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Carl Swanson 160 hardcover

Nothing in the world rivals the American railroad industry. In the early decades of the Twentieth Century, railroading was simultaneously America's largest consumer of coal and the largest customer for its steel mills. Our nation's railroad industry called on such a vast army of human resources that nearly every American today has a railroader in their family tree.

Faces of Railroading is a glorious photographic tribute to the people who made railroading the greatest industry America has ever known. Although its magnificent machines and inventions are often romanticized and celebrated alongside its most eccentric pioneers and tycoons, it's the faces of an unsung workforce that best personify this great industry. In 160 pages of stunning black and white photography, readers will glimpse their own family histories as they join train crews in the locomotive cab and back in the caboose. They'll ride the rails in the luxury of great passenger trains, stride through the grand terminals and small depots, and visit bustling backshops and yard offices in the wee small hours of the morning.