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Don Hofsommer 126 pages hardcover

Genuinely talented and successful managers in any field business, government, military, academia are scarce. John Howard Burdakin was a happy exception to the norm. This engaging biography examines Burdakin s life in the railroad industry at Pennsylvania Railroad, Penn Central, and finally at Grand Trunk Corporation during a tumultuous time in the transportation business and underscores his core principles and how he employed them in the management of people and property. Some contemporary observers may consider Burdakin s often conservative style as quite out of date, but a more sober assessment reveals that his approach has utility in any time and in any field. An excellent resource for leadership professionals, this study focuses on Burdakin s career in management, ever stressing his foundational convictions how he came by them, how he employed those principles as a manager, and how they were understood by those who worked for him or with him. Through teamwork, trust, hard work, honesty, diligence, and integrity, Burdakin would become respected as one of the railroad industry s brightest guiding lights.