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U34CH NEW JERSEY'S UNIQUE U-BOAT Robert Yanosey 96 pages softcover

To provide traction and head-end power for the new push-pull trains the Erie Lackawanna received in 1970, NJDOT contracted with GE to provide an entirely new model of diesel locomotive, the U34CH. Through trials and tribulations, these unique U-boats served the Garden State for more than 20 years under EL, Conrail, and NJ Transit. Ultra1

$ 36.75
ULSTER & DELAWARE - REPRINT Gerald Best 210 pages hardcover

This is a history of the Ulster and Delaware Railroad . This book begins at the early days of the Ulster and Delaware to it's sale to the New York Central and operation as the NYC's Catskill Mountain Division. This also includes a look at the Delaware & Northern. 320 illustrations. Ultra1

$ 45.50
UNDER GROUND SUBWAYS & METROS OF THE WORLD Catherine Zerdoun 208 pages hardcover

These days, a subway is an integral part of a city's heritage and a key feature of the urban landscape used by passengers. But subways are also full of history and art. They reflect a city's personality and its past and future, and are worthy of exploration, even for those not boarding a train. It's safe to say that a great many subways have overcome a reputation for unpleasant shadiness. Under Ground is a tour of the most fascinating subways viewed through the filters of urban planning, ethnology, art, and history. More than 100 subway stations and train cars are described in informative text and stunning color photographs.The book opens with a chapter on the origins of the subway, the story as told by four subways in particular. London's Underground was the world's first subway. The Paris Metro was a product of the Industrial Revolution and the first modern subway. New York City's subway is the largest and busiest subway in America. Buenos Aires pioneered South American subway systems. Today, however, the designs and technology of these trailblazing subways have been far surpassed. Under Ground organizes its world tour by continent, starting in North America (New York, Rochester, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Toronto), crossing the ocean to Europe (London, Paris, Brussels, Barcelona, Lisbon, Naples, Valencia, Berlin, Munich, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Warsaw), traveling into Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Russia, and Republic of Tatarstan, home to some of the world's most exciting modern subways), further to Asia (Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Istanbul), making a stop in Dubai, and ending in the Far East (Japan, Shanghai, Taiwan, North Korea).The 100 subways include:

The Stockholm metro, considered to be "the longest museum in the world"

New York City's Art Deco City Hall Station, now closed to the public

Russia's many underground Cold War palaces that double as fallout shelters

Prague's Dalek-skinned walls

The blue-lit passenger halls of Dubai's metro, a cool sea in the desert

Paris' Concorde station tiled with one gigantic word search puzzle that spells out the Declaration of the Rights of Man from the French Revolution

The candy-colored kaleidoscopic University station in Naples, the vision of American designer Karim Rashid

Olaias station in Lisbon, lit almost exclusively by chandeliers

Shanghai's Sund sightseeing tunnel, a mind-bending ride in transparent cars with a 360 degree view which races through a psychedelic laser lit tunnel, one of the city's top five tourist attractions

Kyoto's immense 15-story multi-use rail station

Istanbul's underwater Marmaray tunnel, the deepest in the world. Ultra1

$ 32.75
UNIFYING THE SUBWAYS Frederick Kramer 72 pages softcover

This book looks at the unification of the New York City subway system under the Transit Authority. Well illustrated. Ultra1

$ 19.50
UNION PACIFIC AND OMAHA UNION STATION Carla Johnson 84 pages softcover

This book tells of the development of all Union Pacific Railroad stations in the history of Omaha, Nebraska. Between 1866 and 1971, a succession of different station buildings reflected Omaha's growing importance as the nation's fourth-largest railroad center. Special detail is given to the peak years of rail passenger traffic through Omaha, which culminated in the construction of America's first Art Deco railroad terminal: the 1931 Omaha Union Station. Once served by seven railroads, Omaha Union Station is a story of the rise and fall of an architectural tribute to railroad majesty, and of its rebirth as today's Durham Western Heritage Museum. Ultra1

$ 23.50
UNION PACIFIC BEST OF DAVE MCKAY Stephen Timko 96 pages softcover

Master photographer Dave McKay takes us on his annual photo jaunts to Union Pacific country. Full color views of locomotives, passenger and freight trains, and miscellaneous structures and equipment. Ultra1

