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Ian Wilson 192 pages hardcover

The first half of our tale ended late in the evening at Bayview on Tuesday, July 15, 1958

In Speed Graphics and Steam 1958! vol. 1, dusk was setting in and photographers John Rehor, Don Wood and Herb Harwood had miles of driving ahead.

Your journey resumes toward midnight at Allandale, Ontario

As Speed Graphics and Steam 1958! vol. 2 opens, we foreshadow the morrow, with engines simmering on shop tracks at this Northern Ontario District division point.

Wednesday, July 16 begins...

...in a manner never to be seen again—watching a roundhouse of Ten Wheelers and Consolidations come to life. Near the turntable you’ll see a timber coaling plant! You’ll watch the last Allandale steam yard engine switch cars.

One by one, you’ll see way freights leave the yard

Then, you’ll chase a Consolidation northward along the Newmarket Subdivision through Barrie and the shade trees and rural depots of Oro Township.

At Orillia, you’ll encounter steam in every direction at a junction between the subdivisions

Our way freight, a Ten Wheeler on the Switcher, a Northern on a North Bay passenger train, a Mikado on a stone train and a Pacific with the Midland passenger train.

From Orillia, you’ll follow the local passenger train northward through Coldwater to Midland

Along the way, we’ll encounter CPR’s Hog Bay Trestle. There, we’ll catch a way freight and the boat train.

We’ll explore the CPR Port McNicoll wharf, where the Keewatin is berthed, then the engine terminal

This is destined to be the CPR’s last all-steam branchline. You’ll poke around the coaling plant and watch a passenger Pacific and freight Consolidations being serviced.

We’ll then travel to the CNR terminal at Lindsay in time to see the Midland passenger train returning

On the shop tracks, you’ll inspect a Consolidation, Pacific and Mikados awaiting their next assignments. Before the day ends, we’ll journey to Sunderland to photograph a Pacific on a Belleville-bound passenger train.

Thursday, July 17 starts at Lindsay station...

...with a steam yard engine making up trains and a Pacific arriving from Belleville with a passenger train.

At Blackwater Junction...

...our photographers catch Pacifics on passenger and freight trains. You’ll see the station agent handling mail and express, and locomotives filling their tenders at a water tank. Watch mail cars being transferred between trains. And check out a timber trestle not to be missed!

In the afternoon, we’ll drift back to Lindsay for another look at the locomotives on the shop track

You’ll see a way freight from Belleville arrive—then we’ll chase it eastward through Omemee on the Campbellford Subdivision. Foreshadowing our Volume 3 adventure!

Back at Lindsay, we’ll revisit a favourite haunt from Speed Graphics and Steam 1957!

...the CPR Bobcaygeon Subdivision with a D4 class Ten Wheeler on the way freight! You’ll follow the train through Ancona Point and Dunsford to Bobcaygeon. Our second day of the Vol. 2 adventure ends at Blackwater, with evening passenger trains from Toronto and Belleville.

On Friday, July 18 we’re back at Allandale, with more branchline Ten Wheelers!

You’ll watch the Orillia Switcher pull out behind one, then chase a sister engine on a way freight through Elmvale to Penetang. There, you’ll watch the engine being turned with help from local youngsters. You’ll chase the way freight south through Perkinsfield, Wyevale and Hendrie.

Along the Niagara Escarpment, you’ll intercept a way freight bound for Meaford...

...behind another Ten Wheeler! See the crew watering their engine at Collingwood, then heading through apple orchards and over a trestle at Thornbury. Meaford brings another ritual of turning an engine. You’ll bid farewell to the Allandale-bound way freight at Craigleith.

Our July 1958 trip is almost over, but Friday ends with a glimpse of the Stratford Division at Acton

There, we’ll encounter a favourite Northern on a Toronto passenger train. We’ll close out our adventure at Burlington with the way freight from Allandale off the Milton Subdivision, followed by mainline passenger action behind a Mountain and Northern on the Oakville Subdivision.