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Jim Shaugnessy 436 pages hardcover

One would be challenged to find a railroad to compare scenically and historically with the Rutland Railroad. With Yankee persistence, it struggled for its existence in the snows of Vermont and northern New York for more than one hundred years. Running through territory amply covered by larger and stronger lines, it survived bankruptcy, receivership, flood, unequal competition, seizure, depression, and strikes. Its vestigial remains operate in a small area to this day.

Jim Shaughnessy--award-winning railroad photographer and authority--discusses the Rutland's entire history thoroughly, from preconstrnction in 1831 to the present. In this updated edition, the author covers the history of the three lines that continued to operate after the demise of the Rutland Railroad-the Vermont Railway, the Green
Mountain Railroad, and the Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority.
Lavishly illustrated with more than 500 incomparable photographs (including those by railroad photographer Philip R. Hastings), The Rutland Road has other features for the railroad enthusiast and historian alike: maps, charts, reproductions of advertisements, a detailed index with engine rosters, a chronology of the Rutland Railroad, and other significant statistical information.