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Ted Culotta 66 pages softcover

This series of books, through the use of exquisitely detailed photographs, highlights many freight cars photographed in the mid-to-late 1930s in southern California. They are particularly useful to modelers as they contain many close-up views that were photographed for the purpose of making models, and thus are a fantastic aid in detailing models. In addition to the quality of the coverage, the photos are complemented by captions written by Ted Culotta that provide a wealth of information about the prototypes covered in the book. Volume Ten is a "catch-all" highlighting the remaining freight car types not covered in previous volumes, including tank cars, stock cars, gondolas, flat cars, cabooses, covered hoppers, and others. Cars are covered from American Cyanamid, J. M. Huber, Palace Live Poultry, General American, Hancock Oil Co. of Calif., Hooker, Richfield Oil, Rio Grande Oil, Shippers Car Line, Stauffer Chemicals, Texaco, Union Oil of Calif., Union Starch and Refining Co., Elgin, Joliet & Eastern, Milwaukee Road, Missouri - Kansas - Texas, Santa Fe, Seaboard Air Line, Southern Pacific, Union Pacific. Foxtrot1

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