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Canadian Rails In The 1950’s combines films from several collection. These primarily are Canadian Pacific from the western provinces, but there is more than just riding some trains. The first part is a 1952 journey from Vancouver aboard Train #2, behind steam as far as Revelstoke. We will pass other steam and diesel trains along the route. Of note are 2 trains that have Selkirk 2-10-4’s in the mountain regions. Before that there is a side trip to Jasper to ride a CN diesel powered mixed train or two, then we rejoin the CPR to continue east to Calgary. Our return to Vancouver is a steam powered trip along the CPR’s southern mainline through Nelson and rejoining the mainline at Odlum, near Hope. Lots of rare footage in this region.

Our next segment begins riding behind and in 2-8-2 5469, including a meet with a diesel freight. Then we are riding in the cab of an F-unit on train #1, the “Canadian”, and meet 5469 in the same area near Kamloops. We ride westbound, and enjoy scenes from the cab of #1 including a CN freight across the Thompson River that has 2-10-2 number 4301. We later meet a passenger train with 2861 (Royal Hudson), as our coverage ends at Boston Bar, B.C.

Next is a winter trip eastbound beginning on Rogers Pass the first day. These shots are from the dome car of “The Dominion”. The next morning we see more shots from the dome car in the prairies on a clear day. The lead unit is F-unit 1400, with a B-unit, and behind that is Royal Hudson 2837. We ride the cab of the diesel and see several train meets, mostly steam, and continue later with more dome shots on an incredible journey.

The following day we are in the dome car and continue along Lake Superior with our final destination of Parry Sound, Ontario, where se see a few shots off the train.

Another winter trip is scene starting at Glacier, heading east then the next morning ending at Sunset near Portage La Prairie. This trip like the other one is shot from the center dome car of the Dominion. The final scenes show the train passing through White River and on to Parry Sound once again. While the riding is all diesel powered, there are a couple of CPR steam trains seen at Parry Sound. We also included a few scenes of some ski boats, which were flat bottomed boats with what looked like airplane motors on the rear. These fly across the frozen waterways.

Next is a variety segment with a lot of different subjects. This includes some Canadian National around Edmonton, and some Northern Alberta footage of 2-10-0 number 57 on a freight. Then we move to eastern Canada with some footage outside Montreal including some CN and CPR, with steam and diesel, followed by some scenes of 2823 getting coaled. Montreal streetcars are seen as well as a CN electric emerge from the Mount Royal Tunnel.

Our variety segment continues with a nice visit to the roundhouse near Calgary for footage of Selkirk class 2-10-4 number 5931 at the roundhouse and service area. This engine was saved, so its nice to see it in steam here with 2 minutes of coverage. Then we see more odd shots like coverage of a CPR mixed train, some chasing of a Royal Hudson, and a few other scenes.

The last section is Vancouver Island, where we see shortline logging operations with Comox, McMillan & Bloedel #1044, Hillcrest Lumber Climax #10 from two visits, and some ferry rides to and from the mainline. In addition we ride the Esquimalt and Nanaimo RDC from Victoria to Courtnay, BC. Then we finish up some diesel footage of Comox Logging and Lumber and a ferry ride.

As you can see this show has a lot to offer. The scenes riding the cab of the diesel passing steam in the winter are truly amazing to enjoy!