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Robert Harley 200 pages hardcover

In Birmingham, a city once renowned for its engineering enterprise, tram passengers in days gone by were treated to an eccentric variety of rolling stock. Steam trams puffed sedately past shops, offices and houses; cable cars scaled the heights to Handsworth, and on the Bristol Road the novelty of a ride on an electric tramcar was occasionally marred by noxious fumes from the batteries. Fare paying customers in the lower saloon of the vehicle then had to beat a hasty retreat.Reliable technology in the form of electric tramways powered from overhead wires arrived in 1901. A comprehensive system of lines was constructed, which connected to the extensive Black Country network. Narrow-gauge rails carried the elegant cobalt blue and cream tramcars into the suburbs on private rights of way, segregated from the rest of the traffic. Many rare street scenes in this book illustrate the story of an efficient transport system, which fell victim to the motor age. Journey back to an era of cheap fares and frequent, reliable services which turned up in all weathers.