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Mark Camp 128 softcover

The hilly Alleghany Plateau of eastern Ohio was crossed by a number of primarily east-west rail lines heading toward Chicago, St. Louis, and ports on the Mississippi River during the latter part of the 19th century. These lines, eventually part of the Baltimore & Ohio, Erie, New York Central, Nickel Plate, and Pennsylvania systems, were joined by shorter lines extending from Lake Erie to the Ohio River, most notably the Wheeling & Lake Erie, designed to tap the coal and clay riches of the region. In order to serve the populace, railroad depots were needed. Smaller communities like Dalton and Dundee received typical combination depots designed to provide passenger, baggage, and freight accommodations. Separate passenger and freight depots were erected in larger communities, including Ashland and Canton. The arrival of the automobile brought a decline to local passenger service and a closing of depots. Some depots continued to serve the railroads in other ways and others were sold and moved from trackside, but many were demolished. Few remain today.

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