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New Book
Thomas Dixon 80 pages softcover

This book deals with the development and operation of one of the C&O's most important modern steam locomotives, the 2-8-4. This type was developed by Lima Locomotives Works in 1925 and soon became popular. Though it was popularly known as the Berkshire Type, on the C&O is was named the Kanawha Type and given the K-4 Class. As part of the Van Sweringen Railroad empire in the 1920s-3s and a carryover from that, C&O's Locomotives were designed by the Advisory Mechanical Committee that oversaw the equipment of the Erie, Nickel Plate Road, Pere Marquette and C&O. The 2-8-4 became a favorite design for the AMC designers. The Erie got its in 1927 and this design was used to create 2-8-4s for the NKP in 1934, the PM in 1937 and finally the C&O in 1943. The K-4s were used in almost all C&O regions and in a variety of service. They were seen on fast freights, locals, coal trains om the main line, coal trains on major branches and even on passenger trains. Between 1943 and 1947 the C&O received 90 of these great locomotives from Lima and Alco. The K-4 were so versatile and useful that they were among the last steam retired and several of them were given to cities and museums where they are preserved today. This book has C&O mechanical drawings, tables, a map showing service areas and over 100 photos.