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82 Minutes

Flying into Luxembourg we began seeing steam in the Apach to Trier region of West Germany with mostly 2-10-0's on both freight and passenger trains. We also spent some time in Lebach shooting some footage on the line to Saarbrucken. This segment features a rather nice cab ride in 023-075 (2-6-2). These were the most modern engines in Germany, some being built as late as 1958. Brother Randy was on this trip, so we used film from both cameras throughout the video including the cab ride. In one scene Greg is shoveling coal into the firebox for instance. We made 2 different visits to Lauda, and the big attraction here was the dual departure of two passenger trains normally powered by class 23 2-6-2's. We dubbed this 7:00 event as the "Racers". We captured this 3-4 times over the two different visits. It was an incredible thing to witness with one train going to Wertheim, and the other to Wurzburg and on two different lines of course. We also saw various other passenger trains and freights in this region including some doubleheaders.

In between our Lauda visits we spent a bit of time with trains out of Hartmannshof where normally a 2-10-0 was used as a pusher to the top of a grade. We see several trains including a German military train, and a U.S. Military train. There is also regular freights and a coal train. At the top we even get the pusher cutting off on the fly in one scene. This is a nice segment thats different from the other areas.

A good bit of time was spend on the Rheine-Emden line as we see a lot of those great and speedy 4-6-2's (class 012) in action. These were 3-cylinder oil-fired engines that were rated for 72 miles and hour. A few years prior to this, the speed was 84. We see a lot of ore train action as ore comes into the docks at Emden and the railroad hauls it to the industrialized Ruhr valley, south of Rheine. On this line one doesn't chase but rather pick your spot for a couple of hours and wait for the next train to go north or south on this double-track mainline. Most all of our footage is trackside except the aforementioned cab ride in a 2-6-2 from Lebach. However we finish our coverage while riding behind an 012 pacific on our final day just hours before heading for the Luxembourg airport. If you like REAL, regular service steam action, then the variety here will be a welcome change from the usual U.S. cuisine! Shot on silent Super 8 movie film. Music & Narration.