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TACOMA RAIL David Cantlin 128 pages softcover

Come along for the journey that is today's Tacoma Rail, from its humble beginning as a rickety trolley line to the economic engine that helps power the Port of Tacoma and surrounding communities. Once called the "Step Child Utility," today, Tacoma Rail moves more than 82,000 rail shipments on 204 miles of track annually and contributes more than $1.6 million in tax revenues to the city of Tacoma. Tango1

$ 21.50

On July 4, 1900 the worst trolley disaster in the United States claimed the lives of 44 residents of Tacoma and Pierce County in Washington. Over 140 people packed into a motor coach to celebrate one of the largest Independence Day celebrations in the northwest. However they did not make it to the festival due to dangerous transportation methods. This book chronicles the events leading up to the disaster, the disaster and the effects it had on the community. This book highlights a neglected topic but one that highlight's Tacoma's role in a national conversation on safety and public transportation standards.

Due November Tango1

$ 27.75

In this book the author, through old newspaper clippings, artifacts, and attributed works of others, writes about the four railroads that were a part of pioneering in this part of the Idaho panhandle, beginning in 1883. This includes the Great Northern, Northern Pacific, Spokane International, Idaho & Washington Northern Railway, and Milwaukee Road. Tango1 "

$ 36.50
TANK CARS COLOR GUIDE VOL 2 STUB SILL CARS James Kinkaid 128 pages hardcover

The conclusion of a two part series examining the North American tank car fleet in color Tango1

$ 48.75
TANK CARS OF THE AMERICAN CAR & FOUNDRY Edward Kaminski 272 pages hardcover

This book shows many examples of the production of a major builder of these cars, American Car & Foundry, from 1865 until 1955. (In later years, tank car technology underwent major changes.) Covered are the tank cars built for ACF's own leasing company, Shippers Car Line; for private owners and railroads; and for other leasing companies, such as Union Tank Line, Conley Tank Car Company, and others. A chapter on tank car manufacturing and car details, and a collection of drawings of cars and components enrich the volume. 514 photos. Tango1

$ 60.50
TANNEHILL IRONWORKS James Bennett 128 pages softcover

When cotton was king and Jackson was president, Daniel Hillman built a bloomery forge on Roupes Creek near the Jefferson and Tuscaloosa County line. As the birthplace of the Birmingham Iron and Steel District, the forge grew into an important battery of three blast furnaces capable of producing 22 tons of iron daily for Confederate munitions. The Tannehill Furnaces--the handiwork of Moses Stroup, one of the South's leading ironmasters--are among the best preserved 19th-century ironworks in America. Along with the Iron and Steel Museum of Alabama, the furnace ruins form the centerpiece of Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park, which attracts 400,000 visitors annually. It is Alabama's most visited Civil War site. Tango1

$ 21.50
TEHACHAPI: SOUTHERN PACIFIC - SANTA FE John Signor 272 pages hardcover

This books looks at the Tehachapi Loop. Beginning with the construction of the line, the book also looks at the Southern Pacific and Santa Fe operations on the loop and the locomotives that were used. Well illustrated. Tango1

$ 51.50
TEHACHAPI TODAY "George & Katherine Melvin 112 pages hardcover

This book showcases the drama and beauty of contemporary rail operations in one of the seven wonders of the rail world, Tehachapi Pass! All Color Tango1 "

$ 45.50

Whether by road, rail, water, or sky . . . people come to Chicago. In droves. In waves of migration and immigration. For work "and "for play. But how do they get to Chicago' "Terminal Town "answers this question with a fast-moving history of Chicago's many passenger transportation terminals. These have, for generations, served as defining features of the city's cosmopolitan character. Showcasing great icons of transportation, including Chicago's Union Station, Dearborn Station, and Midway and O'Hare airports, as well as lesser-known and long-gone terminals throughout the metropolitan region, this book illustrates why the Windy City so richly deserves its reputation as America's premier travel hub. Featuring 48 stations and terminals through short narrative, 215 color photographs, and 20 custom maps, "Terminal Town "provides a fascinating portrait of the city's famously complex and constantly changing transportation system. Tango1

