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The Erie, and successor, Erie Lackawanna, were arguably the dominant railroad companies in Orange County, New York. That was not a trivial statement as within the county's borders one could also find the trackage of a half dozen major eastern carriers; the New York Central, the New Haven, the Lehigh & New England, the Lehigh & Hudson River, the New York, Ontario & Western and at one point, the New York, Susquehanna & Western as well. However, only the Erie/EL operated two heavily-trafficked main lines traversing the county as well as a major yard at Port Jervis. In addition there were a number of branches; the Pine Bush Branch, the Montgomery Branch, the Pine Island Branch, the Newburgh Short Cut and the Newburgh Branch. This book is a compilation of a decade of articles, many written by railroad veterans, that have appeared in the pages of The Unionville Flyer, the official publication of the Middletown and New Jersey Railway Historical Society. While the society's publication focuses on the M&NJ and predecessors, it also has published many articles on the other carriers in Orange County. The Erie/EL's preeminent position in the county has been reflected in a large number of related articles over two decades. As a compilation of many articles on the Erie/EL that appeared in The Unionville Flyer, this is not a comprehensive coverage of every Erie/EL operation or location in the county. There is extensive material on the Graham Line, the main line, the Pine Bush Branch and Otisville tunnel as well as photographic coverage and information pertaining to many locations. Coverage is heavily oriented toward the era of the Erie.