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Charles Duckworth 152 pages hardcover

This books is a look at the structures of the St Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern Railroad. The book features 240 period photographs of St. Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern structures made before 1925. Over 150 photos are of stations and depots, the remaining photos are of railroad structures that were seldom photographed; section houses, tool houses, berry and cotton sheds, telegraph cabins and even the privies. Dimensions are provided for the buildings in the book and the surrounding structures as well. The depot photos came from several sources including the Missouri Pacific Historical Society archives, National Museum of Transportation collection, Bill Pollard and other private collections. Also included are color period advertising items and maps. Many of the depots in the book were torn down by the 1930's due to the building of all weather roads which reduced the need for facilities in many smaller locations.

Keeping the modeler and rail historian in mind, the photos were printed as large as possible. The captions include what types of rail customers were at the different locations (saw mills, wagon manufacturers, livestock dealers, etc). The number of stock pens and capacity of stock cars is also provided. The photos are organized in geographical order so the reader will see the stations as they would riding a passenger train through Arkansas. The chapter with the depot photos starts at Corning, Arkansas and then goes through to Texarkana. It then goes from Little Rock to the Ft. Smith area with several branch lines being documented. Delta1

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