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Scott Gavin 366 pages softcover

This book tells the history of one of Oregon's most colorful railroads. Initially promoted by the flamboyant Colonel Thomas Egenton Hogg as a way for Willamette Valley farmers to get their produce to market, it eventually evolved into a much grander scheme. Its promoters planned to make it the western segment of another transcontinental railroad system that would extend from Yaquina, Oregon to Boise, Idaho where it would tie in with the westward building Chicago & North Western Railroad. The Oregon Pacific faced opportunities and oppositions that were unrivaled by any other railroad in Oregon. Seen as nothing more then a way to separate investors from their money by some factions, the proponents were labeled as pirates and frauds by some while heroes by others. Most of the route of the Oregon Pacific still exists to this day and provides a way for a number of industries to get their products to market. Echo1

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