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Stephen Mikesell 128 pages softcover

The Sierra Rialway is one of the most intact steam railroads in the United States. It is operated today by California State Parks to interpet and celebrate the importance of steam railroading in California History. Located in the gold rush town of Jamestown in Tuolumne County, the railway began operations in 1897 and played an important part in developing the economy of Tuolumne County and adjoining Calaveras County. While nearly all other steam Shortline railroads in the United States were dismantled in the 1950s, the Sierra line has survived in a remarkably complete condition. The railway was a big hit among railfans, who flocked to it as early as the 1930s and in increasing numbers in the 1950s. Now operated as Railtown 1897 State Historic Park, the steam operation of the railroad is very much alive.