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GREG SCHOLL 75 minutes

This video was originally shot in 1987 during 2 weeks in February. The cold was brutal reaching -25 to -35 degrees F for a solid week. We mostly had nice blue skies for that time though. This was a follow-up video to our "Via F's In The Rockies" which we had shot in Western Canada during the summer of 1986. Most of the F-units were removed from western Via Rail trains, but many soldiered on in the east for the winter of 1987. We enjoy several trains west of Toronto, on the lines to Stratford, and to London via Woodstock. Along the way we see a few newer units, including LRC's which are now also a thing of the past. The power on the older units is primarily FP9, and Alco FPA-4 units. Most trains have steam heating cars as well. This video was also shot on the same trip as our "Snow Plow With CN F7's"(See Snow Plow videos). We'll also see a few CP and CN freights along the way, plus visit the ONR yard at North Bay. There is also a nice scene of a snow sweeper along the CPR at Dorval, clearing snow on a cold morning between scenes of commuter trains and VIA. There are a lot of things you will enjoy in this one. As always there is a lot of trackside action scenes which we are known for in our video programs. See an FPA-4 blowing snow past you at 70-80 mph west of Montreal is pretty wild!!! All diesel and vintage railroad enthusiasts should enjoy this show.