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181 pages softcover

The State of Wisconsin in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries was crisscrossed by lines of large trunk line railroads, in particular the Chicago & Northwestern (C&NW)/Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha (CSPM&O)(The Omaha Road); Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul (then called the St. Paul Road, now known as the Milwaukee Road)(CM&StP); Soo Line and its merger partners; Chicago, Burlington & Quincy (CB&Q), and smaller portions of other lines. Where these lines bypassed regions or cities, short line railroads, usually locally owned, filled the void to serve local interests, usually agricultural or logging. Many private logging companies also operated their own railroads to bring logs from woods to mill, and finished lumber to trunk line connections. Roy Campbellīžs photo collection includes numerous photos of locomotives of these often obscure short lines, as well as some private logging companies, and this book contains 158 steam locomotive photographs from the collection. Most have never been published. Locomotive histories, dates and places of photographs, and identities of photographers other than Campbell, where these things are known, are included. Brief histories of the lines and maps of their trackage are also provided, as almost all of these lines are now gone. They are loosely organized by geography and/or traffic commodities. Whiskey1

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