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New Book
Wayne Cole 304 pages hardcover

This volume covers the B&O Lake Branch.  Included in the book is the New Castle B&O Yard to Youngstown and the B&O Old Main Line to DeForest.  There is almost mile to mile coverage to the Painesville B&O Terminal, Grand River  and Fairport Harbor. The villages of West Farmington, Middlefield, Burton and Chardon are covered in detail.  Chardon was once the largest rail yard east of Cleveland.  Six streetcar lines interchanged with the Lake Branch and there were crossings with the Clinton Railroad and the short lived Windsor Branch.  Also covered are many major towers located in the area.

The book also includes a section with photos from Herbert Hardwood. These photos cover the Erie Escarpment down to the helper spur at Failes.  Among the photos are dozens covering the massive B&O EM-1 Locomotive.  There is also a photo section by Bud Piskarich and Frank Vollhardt detailing the lifting of the Lake Branch.

The book emphasis the Fairport Harbor area, documenting the iron and coal era, the huge McMyler coal dumpers and the Brown Hoists. Also covered are the many lake vessels that visit and the histories of the harbor as it relates to the B&O.  The book also includes a history of the new short line the Grand River Railway operating on 2.56 miles of old B&O track.

The Fairport, Painesville & Eastern Railroad is a shortline that served Diamond Alkali.  It is history is covered in small section as are the P&W, P&Y and more.