More COVID-19 Updates

Posted by Lee on 5/13/2020 to News
Just a quick update - We are mailing as fast as possible but we are hampered by delays getting product in from publishers. Some publishers have gone into hiding and are either not shipping product or are shipping very infrequently. In other cases our shipments have been delayed getting to us by the Post Office or UPS. We are trying to keep the shelves stocked but this has proven challenging.

As for outgoing packages there have been some issues with the Post Office. While packages are getting delivered, many times they are delayed or take unusual routings due to plant closures. We have tried to discuss this issue with the Post Office but have received little assistance from them. All they will tell us is that the system is overloaded and they are short staffed due to people being out sick. Unfortunately once the package is turned over the Post Office we have no control over it and can't even get any help when we call about lost or misdirected packages. I did get a little bit of good news from them today that some facilities are reporting many of the workers who had been out sick are returning to the job and that they hope to start getting the backlog of packages moved and delivered.  As a note Priority Mail seems to be moving better then media mail, but even Priority Mail has had some issues.