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60 Minutes German Steam 72 & 75 is all the steam we shot in West Germany during visits in 1972 and 1975. 1972 was our first trip to Europe and while we were not well prepared we did come away with some good action. We see good action at Hof, and one of the last strongholds of the coal-fired 2-cylinder pacifics (4-6-2's) in action. The line to Bamburg features a good climb from Neuenmarkt-Wirsburg which we capture and some trains require pushers. We even see a couple trains shot from our 3rd story window of the Bahnhof Hotel. There is a brief clip of a cab ride at night as we made a roundtrip to Hof on the train. There is also some freight action in this segment but most are passenger trains with either 4-6-2's or 2-10-0's. We visited another border town (Near East Germany), specifically to see the cross-border trains with the East German 01.5 4-6-2's. We got several trains between Bebra and the East German Border. Also in 1972 we visited the famous Rheine to Emden line with its double track mainline which featured oil-fired 2-10-0's and 2-8-2's on freight and ore trains, plus the last area where you would see the oil-fired 3-cylinder 4-6-2's classed as 012 at the time. This place featured tons of trains, and several days were spent here on both visits.

In 1975 Greg made a special trip to Europe to see the last 012 pacifics at work. The railway was planning on taking them out of service in May 1975, so a trip was made in March. A pre-arranged cab ride was made, and we rode from Rheine to Nordeich Mole (Where passengers could get boats to North Sea Islands). This ride was in 3-cylinder oil-fired 4-6-2 class 012-075. The ride was supposed to be to Emden, but we were invited to go to the end of the line, and later return to Rheine in the cab as well. There are not a lot of movies, but enough to get the idea. Some trackside views were made on this line, before heading to the Lauda Area. After two weeks alone a friend from England joined up and we did 2 more weeks by car. This included a second visit to Lauda, as well as Rheine. We got the last stronghold of 2-6-2 (Class 23) around Lauda on passenger trains, as well as 2-10-0's on freights and passenger trains. This was some nice footage during our stay in this region. We ended up in Rheine shooting more heavy steam action during the final days of the trip. On both of these trips we visited other countries, and since there was not enough German steam for either 72 or 75 to do dedicated shows we have combined them here. These were shot as Silent Super 8 movies and we got a good film to video transfer. Narration and music, with scene locations generally for most shots. Lots to see here.