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85 Minutes

Back in the beginnings of the Southern Steam Program, the Southern dolled up 4501 with a green paint job to replicate the appearance of the Southern 4-6-2's. However when it received rebuilding work in the future, the folks at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM), painted it back into its freight black, with the big number on the tender. So, it looks great now, and we take you for a weekend chasing the engine, during October of 2017.

The Summerville line is a regular freight hauling railroad which allows the TVRM folks to operate weekend excursions. There is a turntable at Summerville, and we will see some footage of 4501 using it as well. Coverage begins at the Grand Junction depot at the east end of the TVRM trackage. After taking the belt line the route connects to the Chattooga & Chickamauga Railroad, which operates from Rossville, GA(just south of Chattanooga, TN) to Summerville.

We enjoy 4501 at the station, and then watch it climb the grade out of the valley. With two camera crews, we capture the best spots along the route each day, with an emphasis on the engine working grades for more excitement. Missionary Ridge Grade south of Rossville is one such area that we cover well. The route passes the Chickamauga Civil War Battlefield area, then goes through such towns as LaFayette, Rock Spring, and Trion.

The train is also followed northbound for different spots, and the end of the day both days we end with 4501 climbing this steep but short grade connecting to the TVRM trackage just before dark. This spot was a must-see experience with 4501 really pouring it on near the end of the trip.

There is also a nice pacing sequence in the morning along Holtzclaw Avenue, and you will see a couple shots of another Southern engine, with 1890 built 2-8-0 154 running in Knoxville the same day 4501 was running. Greg left early to get that.

You will learn a bit about the history of 4501 and how it's journey to where it is today unfolds. Its great that this classic locomotive is preserved and able to run this distance. Oh, and the whistle is a nice 3-chime that you will enjoy!

Shot in HD, with color. Live audio, with limited narration.