Holiday Shipping

Posted by Lee on 11/20/2023 to News
Holiday Shipping

Below is important information on holiday shipping and our recommendations for any items you need to receive by Christmas.  Please read these carefully before placing your order.

1) The biggest change this year from previous years is the availability of titles from Morning Sun Books. Their warehouse in New Jersey closed this summer and they moved to a facility in Chicago.  Where we were able to restock titles in 1-2 days it is now taking 5-7 days or longer for books to arrive in.  Combine with other changes that Morning Sun has made to dealer terms, most of the titles have been special order items.  This means in many cases we do not have a copy on the shelf and will need to order it.

2) Free Shipping is by US Mail Media Mail.  Please be aware that Media Mail is the slowest option available from the Post Office- packages are handled on a space available basis.  Delivery is typically 7-14 days but can be 30 days or more during the holiday season.  

3) If you need your items for Christmas we recommend priority mail.  We also recommend placing your order as early as possible.  We can not emphasis enough the importance of placing your order as early as possible.

4) We make every effort to ship as soon as possible, however it is impossible to keep every title in stock at all times.  A number of publishers have switched to print on demand for their books.  In many cases they do not stock large numbers of the book and when we place our order we have to wait for them to be printed.  While we do try to anticipate demand and order books early, unexpected demand may mean we will run short on titles. We may, at our discretion, split your order to ship in stock items sooner.

5) Please note that when you receive tracking information for your package there is an estimated delivery date. This is only an estimate, neither media mail or priority mail are guaranteed services.  Often during the holiday season delivery times are much longer than normal.  Once we have mailed the package we have no control over when it will be delivered.

6) When you receive a notification that your package has shipped, that means it has been physically delivered to the Post Office.  When, or if,  they scan the box is out of our control. Due to the volume of packages we ship, they are not individually scanned at our local Post Office but are scanned at local distribution   If your package tracking indicates a status of Shipment Received, Pending Acceptance that means your package is in the system waiting to be scanned/processed.  Please be advised the Post Office is very inconsistent about scanning packages.  It is not uncommon for packages to first be scanned when they arrive at your local distribution center.   

7) During this time of year, the Post Office is non-responsive to our inquiries about where package are in the system.  We are unable to provide any information about packages other than what the online tracking indicates.  The Post Office will not begin searching for any packages until 30 days after they are shipped.   

8) If you are ordering a pre-order item, the release date is only an estimate of when it will be released. Due to production delays at many major printers, as well as shipping delays a number of titles have been delayed.  We can not guarantee when any pre-order items will be available or that you will have them in time for Christmas.