$ 25.75

There has long been a need for a good history of the Texas & New Orleans Railroad, SP's subsidiary in Texas and Louisiana. The railroad is described from early days until the merger into parent SP in 1961. Individual chapters describe the components of the system, from El Paso, through San Antonio and Houston, to New Orleans, plus the Victoria Division reaching to Brownsville, and the East Texas lines. The Houston and New Orleans terminals receive separate chapters, as do steam and diesel power. A concluding chapter covers the 1961 merger. Tango1 "

$ 65.50
TEXAS & NEW ORLEANS COLOR PICTORIAL Steve Goen 128 pages hardcover

This book looks at the trains and operations of Southern Pacific's Texas & New Orleans. This book features more than 300 all-color photos of T&NO trains such as the SUNBEAM, HUSTLER, SUNSET LIMITED, OWL, ARGONAUT, and BORDER LIMITED, all prior to the 1961 merger with the parent company. Steam and diesel locomotives working on both passenger and freight trains are featured as well. Classic advertising, chapters on T&NO depots, and the El Paso & Southwestern of Texas complete this fine book. Tango1

$ 55.50

This revised and expanded edition includes additional information not originally available to the author. Included are a fold out featuring side elevation drawings of the locomotive and tenders, additional photographs and the testing of the Pennsylvania's Q2 4-4-6-4 on the Scioto Division in August 1948. Tango1

$ 58.50
THE FIRST 25 MILES - TEST TRACK ACTIVITY AT GE TRANSPORTATION ERIE, PA 2015-2016 Stephan Koenig 56 pages softcover

This book looks at the locomotives GE tested at their Erie, PA facility in 2015 and 2016. Included are units built for BNSF, CSX, Canadian National ,Union Pacific, Kansas City Southern de Mexico, Citicorp Railmark Inc and foreign export models. Tango1

$ 19.50
THE ORIENT - KANSAS CITY, MEXICO AND ORIENT RAILWAY Robert Pounds and John McCall 344 pages hardcover

The dream of promoter Arthur Edward Stilwell, the Kansas City, Mexico & Orient Railway never made it to Kansas City and never made connections with the Oriental trade. Financed without the aide of Wall Street "money trusts," the railroad was constructed in many disconnected sections in Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas and the states of Sinaloa and Chihuahua in Mexico. Attempts to link the already-built line from the Mexican seaport of Topolobampo, Sinaloa, and the rest of the system were halted by the formidable Sierra Madre and revolutionary activities in Mexico. And in the United States, progress was slow, due to lack of funds. In fact, Stilwell lost control of the railway in 1912 and it was in the hands of receivers more than once. Were it not for the discovery of oil in west Texas in the 'twenties, the KCM&O might not hve survived to the Depression. As it was, the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway bought it in 1928, completed some of the lines in Texas, and waited for improving business conditions that never came. Arthors Pounds and McCall cover the story of the Orient in rich detail- of the birth, growth tribulations and, finally, the denouement of Arthur Stilwell's grand idea - the Orient Railway - which for over sixty yesrs after remained a quaint, backwater operation of the great Santa Fe Railway system. 313 black & white and 39 color photos, 36 maps and diagrams Tango1

$ 60.75

In the late nineteenth century, as cities like Boston and New York grew more congested, the streets became clogged with plodding, horse-drawn carts. When the great blizzard of 1888 crippled the entire northeast, a solution had to be found. Two brothers from one of the nation's great families--Henry Melville Whitney of Boston and William Collins Whitney of New York--pursued the dream of his city digging America's first subway, and the great race was on. The competition between Boston and New York played out in an era not unlike our own, one of economic upheaval, life-changing innovations, class warfare, bitter political tensions, and the question of America's place in the world."The Race Underground" is peopled with the famous, like Boss Tweed, Grover Cleveland and Thomas Edison, and the not-so-famous, from brilliant engineers to the countless "sandhogs" who shoveled, hoisted and blasted their way into the earth's crust, sometimes losing their lives in the construction of the tunnels. Doug Most chronicles the science of the subway, looks at the centuries of fears people overcame about traveling underground and tells a story as exciting as any ever ripped from the pages of U.S. history. The Race Underground is a great American saga of two rival American cities, their rich, powerful and sometimes corrupt interests, and an invention that changed the lives of millions. Tango1

