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Larry Brasher 420 pages hardcover

This volume picks up where Santa Fe Locomotive Develop left off and examines the transition from Steam Locomotives to diesels. During the years 1934 to 1939, the Santa Fe, lead by President Bledsoe, John Purcell and Charles Ripley realized that Diesel-Electric motive power, not steam, was the future of locomotive development. However as late as 1937, H.H. Lanning was still exploring the limits of large firebox/large grate/high pressure boilers as expressed by his continued development of the 4-6-4 passenger 3460, 4-8-4 passenger 3765 and 2-10-4 freight 5001 classes. In the relative brief period from 1937 to 1939, Lanning was possibly less enamored with the Santa Fe's consideration of the conversion from steam to diesel motive power, a journey that took from 1934 to 1959 to complete. Sierra1

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