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New Book
188 pages softcover

This reproduces a Beyer-Garratt catalog from 1947.  The catalog begins with a brief overview of the company and the design of the Beyer-Garratt Articulated locomotive. The catalog then looks at the locomotives built by the company and the railroads that used them with photos and specifications for the engines. 

Included are:
2 Foot Gauge:
South African Railways
Tasmanian Government Railways

2 Foot 6 Inch Gauge:
Ceylon Government Railways
Nepal Government Railways
Sierra Leone Government Railways
Victorian Government Railways

3 Foot Gauge:
Dorada Railway

Metre Gauge
Algerian State Railway
Antofagasta (Chile) & Bolivia Railway
Argentine State Railway (Transandine)
Argentine State Railway (Cordoba Central)
Bengal Assam Railway
Buenos Aires Midland Railway
Burma Railways
Ivory Coast Railway (Abijan Niger)
Kenya & Uganda Railway
Leopoldina Railway
Mogyana Railway
San Paulo (Brazilian) Railway
Sierra Minera Railway
Tanganyika Railway
War Standard Light Type

3 Foot 6 Inch Gauge
Australian Portland Cement
Benguela Railway
Congo Ocean
Consolidated Main Reed
Dundee Coal Co Ltd
Emu Bay Railway
Gold Coast Railway
Guayaquil & Quito Railway
Natal Navigation Colliery
Nigerian Government Railway
Rhodesia Railway
Rhokana Corporation
Sierra Leone Development Co
Rio Tinto Company
South African Railways
Sudan Government Railway
Western Australian Government Railway
War Standard Heavy Freight Type

Standard Gauge
Algerian State Railway
Argentine North Eastern Railway
Baddesley Colliery
Imperial Chemical Industries Limited
Central Railway of Peru
Entre Rios Railway
Guest Keen Baldwin
Iranian State Railways
London, Midland & Scottish Railway
London & North Eastern Railway
Mauritius Government Railway
Nitrate Railways (Chile)
Sneyd Colliery

5 Foot Gauge:
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

5 Foot 3 Inch Gauge:
San Paulo (Brazilian) Railway

5 Foot 6 Inch Gauge:
Bengal-Nagpur Railway
Buenos Aires Great Southern Railway
Buenos Aires & Pacific Railway
Czentral Aragon Railway
Ceylon Government Railways