$ 36.75
UNION PACIFIC BIG BOYS IN ACTION James Reisdorff and Michael Bartels 80 pages softcover

"Big Boy," the world's largest steam locomotive, is in the news as Union Pacific Railroad plans to restore one of these behemoths to operative condition. In anticipation of the event, this book covers the engine class between 1941 and 1959, when Big Boys were in regular service in Utah and Wyoming. Coverage is mainly given to those eight Big Boys now preserved at museums and municipalities across the U.S. This pictorial examines how Big Boys were extensively documented by both professional and amateur railroad photographers who came to the Wasatch Mountains and Sherman Hill to see big UP steam before it was "too late." The book shows some of the best action photography taken of Big Boy as provided from the collection of UP rail historian James L. Ehernberger. Also included is information about the photographers, critiques of their images and a descriptive year-by-year time line of Big Boy operations. Ultra1

$ 23.75
UNION PACIFIC CENTENNIAL LOCOMOTIVE James Reisdorff and Michael Bartels 48 pages Softcover

The DDA40X or "Centennial" type of locomotive, operated by the Union Pacific Railroad between 1969 and 1985, were considered to be the world's largest and most powerful diesel-electric locomotives. Today, 13 of these unique machines still exist. Like no other UP locomotive since the era of the steam-powered "Big Boy," the Centennials inspired a flood of promotional material related to their use. This book is the story of how the Centennials became part of Union Pacific's legendary motive power, and the circumstances under which each of the 13 survivors came to be preserved once their remarkable service careers had ended. Informative text provides the service history, location and status of each surviving Centennial. This is supplemented by about 50 black and white illustrations of these units in service as provided mainly by noted western rail photographer A.J. Wolff. This volume serves as a companion piece to the authors' previous title, The Big Legacy of the Union Pacific Big Boy Ultra1

$ 19.50
UNION PACIFIC COLOR GUIDE TO FREIGHT& PASS. VOL 1 Lloyd Stagner and Robert Yanosey 128 pages hardcover all color

This book is the first all-color effort devoted entirely to the equipment that staffed the U.P., with expert commentary by Lloyd Stagner. All photos from this book were also taken by U.P. Company photographers on 4"x5" transparencies. Ultra1

$ 40.50
UNION PACIFIC COLOR GUIDE TO FREIGHT& PASS. VOL 2 Lou Schmitz 128 pages hardcover all color

Volume I gave you the UP's rolling stock through the lenses of its company photographers. Now see them through the effort of Lou Schmitz, a lifelong Omaha resident and UP employee who was photographing UP equipment throughout the 1950's and later. 300 photos. Ultra1

$ 40.50
UNION PACIFIC EQUIPMENT - REPRINTED Kratville and Harold Ranks hardcover

This is a look at the equipment of the Union Pacific. Ultra1

$ 45.50
UNION PACIFIC IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA - 1880 - 1990 Donald Duke hardcover

This is a history of the Union Pacific Railroad in southern California. Over 300 photos. Ultra1

$ 47.50

Union Pacific was a latecomer to the Los Angeles Basin, not becoming part of the Southern California railroad picture until 1901, when E.H. Harriman and W.A. Clark agreed to share ownership of the San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad, which had taken over the property of the Los Angeles Terminal Railway. Completion of the line between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles enabled UP mainline freight and passenger service to reach California. The history of the SPLA&SL, which became simply the Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railway in 1916, and then disappeared into the UP, is complex, and the Los Angeles end of the railroad especially so. It is all here, from the many complications at the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, to the suburban branches, and the complex passenger arrangements needed to serve the territory. The rivalries with Santa Fe, Pacific Electric and Southern Pacific were expressed in many conflicts and eventual agreements, through Depression, war and many postwar changes and adjustments. Historical information is included up to and beyond the merger of UP and SP, extending to recent years. The book contains a great wealth of photo illustrations, many from Union Pacific files, the majority never before published. It provides Union Pacific enthusiasts as well as those interested in Southern California railroading with much fascinating and valuable history and information. 560 photos. Ultra1

