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With their ability to negotiate less than perfect track work and climb steep grades, geared steam locomotives were generally used where tight curves restricted the use of conventional rigid frame steam locos and engine speed was not a factor. 

This anthology brings you three types of gritty geared locomotives running on six different logging lines. Animations show the types of geared motive power that enabled Shays, Climaxes and Heislers to muscle up steep grades of 5-6% that would have defeated conventional steam. 

Travel deep into mountain logging country in California, British Columbia and West Virginia to witness these locos dwarfed by the tall trees they bore out of the woods, fording streams and crossing trestles. Plenty of newly released footage of vintage, working rail. Some of these locos still operate today on scenic lines—a must for all fans of steam logging!  

Cinematography by railroad greats Glenn Beier, Guy Brant, Mac Owen, and August A. Thieme.

Lines featured:

  • Pickering Lumber Co.

  • West Side Flume & Lumber

  • Feather River Railway

  • Hillcrest Lumber Co., Vancouver, Canada

  • Meadow River Lumber Co., West Virginia

  • Ely-Thomas Lumber Co., West Virginia