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New Book
J.C. Watson 96 pages softcover

A treatment of C&O tunnels from 1954 to the present. C&OHS member J. C. Watson has researched this subject in detail which has never been treated to any extent in the magazine over the past 45 years. For the first time we have an all-time listing of tunnels, their present status, and a history of each one. He starts with the Blue Ridge Railroad tunnels by Claudius Crozet I the 1850s, and carries on in a chronological order through the rest of Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio. Branch line tunnels are also covered. There are 170 photos, diagrams, maps, and illustrations that show each of the tunnels. Those interested in engineering will appreciate the photos of tunnel construction, especially a series of images on the C&O's giant tunnel improvement program, 1929-33. The text is concise, literate, and explanatory. This is now the standard reference for this subject.