$ 75.50
UNION PACIFIC NEBRASKA DEPOTS James Ehernberger 80 pages softcover

This fact-filled reference book by noted UP historian Jim Ehernberger covers more than 400 place name stations along the Union Pacific Railroad in Nebraska. Included are 232 black and white photographs of depots, roundhouses, coal chutes and various other structures. Ehernberger's research will prove very useful to anyone seeking information regarding what kind of service facilities were located at both main and branch line stations, dating back to the UP's earliest years of serving Nebraska. Ultra1

$ 23.75

This revised and expanded edition includes an entirely new chapter that brings the history of the Union Pacific and the Oregon-Washington Railway & Navigation Co into the new millennium. This new edition has nearly 500 pages and over 500 photographs. Over half of these photographs were not in the original edition and most have not been published anywhere before. Ultra1

$ 80.75
UNION PACIFIC OFFICIAL COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY VOL 1 Robert LeMassena and Robert Yanosey 128 pages hardcover all color

Straight from the UP Museum Archives. This book illustrates the very best camera work of UP company photographers. Many of these photos have remained unseen for more than half a century. The railroad's photographic staff sought unusual scenic locations for remarkable views of the earliest UP streamliners, the oldest and newest steam locomotives and the modern look of handsome diesel and gas-turbine cabs. Ultra1

$ 40.50
UNION PACIFIC OFFICIAL COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY VOL 2 Lou Schmitz and Robert Yanosey 128 pages hardcover all color

Also straight from the UP archives comes another two hundred and fifty color portraits of steam, diesel and turbines. This is the concluding volume to the best-selling Book I. Ultra1

$ 44.50
UNION PACIFIC POWER 1965-2015 IN COLOR VOL 1 SWITCHERS, SLUGS & TURBINES Stephen Timko 128 pages hardcover

Join us for a detailed look at Union Pacific's switcher, slug, and turbine fleet. Explore the "Veranda" turbines, rebuilt SW10's, "Y-series" units, Control Car Remote Control Locomotives, Shop and Tie Plant switchers and more Ultra1

$ 48.75

This volume covers the E's and F's, GP's and RS units, Baldwins and FM's. Ultra1

$ 48.75

The early second generation BB diesels are given a thorough look plus others. Ultra1

$ 48.75

The final volume of Union Pacific Power coverage. Over 350 color photos of Second-generation, newer C-C, and Larger Power. Ultra1

$ 48.75

This contains drawings and site plans of 5 Union Pacific Railroad depots. Included are the depot at Council Bluffs Iowa, the passenger depot in Logan Utah, Union Passenger Station in Salt Lake City, the depot in Kelso California and the Junction City, Kansas depot. Ultra1

$ 50.00

On February 12, 1934, Union Pacific premiered the M-10000, the first lightweight, streamlined passenger train, calling it Tomorrowミs Train Today. The tiny brown-and-yellow speedster offered hope and promise for Americaミs future during the Great Depression. Later renamed City of Salina, the train was the beginning of Union Pacificミs City Fleet of streamliners including the City of Los Angeles, City of San Francisco, City of Portland, City of Denver and Challenger, departing from Chicago and serving all the West. Union Pacific system map, timetables, travel brochures, and advertising are featured. Ultra1 "

$ 34.75
UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD STEAM LOCOMOTIVES AND TRAINS 1936-1956 Robert Durham 70 pages softcover

This is a collection of photos of Union Pacific Steam Locomotives. Includes Ten Wheelers, Pacifics, Consolidations, Mikados, Mountains, Northerns, Santa Fes, Union Pacific Types, Challengers, Big Boys, Shays and diesels. Ultra1

$ 23.75

Although today's crossing of Sherman Hill bears little resemblance to the pioneering effort as a result of rebuilding efforts over the years, the common denominator among steam, diesel, and turbine locomotives is that the topography has demanded that the newest and largest power be used to lift tonnage over the summit. Sherman Hill was one of the last stands for mainline steam in North America, with the legendary 4-8-8-4 Big Boys operating there in the summer of 1959. That need for the utmost in motive power was as true in 1918 with the arrival of compound 2-8-8-0s as it is today with General Electric and Electro-Motive Division (of General Motors) 6,000-horsepower alternating-current-technology units. 310 photos, 102 in color. Ultra1

