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New Book
James Reisdorff and Michael Bartels 48 pages Softcover

The DDA40X or "Centennial" type of locomotive, operated by the Union Pacific Railroad between 1969 and 1985, were considered to be the world's largest and most powerful diesel-electric locomotives. Today, 13 of these unique machines still exist. Like no other UP locomotive since the era of the steam-powered "Big Boy," the Centennials inspired a flood of promotional material related to their use. This book is the story of how the Centennials became part of Union Pacific's legendary motive power, and the circumstances under which each of the 13 survivors came to be preserved once their remarkable service careers had ended. Informative text provides the service history, location and status of each surviving Centennial. This is supplemented by about 50 black and white illustrations of these units in service as provided mainly by noted western rail photographer A.J. Wolff. This volume serves as a companion piece to the authors' previous title, The Big Legacy of the Union Pacific Big Boy