$ 25.75
THE RAILROAD AND THE ART OF PLACE David Kahler 152 hardcover

In the late 1980s, David Kahler was deeply inspired by seeing an exhibition of O. Winston Link photographs. He soon began making annual trips to the West Virginia and eastern Kentucky coalfields, destinations that strongly resonated with his own aesthetic of "place." Armed with a used Leica M6 and gritty Tri-X film, he and his wife made six week-long trips in the dead of winter to photograph trains along the Pocahontas Division of the Norfolk Southern Railway. Nearly one hundred images edited from this body of work form the core of The Railroad and the Art of Place, along with a selection of earlier Pennsylvania Railroad steam-era photographs that reflect Kahler's interest in the railroad landscape from an early age. Also included are three essays by Kahler, Scott Lothes, and Jeff Brouws, discussing the personal motivations, historical context, and aesthetic development behind the photography. Tango1

$ 55.75
THE TOWN THAT LOVED KATY - PARSONS, KANSAS AND THE MKT RAILROAD I.E. Quastler and James Reisdorff 168 pages softcover

For well over 100 years, there was a close and usually mutually beneficial relationship between the City of Parsons, Kansas, and what became the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad Company (M-K-T or "the Katy"). Parsons, located on rolling prairie land near the southeast corner of Kansas, depended largely on the Katy for its basic employment, those jobs which brought money into the community. In fact, during the first half of that period it was almost a textbook example of a railroad town. Covering the years 1865 to 2012, the authors relate the fascinating story of how Parsons was the site of the Katy's main locomotive repair shop until its merger with the Union Pacific in 1988. The book includes 115 b&w photos and illustrations. Tango1

$ 27.75

Despite the "green" benefits of rail travel, Canada has lost much of its railway heritage. Across the country stations have been bulldozed and rails ripped up. Once the heart of communities large and small, stations and tracks have left little more than a gaping hole in Canada's landscapes. This book revisits the times when railways were the country's economic lifelines, and the station the social centre. Here was where we worked, played, listened to political speeches, or simply said goodbye to loved ones. The landscapes that grew around the station are also explored and include such forgotten features as station hotels, restaurants, gardens, and the once-common railway YMCA. Railway companies often hired the world's leading architects to design grand station buildings that ranged in style from chateauesque to art deco. Even small-town stations and wayside shelters displayed an artistic flare and elegance. Although most have vanished, the book celebrates the survival of that heritage in stations that have been saved or remain in use. The book will appeal to anyone who has links with our rail era, or who simply appreciates the value of Canada's built heritage. Tango1

$ 27.75
THE UN-DRIVING OF THE GOLDEN SPIKE Jeff Terry, Thornton Waite and James Reisdorff 80 pages softcover

The driving of the Golden Spike at Promontory Summit, located in the high desert region of northern Utah, marked the completion of the first Transcontinental Railroad on May 10, 1869. Seventy-three years later, on September 8, 1942, the Golden Spike was "un-driven" at Promontory Summit during a brief ceremony that largely replicated the original event in reverse. The tracks were then torn up for military use during World War II, whereafter Promontory Summit was largely forgotten. This is the illustrated story of the un-driving of the Golden Spike in 1942 and the various personalities involved. It's also the story of a century-long struggle to have America rediscover the significance of Promontory Summit, which culminated in the establishment of the Golden Spike National Historic Site. Includes 75 historic b&w photographs and one map. Tango1

