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Robert Zenk 368  pages hardcover

The definitive story of Southern Pacific's high-reaching experiment in horsepower, tech and traction is back- this time in an expanded second publication. Southern Pacific & the KM Hydraulics: Second Edition features the full story of SP's remarkable foray into imported road diesel power during the great horsepower race of the 1960s.  Drawing richly upon never-before-seen materials from the US and abroad, author Robert J. Zenk weaves a compelling tale of SP's audacious spirit of mechanical and corporate innovation meeting the hope filled ambition of the German postwar economic boom. 

Quality hardcover printing with fine color throughout, the book is lavishly illustrated with archival material from deep inside German and American operations. KM Hydraulics traces a surprisingly logical evolution of thought leading to an experiment perhaps doomed to fail, but nevertheless leaving a permanent imprint on US motive power and an indelible visual spectacle for fans of the Southern Pacific.

This 2nd Edition includes 64 pages with new illustrations and accounts and a bounty of additional images by some of the SP's finest photographers.

New for this Edition:
New photos by Steinheimer, Benson, Heard, Patterson, Taylor
Expanded tech sections on Voith hydraulic transmissions and Maybach motors
Drawings and coverage of little-known design proposals by KM and others
Expanded coverage of competing Alco model DH-643
Complete account of restoration of SP 9010 the sole survivor
New Chapter on Southern Pacific KMs in scale