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GREG SCHOLL 92 minutes

Norfolk and Western Class J 4-8-4 number 611 was one of 14 streamlined engines built by owner Norfolk & Western. It ran for the N&W between 1950 and 1959. It was restored and operated once again in excursion service from 1982 to 1994. It ran for the first time in 2015(Volume 1), and now in 2016 we get to see more great action of this superb streamlined engine. The focus of this show is the May 7-8, 2016 trips from Roanoke. Like in 2015 these trips consisted of a morning run to Lynchburg up Blue Ridge Grade, and back to Roanoke assaulting the Blue Ridge Grade from the other side on its return. In the afternoon the 611 would haul this large passenger train westward to Walton where it was turned for the return to Roanoke. Like the morning run that assaulted Blue Ridge Grade, the afternoon trip to Walton featured two climbs of Christiansburg Mountain. There is two-camera coverage of these Roanoke Trips, which brings you two shots on each trip up Blue Ridge Grade, and multiple shots on the Walton trips as well as regular locations on each trip. We also see 611 enter and emerge from Montgomery Tunnel, and witness several scenes at Shawsville plus near the summit near Christiansburg. There are many shots where we pan the driving rods and the engine going away, as well as the oncoming views. The weather was very good as you can see by the preview clips. In addition to the Roanoke trips we follow 611 one-way from Roanoke to Manassas, where it will do the final excursions for 2016(These are in Volume 3). Special locations were selected for the gradient to showcase great 611 action. One thing about all these 611 videos (all 3 Trilogy dvd's) there is superb steam action with 611 working hard in most scenes.