$ 23.75

Growing up in the bustling railroad town of Norfolk, Virginia, and joining his conductor grandfather on overnight runs, future Fortune journalist Rush Loving was enchanted with railroads at an early age. In this extraordinary inside look at eight decades of the railroad industry and some of its greatest leaders, Loving reminisces about his colorful people and fascinating anecdotes. Chatting with brakemen, engineers, and executives, Loving shares stories he collected in locomotive cabs, business cars, executive suites and even the White House. They paint a compelling, intimate portrait of the railroad industry and its leaders, both inept and visionary. Above all, Loving tells stories of the dedicated men and women who truly love trains and know the industry from the rails up. Tango1

$ 32.75

This issue details the Chicago & Eastern Illinois passenger train service to St Louis. Tango1

$ 39.75
THIRD AVENUE RAILWAY IN MANHATTAN Frederick Kramer 80 pages softcover

This is a look at the Third Avenue Railway in Manhattan and the Bronx. Well illustrated. Tango1

$ 20.00
THIRTY YEAR WAR A HISTORY OF DETROIT'S STREETCARS 1892-1922 Neil Lehto 338 pages hardcover

Control over streetcar franchises around the turn of the twentieth century was highly coveted. Since the streetcar was the main mode of transportation, this control was simultaneous with having power over how and where people were transported throughout the city, making it an incredible political tool. The Thirty-Year War was a battle waged by the City of Detroit against the politically powerful and deeply entrenched corporations that owned streetcar franchises for control of the city s streetway system between 1892 and 1922. This compelling history shows how and why the owners of public utilities monopoly franchises will protect and defend their privilege against public ownership or control, and is an example of how one city successfully fought back. Tango1

$ 36.75
THIS IS THE BESSEMER 20 pages softcover

This is a reproduction of a publication from the Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad. It includes a brief history of the B&LE, the area it operated, coal traffic, iron ore traffic, merchandise service and working on the railroad. Tango1

$ 27.00
THOROUGHBREDS Al Staufer and Edward May 352 pages hardcover

This is a detailed look at the New York Central's Hudson steam locomotives. Includes their use on the Boston & Albany, streamlined models, the Mercury and the Commodore Vanderbilt. Well illustrated. Tango1

$ 60.00

This is a look at American Railroads. Includes photos of steam and diesel locomotives, passenger trains, canadian railroads and Colorado Narrow Gauge. All color. Tango1

$ 14.50
THREE FEET ON THE PANHANDLE - REPRINT ""Larry Koehler and Morgan Gayvert 208 pages softcover

Long out of print, this history of the Waynesburg & Washington has been reprint. Includes the control of the railroad by the Pennsylvania Railroad, it's locomotives and rolling stock. Well illustrated." Tango1 "

$ 36.75

The railroad brought more to Montana and the West than passengers and a quicker way to get back to "civilization." The coming of the new "iron horse" revitalized existing towns, created new ones, and brought new jobs on the trains and in the communities through which it passed. Ties, Rails, and Telegraph Wires provides a window into the lives of the railroad workers and local people--all who lived with the railroad and relied on the employment and services it offered. Meet the engineers, firemen, conductors, water tank operators, station agents, telegraphers, and section crews, as well as the town folk who came to count on the railroad for transportation near and far, sending and receiving freight, and moving the U.S. Mail. The book includes stories about the railroad told by such western writers as Ivan Doig, Mary Clearman Blue, and Alice Munro, and features dozens of railroad-related historic photographs. Let Ties, Rails, and Telegraph Wiresput a face and a place to "Waiting for a train."

Due June Tango1

$ 23.75
TOLEDO PEORIA & WESTERN IN COLOR Roger Kujawa, David Ingles and David Jordan 128 pages hardcover all color

The Peoria Road was a small but vital link in America's Transcontinental Route. It rostered an interesting array of one-of-a-kind diesels, all of which can be seen in this 1950's to present look at the road. A small Color Guide section covers its varied equipment as well. Tango1

