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Karen Parker and Thomas Dixon Jr 96 pages softcover

This is a complete history of GE locomotives on C&O starting with the famous U-25B model in 1963. This was GE's first entry into the locomotive field since its early experimental units in the 1930s. The model helped bring C&O in to the higher horsepower "Second Generation" era. C&O had 38 of the U25Bs and though they did not break EMD's hold on the C&O motive power fleet, they began the build-up of GE units that would occur the 1970s and 1980s. The C&O's GE "U-Boat" units are covered in detail both during their operation on C&O/B&O and in the Chessie System Era. The models included the U 30B, U30C, U23B, and B30-7 models that became a commonplace sight on C&O/Chessie System trains. Complete roster and mechanical data. Scores of B&O and color photos in both C&O and Chessie paint schemes. Charlie1

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