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GREG SCHOLL 95 minutes

The Class J 4-8-4 611 is seen on the first trips of 2016 without diesel helpers, and the last series of trips in 2016. See great lighting and cool weather as 611 leaves early and returns late in the day, traveling along the mainline of the former Southern Railway, and at Hurt, Virginia diverges westward over the former Virginian Railway to Roanoke. All this is now Norfolk Southern of course. There is some spirited running, and great exhaust sounds as it pulls the heavy train along this roller coaster route. This series of trips was a real "Sleeper" in that it had fewer chasers, and perhaps the best weather (Clear and cool) during the excursions for 611 in 2016. Again you will enjoy hard working action as the engine is found on slight grades to make it work nicely. Mixing the mainline track speed with slight grades is awesome to watch modern steam power at work. Next we head to Manassas, Virginia (remember the one-way trip is in Volume 2), to enjoy the final excursions for 611 in 2016. This line is known for its roller-coaster topography with Linden Hill being the steepest climb each way between Manassas and Front Royal. However there are many other small grades, and 611 puts on a fine show on this interesting line. Many of the other small towns are seen such as Bulls Run, and Markham to name a couple. We also get some close-ups of 611 in Manassas. This trip featured two-camera coverage also which provides excellent diversity and non-stop action on this historic route. We end our coverage with a couple of scenes of the one-way trip from Manassas back toward Roanoke on the Southern trackage. It's a fine way to conclude our 3 volumes of "N&W Triology Volume 3" and the series. Special locations were selected for the gradient to showcase great 611 action. One thing about all these 611 videos (all 3 Trilogy dvd's) there is superb steam action with 611 working hard in most scenes.