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The state of Vermont and Jay Wulfson's Vermont Railway jointly revitalized parts of the Rutlan Railroad. Today the Vermont Rail System has six affiliates - The Vermont Railway, Clarendon & Pittsford Railroad, Green Mountain Railroad, Washington County Railroad ( Montpelier & Barre Division) as well as the Connecticut River Division & the New York and Ogdensburg Railroad.208 Black & White photos and 215 color photos, maps, rosters and more. Victor1

$ 55.50
VIA IN COLOR THE FIRST 25 YEARS 1976-2001 Kevin Holland 128 pages hardcover

The first-ever all-color tour of VIA Rail Canada, covering the system_s first 25 years from its beginnings as a Canadian National subsidiary to its role as the Crown corporation responsible for Canada_s intercity passenger train network. Emphasis is on VIA_s early years, when equipment inherited from CN and CP was merged in a period of remarkably colorful operation. Coverage extends through the 1980s and 1990s, when VIA introduced its first new equipment in the form of lightweight LRC trainsets and F40PH-2 diesel locomotives. Victor1

$ 48.75
VIA RAIL CANADA PASSENGER TRAINS "Chris Greenlaw 160 pages hardcover

Here is Canada's national railway, covering 14,000 kilometers of track from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and from the Great Lakes to Hudson Bay. This illustrated history tells the story of how, starting in the early 1970s, VIA Rail became a separate Crown corporation, once and for all relieving the old Canadian National and Canadian Pacific railways of their beleaguered passenger operations. It is a story rich in history--and marked with failures and misfortunes right up to our day. Archival and modern photography, route maps, and print ads help detail the history of VIA Rail's motive power and passenger cars, as well such passenger trains as The Canadian, The Atlantic, The Ocean, and The Super Continental. " Victor1

$ 34.00
VINTAGE AND MODERN DIESEL LOCOMOTIVES Stan Trzoniec 160 pages hardcover

Over eight decades after their invention, diesel locomotives are still the backbone of the American railroad system. Five principal companies have built diesel locomotives--EMD, General Electric, Alco, Baldwin, and Fairbanks Morse--and the most popular vintage and modern types of all five are covered in painstaking detail in Vintage and Modern Diesel Locomotives. From General Electric 44-Tonners to Alco RS5s, all of the most important models are included. Stanley W. Trzoniec's stunning photography gives these behemoths of the modern age their due in beautiful full-color images. Victor1

$ 32.75
VINTAGE CUBANO Adolf Hungry Wolf 320 pages hardcover

From 1993 to 2005 writer and photographer Adolf Hungrywolf spent 18 months in Cuba documenting the island nation's transportation time warp. He recorded hundreds of narrow and standard gauge locomotives- most of them American built and dozens of American autos from the 1950s, 40s, 30s and even the 20s. This book brings Cuba's railroads, old cars and people to life. With over 1,000 color images- including historic photos- lengthy journal entries and comprehensive captions, the author paints a complex and interesting picture. Victor1

$ 70.75
VIRGINIA BLUE RIDGE RAILROAD Mary Lyons 176 pages softcover

In 1849, Virginia began a bold railroad expansion toward the Ohio River and its lucrative trade connections. The project's plan covered 423 miles and called for piercing two mountain chains with three railroads. The Blue Ridge Railroad was the shortest of these but crossed the most mountainous terrain. At times, hired slaves, who prepared the tracks, and Irish immigrants, who blasted the tunnels, faced challenges that seemed almost insurmountable. Many were killed by explosions and falling rock. Those deaths often resulted in labor strikes. The unrest slowed progress and haunted chief engineer Claudius Crozet for seven years. In this first full-length history of the Blue Ridge Railroad, award-winning author Mary E. Lyons uses a wealth of historical documents to describe construction on what Crozet called dangerous ground. Victor1

$ 21.50
VIRGINIA RAILROADS VOL 1 RAILROADING IN THE OLD DOMINION William Griffin Jr & Thomas Dixon Jr 144 pages hardcover

This book is the first in a series on the railroads of Virginia. This volume gives a general historical overview of all the major railroad operations in Virginia, including the N&W, VGN, C&O, SAL, ACL, RF&P, SR, A&D/NF&D, B&O, Clinchfield, Interstate, L&N, PRR as well as some shortlines. Each section gives a general history of the railroad and outlines its operations in Virginia. Victor1

$ 27.75

This book is the first in a series on the railroads of Virginia. This volume details the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway from its inception as the Louisa Railroad in central Virginia in 1836 up to modern times. Each chapter explains how a subdivision of the railway developed, including the types of locomotives used, the nature of the traffic carried and geographic considerations. The many photographs are mainly from thr 1930-1960 era. Maps & track plans add to the rich illustrative treatment, making this a gazetteer of the line. Victor1

$ 27.75
VIRGINIA'S ATLANTIC & DANVILLE RY - REVISED William Griffin Jr 108 pages hardcover

Here is the complete history of the railroad that was originally built with a large investment of British capital to transport cotton from the farms of Southside Virginia to the port of Norfolk. It operated a steam powered narrow gauge branch line and Southern Railway steam locomotives during its 50-year lease to that road, then favored Alco diesels during its period of independent operation and subsequent operation by the Norfolk and Western Railway as the Norfolk, Franklin and Danville Railroad. The book has also been updated to cover the history of the railroad since the creation of the Norfolk Southern Corporation. Victor1

