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Trevor Snowden 221 pages softcover

What was it like to travel on the railroad in the 19th century? Did 19th century English railroad travelers have a remarkably different experience from their American counterparts? How safe was railroad traveling in the 19th century? To what extent was the railroad passenger traveling experience in England and America shaped by the respective social structure, culture, and value systems of each nation? These are some of the questions addressed in this book. But, more generally, the purpose of this book is to "frame" the 19th century railroad passenger traveling experience, in England and America, with reference to social structure, culture, and ideology, and from a comparative standpoint. This book engenders a unique approach to 19th century English and American railroad travel, not the least because of the comparative framework I work within, and the underlying sociological perspective. The book ought to appeal to anybody interested in 19th century English and American railroad history, and especially those interested in the passenger traveling experience. But even those with an abiding interest in the administration and operation of 19th century English and American railroads, their constituent technologies, and how the railroad fitted into the broader industrial "landscape" in the 19th century, will find this a valuable resource.

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