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This book is a compilation of NYO&W articles that have appeared over the course of two decades in The Unionville Flyer, official publication of the Middletown & New Jersey Railway Historical Society. The NYO&W operated between Weehawken, NJ and Maybrook Yard on the east end and Oswego, NY, LV's Coxton Yard and the Cayuga Jct. interchange with the DL&W on its western extremities. Many articles focus on the NYO&W in Orange County, NY and its interactions with the Middletown & Unionville but there is significant coverage of NYO&W operations over the entire railroad including a detailed recounting of every train run on March 29, 1956, the Freight Service Schedule effective May 1, 1956, consideration of allowable speeds for 2-8-0's and a listing of all creameries circa 1935 and their use of rail transport. The titles of the various articles are:

The Milk Connection - NY&OM/NYO&W and MU&WG/M&U

Milk Trains, ETC., N. Y., O. & W. R. R., In the Matter of Rate of Speed of Milk Trains Drawn by Classes P and W Locomotive Engines on New York, Ontario and Western Railroad (Case No. 7116.)

The Milk Connection- Dairy Cows Arrive and Depart Via the O&W

The New York, Susquehanna and Ontario Company

The "Midland Dream" Dies Hard

The Railroads and the Drifts (Blizzard of 1895)

Accident on the New York, Ontario & Western Railway, Middletown, NY, Sept. 28, 1937

O&W Wreck at East Main Street, .Middletown, June 25, 1932

O&W Wreck near Rock Tavern on August 16, 1946

O&W'S Cornwall Coal Dock

A Brief Word about the Weehawken Docks

Rockland Light & Power-O&W Gives M&U a Customer

The Middletown & Unionville on O&W Rails

Say Buddy Can You Lend a Hand? The O&W helps the M&NJ handle locomotive maintenance, derailments and blizzards in the 1940's/1950's

One Day on the O&W, March 29, 1956

In Memory of Donald Matthews, O&W Signal Foreman

Some O&W Grade Crossings in Middletown

Dwarf Signals Used as Automatics, NYO&W Revises Signaling through Middletown, N. Y.