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David Steinberg and Kevin Von Der Lippe 128 pages  softcover

Greensboro, North Carolina, is but one of many cities located on former Southern Railway's Washington-to-Atlanta mainline. Greensboro is not the largest city between these points, but it has the distinction today of having the largest and finest Southern Railway passenger station after Washington. Greensboro has a colorful railroad history that begins in the 1850s and endures to this day. The large depot was built in the mid-1920s to serve the tremendous passenger rail traffic that passed through Greensboro. Its grandeur overshadowed every other depot in the state. Today, thanks not only to Amtrak, which remains to serve the city, but also to the passenger train service that the North Carolina Department of Transportation actively promotes to serve throughout the state, the depot continues to flourish as an icon of Greensboro.