$ 44.50
UNION PACIFIC STEAM IN COLOR Lloyd Stagner 128 pages hardcover all color

This book highlights everything from 0-6-0_s to Big Boys on the historic Eastern District of the UP. Steam expert Lloyd Stagner skillfully narrates the story of this steam stronghold from class-to-class taking the reader through over 200 in-service photos in the yards and on the road. Ultra1

$ 40.50
UNION PACIFIC STEAM SURVIVORS "Lloyd Stagner and Bob Yarger 48 pages softcover

This book examines the status of 52 still-extant Union Pacific steam locomotives. Most were given either to communities or museums, while a few were retained by the railroad for its own corporate collection. The Union Pacific is unique among large Class 1 Railroads that donated old locomotives in that it has continued to maintain two operative steam engines, the 4-8-4 No. 844 and the 4-6-6-4 No. 3985. The majority of preserved UP steam, however, will continue to be on static display in community parks and museums, where they -- especially those at outdoor display sites -- need regular maintenance." Ultra1

$ 19.50
UNION PACIFIC SWITCHERS & SLUGS Don Strack 116 pages softcover

This heavily illustrated book expands on coverage of the EMC/EMD models previously featured in Diesel Era magazine, adding sections on Alco, Baldwin, Fairbanks-Morse, and GE models. Among the models covered are: EMC/EMD NW2; EMD SW7, SW9, TR5, SW1500, and MP15 models; EMD/UP unusual SW10; Alco S-series switchers; UP's only GE 44-tonner; and the railroad's large variety of non-revenue narrow-gauge Vulcan, Whitcomb, and Davenport switchers. Ultra1

$ 23.50

The Armour Yellow fleet of "Uncle Pete" is examined in more than 200 color photos across the system. Ultra1

$ 48.75
UNION PACIFIC TRACKSIDE WITH LOU SCHMITZ Lou Schmitz 128 pages hardcover all color

This book exhibits the steam to diesel transition on the Eastern District of the UP through more than 260 vivid color photos. Former UP employee Lou Schmitz was there shooting everything from 4-8-8-4s to F3s to Centennials. Ultra1

$ 40.50
UNION PACIFIC WEST FROM LEAVENWORTH I.E. Quastler 88 pages softcover

A few years after converting from narrow gauge to standard gauge, the Union Pacific-controlled Kansas Central was purchased at a foreclosure auction for $200,000 and rechristened the Leavenworth, Kansas & Western, with plans to expand the line to the western border of Kansas and northward into Nebraska. But financial woes dogged the line and in 1908 it was sold to the Union Pacific. Improved highway transportation and losses spurred by the Great Depression caused the UP to abandon nearly all of the LK&W line in 1935. Ultra1

$ 21.50
UNION PACIFIC YELLOW, NEBRASKA CENTRAL RED A STUDY IN BLACK & WHITE Michael Bartels & James Reisdorff 80 pages softcover

Across the United States in the past three decades, a large number of new short line or "regional" railroads have been formed to operate trackage that no longer fits the economic plans of a larger railroad company. These "spin-offs" use personalized service and lower costs to attract and regain business, offering an alternative to abandonment. One example of this type of rail service in the Midwest, the Nebraska Central Railroad, has since 1993 continued to move what is mostly agrarian-related traffic over a series of former Union Pacific Railroad branch lines. This book will serve as a case study of the dramatic changes in operating methods that took place on one rail line between the decades of the 1960s and the 1990s. Ultra1 "

