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Gerry Souter 114 pages softcover

The largest fleet of named streamliners in the United States, the Burlington Zephyrs turned heads wherever they went. Whether breaking records or starring in feature films such as Silver Streak, these unique trains immediately took the nation by storm. The first diesel-electric powered streamlined trains in America, they featured a 600-horsepower, 8-cylinder, 2-cycle Winton 201A diesel engine, and were capable of breakneck speeds. Each succeeding generation demonstrated the latest technological changes and enhancements. This book covers everything from the debut of the Burlington Pioneer Zephyr at the 1933 Century of Progress Exposition to the record-breaking run from Denver to Chicago. It also covers the many challenges the Zephyrs faced and the technologies employed to advance this marvel in rail transportation. Hundreds of photos demonstrate the sleek construction of the stainless-steel livery of these silver bullets, as well as the harmonious art-deco interior finish of the trains' passenger compartments. Author, historian, and train expert Gerry Souter reveals just exactly what all the fuss was about. In this book he covers not only important milestones for the Zephyr fleet, but also takes an in-depth look at the awesome power that propelled these trains across the rails of America - the Winton diesel engine. A must-read for all train enthusiasts, this book outlines how the legendary Burlington Zephyr fleet served out their assigned duties with distinction.