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Ian Wilson 192 pages hardcover

By 1957, photographers from the United States were flocking to Canada to document the twilight of steam in Ontario. But Rehor, Wood and Harwood packed professional cameras-and adopted ambitious strategies to seek out remaining steam locomotives. They forged their itineraries based upon inside intelligence. John Rehor telephoned dispatchers to learn of locomotive assignments on specific trains. For instance, that the CNR Owen Sound way freight only drew a steam locomotive every two weeks! Or that the steam-powered CPR mixed trains out of Orangeville would be terminated mid-timetable-on August 3, 1957. There will be a spray of crisp images of steam locomotives against a rural landscape-an advance look through the lens of Herb Harwood. You'll join him on his trailblazing journey to several CNR and CPR branchlines in early July 1957. Then, like Rehor and Wood, you'll feel beckoned to explore the wonderland depicted in Harwood's photographs. You'll scrutinize railway time tables and maps as you plan follow-up trips. Three weeks after Harwood's initial foray, you'll set out with Rehor and Wood on a grand mission to experience more steam railway action in Ontario.