$ 48.75

An historical account of the iconic T&T (1907-1940), the epitome of desert railroading. Originally built by Francis Marion Smith of the famed Twenty Mule Team operations to haul his wealth of borax from the depths of Death Valley, California. It also served as a connecting line to the gold and silver mines of southern Nevada and in later days thrived as a shipper of talc and clay. Includes material on the Death Valley and Baby Gage railroads at Ryan as well as the Bullfrog Goldfield, Las Vegas & Tonopah, Tecopa, Borate & Daggett and the Ludlow and Southern Railroads. Contains nearly 500 black & white photos and illustrations, including time tables and maps, 60 color images of ephemera and a comprehensive locomotive, rolling stock and station name roster. Tango1

$ 50.75
TORONTO TRANSIT COMMISSION STREETCARS Kenneth Springirth 96 pages hardcover

The Canadian city of Toronto operated an eclectic collection of trolleys - some old, some new, some secondhand. This look back at operations as long ago as the 1950s shows the equipment and city they served in intriguing cityscapes. Tango1

$ 36.75
TORONTO STREETCARS SERVE THE CITY Kenneth Springirth 128 pages softcover

Toronto, located in southern Ontario on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario serving as Canada's commercial capital and largest city, has the most extensive trolley car system in North America. Electric trolley car (also known as street car) service began in Toronto in 1892 replacing horse drawn service by 1894. Toronto has been consistently noted for its well maintained system. Tango1

$ 23.75
TORONTO TROLLEYS IN COLOR Kenneth Springirth 128 pages hardcover

The trolley system of the largest city in Canada is comprehensively examined in full color. Tango1

$ 48.75
TOWERS IN ST LOUIS 154 pages softcover

This issue focuses on the 50 interlocking towers in the St. Louis area - from Alhambra to Valley Junction, along with photos, maps, manipulation charts, and recollections from former tower operators. Photos from Joe Collias, Monty Powell, Norbert Shacklette, Dick Wallin, Raymond B. George, Jr., Mike Haper,Wayne Leeman, Clyde Anderson, and others depict life in a tower. Rare photos include Brighton Tower, Cliff Cave, and Fairlawn Tower - gone for more than sixty years. Signal locations, track alignments, and fold out maps complete the package. Tango1

$ 32.75
TRACKS AROUND MOUNT UNION Frank Kyper 134 pages softcover

The south-central Pennsylvania borough of Mount Union's bustling industrial concerns were facilitated by a comprehensive web of both standard and narrow gauge rail lines. While the Pennsylvania Railroad's standard gauge mainline bisected the town, it was truly Mount Union's four separate narrow gauge operations that turned the small Pennsylvania borough into the narrow gauge capital of the East. Within the town's borders, the famous East Broad Top Railroad, a three-foot gauge coal-hauling line, shared a sprawling dual gauge rail yard with the PRR. Additional three-foot gauge equipment was employed to mine and deliver ganister rock to the Harbison-Walker Refractories Company's twin silica brick plants, and the PRR itself even operated a diminutive two-foot gauge railroad to service the railroad's crosstie treatment plant. A short 27.5" gauge tramway operated during the 19th century along the east bank of the Juniata River. Tracks Around Mount Union tells the story of an under-recognized railroad town that was once teeming with the roar of steam locomotives and the pungent aroma of coal smoke. Tango1

$ 45.75

This is a guide to the New York City Subway System for 2018. Tango1

$ 40.00

This is the untold story about the Canadian Railway Troops who built, maintained and operated the standard gauge and light railways, the supply routes to the front lines during The Great War - World War I. David Guay discusses the evolution and management of this complex infrastructure in the context of German, French and British railway development and military strategy. He also emphasizes the enormity of the railway work done by the Canadians: regimental histories, organizational charts, operating procedures, decorations, rosters of locomotives and rolling stock, as well as tips on modelling and collecting railway and military memorabilia. Lavishly illustrated throughout. Tango1

$ 36.75
TRACKSIDE ALONG THE BOSTON & MAINE 1945-1975 Carl Byron 128 pages hardcover all color

The story of a career B&M agent-operator in color as he saw his railroad from World War II up to Guilford. Tango1

$ 48.75

An all-color retrospective on Erie and EL and key freight connections east of Hornell, NY. Tango1 "

