuisine CN, CP and Via Rail Canada have been serving passengers for the last 100 years. These pages contain 90 carefully selected and magnificently illustrated recipes, including appetizers, soups, salads, main dishes of meat, poultry and fishs and of course- desserts. An additional section offers a menu designed to introduce children to fine food. The book explores the origin of railway food services in North America and brings this history to life through several archive documents and photos from the Exporail collection of tableware. Number1

$ 28.50

This book includes reproductions of the 1938 US Post Office specifications for the construction of Full and Apartment Railway Post Office Cars and specification of fixtures for mail cars, a 1948 AAR listing of names passenger trains operated in North America and a 1948 AAR listing of names and nicknames of freight train in the United States. Number1

$ 34.50
3 AXLE STREETCARS FROM ROBINSON TO RATHGEBER VOL 1 Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

Henry Elsner 178 pages softcover

This is a look at 3 Axle Streetcars. Includes the Robinson Radial Car, it's development and use, the decline in use of the Robinson 3 Axle Trucks, 2 axle radial trucks, European use of radial trucks, Swiss use of 3 axel trolleys and more. Many photos. Number1

$ 20.00
3 AXLE STREETCARS FROM ROBINSON TO RATHGEBER VOL 2 Regularly $27.75 On sale until Feb 15th, 2018 or while supplies last.

Henry Elsner softcover

This is a look at 3 Axle Streetcars. Includes the German Westwaggon, post war German Streetcars, Munich Streetcars, articulated 3 axle car designs and more. Many photos. Number1

$ 20.00

The Rocky Mountain Railroad Club is known for organizing some of the greatest trips over the Colorado narrow gauge lines, and their annual Memorial Day rail excursions were legendary.In an era when railfans donned suit and tie to chase trains, carried their trusty Brownie and Speed Graphic cameras, and counted their exposures more carefully than their lunch money, a young Stan Rhine ponied up his 20 bucks and joined the fun. Rubbing elbows with other club members like Otto Perry, Richard Kindig, Mac Poor and Bob Richardson, Dr. Rhine captured shots of both familiar and vanished locations on film. For the first time in print, he tells the story of these start-of-summer weekend rail jaunts. He also touches on some of the club's other narrow gauge excursions and, as a bonus, gives us the story of the last narrow gauge passenger train movement from Alamosa. Number1

$ 23.75

This is a reprint of a publication about the Youngstown Steel & Tube Company. The book includes a brief history of the company and its operations. Number1

$ 25.00

This new all-color title presents a close look pictorially at railroads located in the far southwest portion of the U.S. - California & Nevada, plus portions of Utah. Major rail lines represented are Southern Pacific, Santa Fe, Western Pacific, Union Pacific and Amtrak. The timeline stretches from the late 1960's to present,with hundreds of crisp, colorful photographs. Number1

$ 65.75
72 - 82 WESTERN PACIFIC'S FINAL DECADE Dale Sanders and Ted Benson hardcover

Western Pacific was a railroad in transition on January 1, 1972. The resolute David in a marketplace dominated by Southern Pacific's Goliath, long perceived as the scrappy good guy who always tried harder, WP almost succumbed to its positive image. Brought down by the financial burden of the California Zephyr and changing traffic patterns in the post-Vietnam 1970s, the freight-only WP faced a life-or-death battle in an evolving economy. Along the way, the Feather River Route reclaimed the national spotlight by hiring one of the country's most-talked about railroad executives, Alfred E. Perlman. Surviving to merge with Union Pacific in 1982, WP's final hours were, in many ways, its finest. 72-82, Western Pacific's Final Decade, is an uncommon look at the last independent years of an uncommon carrier. Conceived as a four-way collaboration between photographers Ted Benson, Dick Dorn, Dale Sanders and Dave Stanley, the book documents a significant chapter in the history of this beloved regional railroad with a portfolio of four diverse, yet complimentary viewpoints, all combining in a unique vision of the WP system. Produced by graphic master craftsman Dale Sanders and edited by award-winning photojournalist Ted Benson, 72-82 provides a fresh approach to a time-honored subject. Viewers travel the full sweep of the railroad: from the desolate majesty of Utah and Nevada to the scenic heart of the Feather River Canyon; along the rugged outback of the Inside Gateway; through city streets and rich farmland surrounding one-time interurban subsidiaries Sacramento Northern and Tidewater Southern; racing past the state capital to bustling Stockton yard; and surmounting subtly stunning Altamont Pass to finally rest on the shore of San Francisco Bay. WP's family of Willing People are the stars of the show. Whether battling Sierra blizzards, working long nights on the Nevada desert, copying train orders, or looking at the world through the windshield of an F7, readers get to see the line through the railroaders' eyes, in colorful black and white imagery. Number1

$ 75.50

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