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New Book
Dwight Jones 176 pages hardcover

This book follows the same format as volume 1 released last year and includes very detailed coverage of cabooses built for the B&O from 1952 to 1966 including some miscellaneous cars added to the roster after that period. Coverage includes the I-17 class, I-17A class, I-18 class, C-15B class, M-26 boxcar conversions and wood cars transferred from C&O to B&O. Each detailed chapter includes extensive photo coverage, history text, dimensional diagram and a detailed roster by individual caboose number. There is a detailed listing of the I-17 and I-17A cabooses and where they were assigned prior to caboose pooling. Extensive coverage is included on the implementation of caboose pooling including internal company reports and communications as well as the various dates when specific regions of the B&O implemented pooling. Additional chapters cover I-18 Safety Cabooses, the Du Bois car shops, International Car Company, caboose costs, a map of B&O car shops, caboose trucks, caboose markers and company summary information on cabooses including a graph showing how many cabooses by class were on the railroad on January 1, 1965. Official B&O Painting and Lettering drawings are reproduced in a manner that all dimensional data is readable and useable by the reader. An interview with a B&O official explains how the M-26 boxcar conversions came about and an interview with Frankly Carr explains how the Chessie image was developed. This book is a must for B&O history students as well as modelers.40 Color Photos, 165 Black and White photos and 39 tables, graphs, charts and diagrams.