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New Book
Stan Trzonic hardcover

When it comes to a railroad operation, nothing seems to interest railfans more than Tehachapi, deep in the center of the Mojave Subdivision. With tracks running from Mojave to Bakersfield, California, this is the subject of a new, fully illustrated horizontal book by renowned rail photographer and author Stan Trzoniec. Some of the highlights of this book with a hidden surprise is the use of full frame, high-resolution photographs all taken by this photographer on numerous trips out west. Three main chapters of the book include "Out of Mojave" where the book begins with the Union Pacific yard and the BNSF joining here off home rails. From here, we go "Straight up the Middle” to the famous Tehachapi Loop where construction started by the Southern Pacific around 1874 with grades only topping off at around 2.20 percent. "Finishing off on the north slope, the section on “ illustrates some of the more impressive scenery from Ilmon to Bena to Sand Cut with the ride into Bakersfield, its historical station, and the BNSF leaving shared rails here in this up to date book on this famous location.