$ 19.50
UNION PACIFIC'S BIG EMDS - DD35 & DDA40X 144 pages softcover

After testing EMD_s GP35-DD35-DD35-GP35 demonstrator set, Union Pacific was so pleased with the design that it almost immediately ordered an additional 25 DD35s and 22 matching GP35s, which were delivered between May and August 1964. These joined the four-unit demonstrator set previously acquired by the carrier. As with UP's earlier experiences with cabless booster units, the lack of flexibility of these massive, mainline-only units soon be_came apparent, and a planned follow-on order for 15 units was changed from booster units to 15 units with fully equipped cabs - the DDA35 was born. The Centennials were the final example of Union Pacific's search for the ideal locomotive. While the road pursued a study of its motive power needs in late 1967 and early 1968, UP in March 1968 tried, as a stopgap measure, using EMD's SD45 model as a high-horsepower, high-speed locomotive, but with limited success. UP returned to the concept of double-engine locomotives and in collaboration between the railroad and EMD, the DDA40X came to life. Within 13 months of an initial March 1968 communication, the railroad and the builder had worked out a definitive design, and the first unit was delivered. The timing of the first unit coincided with the 100th anniversary of the May 10, 1869, ceremony marking the driving of the Golden Spike at Promontory Summit, Utah - the DDA40X quickly became known as the Centennial. It was numbered 6900, and 46 more examples arrived over the next 28 months. Ultra1

$ 36.75
UNION PACIFIC'S M-10000 AND THE EARLY STREAMLINER ERA 1934-41 Thomas Lee hardcover

The definitive book on this radical period in UP passenger train development. Extensively illustrated. Ultra1

$ 70.75
UNION PACIFIC'S TOPEKA RAILS Robert Olmsted 48 pages softcover

This book features the best of the author's photography taken of the Union Pacific and Rock Island (via trackage rights) diesel era in the Topeka, Kansas, vicinity from the mid-1960s through the contemporary era. It includes coverage of passenger and freight train action in the vicinity of the UP Topeka depot, which served as an active passenger station until 1971. It is today a major rail museum known as the Great Overland Station. This study in black and white, of which the author is noted for his many books in this format, looks back at almost 50 years of change that have taken place along UP rails through Topeka. Ultra1

$ 18.50
UNION RAILROAD POWER IN COLOR Stephen Timko 128 pages hardcover

A rare view of the locomotive fleet of one of US Steelメs major shortline railroads. Nearly 300 photos of single locomotives switching industries to five-unit ore, coal, and coke drags. The Union Railroad served multiple mills in the Monongahela Valley and our photographers were there to record the activity. Ultra1

$ 48.75
UNION STATION IN DENVER Rhonda Beck 160 pages softcover

On June 1, 1881, Denver's Union Station opened as the largest structure west of the Mississippi. The station welcomed people from all walks of life, from pioneers and miners to U.S. presidents and Buffalo Bill Cody--and even royalty from abroad. It served as the center point for transporting cargo to Denver before the rise in popularity of air travel. Due to revitalization efforts, Union Station is the centerpiece of the nation's largest transportation hub and the pride of the city. Author Rhonda Beck explores the history and stories behind one of the Mile High City's most iconic historic landmarks Ultra1

$ 21.50
UNION STATION IN WASHINGTON DC Rachel Cooper 128 pages softcover Arcadia

The history of Union Station is a fascinating story. In 1907, Washington_s train station was built as part of the McMillan Plan to create a monumental gateway to the nation_s capital. Its construction made space for and shaped the development of the National Mall. The building is considered to be one of the finest examples of the Beaux-Arts style of architecture, and today it is the most frequented destination in Washington, with more than 32 million visitors each year. Over the past century, Union Station has evolved into a transportation hub, an upscale shopping mall, and a venue for international exhibits and cultural events. Images of Rail: Union Station in Washington, DC, presents the finest images from a variety of sources to document how the construction of Union Station transformed the nation_s capital and expanded rail service along the East Coast. Ultra1

$ 21.50

This contains drawings for a number of US Coast Guard Buoy Tenders and Ice Breakers. Includes 133' buoy tenders, the Cutter "White Holly", the cutter "White Sage", the Iris Class cutter "Bramble", the cutter "White Sumac", the Icebreaker Mackinaw and the cutter "Fir". Ultra1

$ 60.00

This looks at the US Steel Duquesne Works. Includes maps of the facility, drawings of the cast house and blast furnace #1, 3 and 4. Ultra1

$ 25.00

This is a reprint of the September 1937 issue of US Steel News. Included are articles on the Pittsburgh Steamship Company, traveling on an ore boat, loading boats with Ore and Conneaut Harbor. Ultra1

$ 27.00
UTLX STEAM ERA TANK CARS Stephen Hile pages hardcover

This is a look at the UTLX Tank Cars. Includes many photos and drawings. Ultra1

$ 80.75

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