$ 48.75
TRACKSIDE ALONG THE NEW HAVEN 1950-56 ARTHUR MITCHELL Carl Byron 128 pages hardcover all color

Trackside book #26 tours the New Haven in its Hunter Green pre-McGinnis years after WWII. Photographer Art Mitchell shows us a little steam and marine operations and plenty of early diesels and heavy electrification. Tango1

$ 48.75
TRACKSIDE AROUND ALLENTOWN 1947-1968 Jeremy Plant 128 pages hardcover all color

Allentown, Pennsylvania was the railroad hub of this busy steel, coal and cement producing portion of the country. The region was served by CNJ, LV, RDG, DL&W, L&NE. These roads are visited in more than 250 vintage views. Even President Truman's campaign train is recorded! Tango1

$ 48.75
TRACKSIDE AROUND ATLANTA 1955-1975 WITH ROBINS Paul Faulk 128 pages hardcover all color

The rail center of the South is scrutinized in full color by noted photographer Howard Robins. Enjoy ACL, SAL, SOU, A&WP, GA, CofG, SCL, L&N, and the other smaller roads that made Atlanta, Georgia such an eclectic mix of railroading in the 1960s. Tango1

$ 48.75
TRACKSIDE AROUND BINGHAMTON 1960-1976 Richard Allen Sr 128 pages hardcover

The wonderful confluence of railroads in Binghamton - EL, LV, D&H is examined before the coming of Conrail Tango1

$ 48.75
TRACKSIDE AROUND BOSTON 1942-1962 WITH LAWSON HILL Carl Byron 128 pages hardcover all color

Lawson Hill was an early color pioneer who recorded the roads around his hometown during the steam to diesel changeover after World War II. His camera captured New York Central's earliest diesels that conquered the hills of the B&A; the transition from steam to diesel on the B&M; and the unique DL109's of the New Haven. Tango1

$ 44.50
TRACKSIDE AROUND BRITISH COLUMBIA 1966-1983 "John Riddell 128 pages hardcover all color

The majestic scenery of British Columbia provides the theater for the trains of CP, CN, PGE and smaller roads during a period when the last of first generation power worked side by-side with new six axles." Tango1

$ 48.75
TRACKSIDE AROUND CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA 1967-1984 Jeremy F. Plant 128 pages hardcover all color

This book details the author's photography of the Southern, C&O, RF&P, SCL and N&W in Virginia. Also included in the book are shortlines Chesapeake Western, Virginia Blue Ridge and W&W. Tango1

$ 48.75
TRACKSIDE AROUND CLEVELAND - 1965--1979 Dave McKay 128 pages hardcover all color

An outstanding photographic tour of Cleveland, Ohio and the surrounding countryside in full color when EL, NYC, PRR, NKP (N&W), and other lines were operating the last of first generation power. Tango1

$ 48.75
TRACKSIDE AROUND DENVER 1955-1979 WITH JIM OZMENT Thomas Brunner 128 pages hardcover

The late Jim Ozment took his camera to work with him as a track supervisor on the D&RGW around Denver but was also a dedicated railfan in his free time. Tango1

$ 48.75
TRACKSIDE AROUND DETROIT AND WINDSOR 1943-1976 W/GULASH Jerry Pinkepank 128 pages hardcover

The Michigan Central main line Ann Arbor through Windsor, from Hudsons along the Huron River through the latter day tenants of the Detroit River Tunnel and the last days of Grand Trunk Western steam in the suburban zone. Tango1

$ 48.75
TRACKSIDE AROUND DETROIT DOWNRIVER 1946-1976 Jerry Pinkepank 128 pages hardcover all color

Downriver Detroit is the city's heavy workshop, the place of steel mills, shipyards, and chemical plants. This all-color book which begins in Delray includes the Ford River Rouge complex, the PM-Wabash-PRR railroutes as well as other railroads in this general area. NYC, B&O, GTW, DT&I and Shore Line complete the excursion back to the late steam/early diesel years. Tango1

$ 48.75

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