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Jeff Ainsworth softcover

We begin in Palo Alto - originally Mayfield, before it was annexed by Palo Alto the stop was later changed to California Ave. This is the stop - a 10 minute bus ride to Stanford University stadium - where Saturdays in the fall lengthy trains powered by Mts and GS class locomotives arrive with football fans from all over the Bay Area. Then we head down the Los Altos branch we see more trains turning or stored along this line between California Ave and Los Altos - a map of the maze of tracks and hand throw switches is on page 5.

Continuing east along the Los Altos Branch are a variety of freight, work trains and commuter trains to Vasona Jct. where the Los Altos branch ends joining the Santa Cruz branch from San Jose. Several trains are seen in the Vasona Jct. area - interestingly there was a wye here, however it was very little used as it was a very lengthy wye. that required you to leave your train in the middle of Winchester Blvd while you went up the up nearly a mile from where you left your train.  If the train was long it would completely block Winchester Blvd for the time it would take you to turn your locomotive. Most crews ran around their trains at Los Gatos & pulled backward to San Jose. This was after heavy rains washed out the Santa Cruz branch through the Santa Cruz Mountains February 26, 1940. The mile posts were reversed making Watsonville Jct. the beginning of the Santa Cruz Branch instead of the end. with Mile posts working now easterly to Santa Cruz and Olympia.

Also included are SP Employee timetables showing the original stations and mile post on the inside front cover along with Santa Cruz
branch from Watsonville Jct. before and after the washout plus mile posts of the original tunnels and remaining tunnels and close clearance items are on the inside back cover. Through Los Gatos with the next to last and last Saturday commuter trains April 18 and April 25, 1953 Plus a couple of photos of the last Steam powered freight 3251 along the Los Gatos Branch Sept. 19, 1956. Over and through the Santa Cruz Mountains with several Suntan specials working their way through or along the mountain route - some shots between Olympia and Santa Cruz in 1950s too.

There are many shots around Santa Cruz and several working both east and west from Santa Cruz to Watsonville Jct. Some photos have appeared in previous books, they are included to show continuity along the route 2760 at the Casino along the Board walk of Santa Cruz. 2764 pulling away toward Watsonville Jct. with the Big Dipper roller coaster in the background - a shot going thru the thru truss bridge over the San Lorenzo River A couple of photos of the huge Trestle that dominates downtown Capitola. Then at Aptos is a photo of their trestle over Soquel Creek and at the time US Highway 1 on its own concrete bridge over the creek andcontinuing toward Watsonville Jct.

There are several photos along Monterey bay 2481 on the turntable at Watsonville Jct. and SP 4300, SP’s first Mt 4-8-2 class with the Eastbound Mail train - nicknamed Sad Sam, No. 72 which would stop at every station along the way between San Francisco and Los Angeles.