$ 27.50
VIRGINIAN RAILS 1953-1993 Kurt Reisweber 128 pages hardcover

This is a look at the Virginian Ry from 1953 to 1993. Includes a look at operations under the Virginian, N&W and Norfolk Southern Railways, the Sewells Point District, Jarratt District, Altavista District, Roanoke Terminal, Whitethorne District, Steam, Diesel & Electric Locos, Princeton-Deepwater District, branchlines and more. Many photos, all color. Victor1

$ 45.75
VIRGINIAN RAILWAY - ARCADIA "Princeton Railroad Museum, William R. "Bill" Archer 128 pages softcover Arcadia

The Virginian Railway existed as a separate entity for only a half century, but that period of American history witnessed two world wars and the emergence of the United States as a global superpower. Henry Huddleston Rogers, who marshaled the development of the U.S. oil industry through his leadership of Standard Oil, invested $30 million of his personal wealth into the making of the Virginian. He speculated that south-central West Virginia coal would fuel America's Industrial Revolution. Although Rogers died before his railroading dream could realize its full potential, the Virginian Railway continued on from 1909 until its merger in 1959 with the Norfolk and Western Railway (now Norfolk Southern). During that time, the Virginian grew to a point that it was originating from 1,200 to 1,500 hundred-ton carloads of coal per day and serving 60 active coal mines. It earned a reputation for power, service, and efficiency that placed it among the great railroads of America. Victor1

$ 21.50
VIRGINIAN RAILWAY HERITAGE TRAIL Aubrey Wiley 90 pages hardcover

This book looks at the Virginian Railway Heritage Trail. Included is a look at the surviving structures located along the Heritage Trail, as well as rolling stock and other equipment. Victor1

$ 29.75
VIRGINIAN RAILWAY IN COLOR William McClure and Jeremy Plant 128 pages hardcover

This book has steam, diesel and electric operations of the Virginian Railway. Outstanding photography in full color. Victor1

$ 48.75

The Virginian Railway was known for gigantic steam locomotives, electrics, and FM diesels, all purchased for the purpose of hauling heavy coal trains out of West Virginia. After merger into N&W in late 1959, much of the road still exists under Norfolk Southern and has been well-recorded in this book. Victor1

$ 36.75
VIRGINIAN RAILWAY MEMORIES Aubrey Wiley 233 pages hardcover

The Virginian Railway was built in the first decade of the twentieth century and flourished until being merged in Norfolk & Western Railway in 1959. Virginian's operating ratio in its last year of independent operation was 51%!With over 400 color and classic black & white pictures, the book tells the story of a most modern, colorful and interesting railroad. It includes well written personal stories by people who worked on the old Virginian, had family who worked on the railroad or lived nearby. A good deal of local history is covered for dozens of cities, towns and communities served by the Virginian from Norfolk, Virginia, across south side Virginia, through the Piedmont, into the mountain foothills and deep in the coalfields of West Virginia. Maps, data and plans are in abundance to support the revelations found in this book. Equipment roosters are included for locomotives, freight cars, passenger cars and M or W equipment. Pages of freight train consists in the 1940's and 1950's are from actual freight conductor logs, aka "wheel reports." References lists with pictures identify freight shippers and coal mines along the railroad. Victor1

$ 54.75
VIRGINIAN RAILWAY PICTORIAL Aubrey Wiley 144 pages hardcover

Aubrey Wiley's new book, Virginian Railway Pictorial - Pictures and Stories, is the first new book on the Virginian Railway in many years, and the largest in over 40 years. It contains over 225 vintage pictures in black & white from his private collection, and those of others, of the railroad's trains, equipment, structures and locations, as well as many stories from former VGN employees and people who lived along and rode the Virginian Victor1

$ 35.75
VIRGINIAN RAILWAY THE CALENDAR YEARS Aubrey Wiley 132 pages softcover

This book contains over 155 classic pictures from private collections showing a variety of Virginian Railway subjects and locations in Virginia and West Virginia. The material in the book covers from 1906 through the loss of the railroad's identity through the N&W merger in 1959. The large, almost full page pictures include employees, passengers, all types of locomotives, all types of rolling stock, structures, wrecks and beautiful scenes. Victor1

$ 25.75

This is a reproduction of an article on the Virginian Railway. The article looks at the transportation capacity of the Virginian. Victor1

$ 25.00

From its beginnings in 1904 until abandonment of most trackage in 1992, the Visalia Electric Railroad had a fascinating history. Built as an electric line which pioneered 15-cycle alternating current in the United States, it operated orange interurban cars along its 30-mile route until 1924. Serving the Sierra Nevada foothill region of eastern Tulare County, the VE became a local fixture as towns and agriculture developed. After passenger service ended in 1924, electric freight operations continued until 1944. Thereafter, diesels provided service, from GE 44-tonners to handed-down SP Alco and EMD switchers. Loss of perishable traffic finally doomed the line, and the last significant trackage was abandoned in 1992. 240 photos. Victor1

$ 50.50

This is reprints of several Vulcan catalogs from the 1940s. Victor1

$ 35.00

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