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Kenneth Springirth 128 pages softcover

In Jamestown, NY horse drawn street Railway operation began in 1884 which represented a dramatic improvement in traveling over rough and muddy city streets. With the coming of the electric trolley car, travel speeds doubled from 5 to 10 miles per hour. Horse cars were rapidly phased out and soon Jamestown had trolley car lines stretching west to Westfield, NY and south to Warren Pennsylvania. Jamestown to Buffalo by Trolley features many vintage photographs documenting the history of the trolley lines that linked Jamestown to Westfield where connections could be made with the Buffalo & Lake Erie Traction Company east to Buffalo, NY and west to Eire Pennsylvania. The last trolley cars purchased by the Jamestown Street Railway Company in 1926 from the St Louis Car Company were deluxe models that were particularly attractive and reflective of the well maintained system. As roads improved, bus lines were established and more trips were taken by automobile. Ridership declined, and the 1947 abandonment of the 32 mile classic small city to rural and small town electric interurban line of the Jamestown, Westfield & Northwestern Railroad ended trolley car service in Western NY. It's freight operations continued with diesels. With customers shifting to trucks, the railroad's freight business declined and the line was completely abandoned in 1950. A modern trolley car line (Metro Rail) openedin 1985 connecting downtown Buffalo, NY with the University of Buffalo South Campus.