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New Book
 84 pages softcover

This volume collects a number of Vulcan publications, including:
Electric Haulage and Gathering Locomotives: This looks at electric locomotives for mining and other uses.

Vulcan 35 to Class HW-35: This provides details on the design of the HW-35 Engine, it's specifications and capacities.

Vulcan Tank Type Locomotives: This looks at Tank Locomotives built by Vulcan.  Includes specifications and details on 0-4-0, 0-6-0, 0-4-2, 2-4-2 and 2-6-2 models.  This also includes a look at Tender-type locomotives, Diesel and Gasoline Geared Locomotives and Diesel-Electric Locomotives.

Fifty Ton Diesel-Electric Locomotive: This looks at the design and capabilities of the 300 HP Class 2E-BDR-2M locomotives.

65-Ton Diesel-Electric Locomotive: This looks at the design and capabilities of the 400 HP Class 2E-BD-4M locomotives.

Improved Equipment for the Modern Sugar Factory: This looks at equipment for Sugar Cane Mills including Kingboltless Mills, Boiling House Equipment, Juice Heaters, Evaporators, Vacuum Pans and Condensers as well as diesel-electric, steam and diesel and Gasoline Geared Locomotives for sugar plantation service.

25-Ton Diesel-Electric Locomotive: This looks at the design and capabilities of the 150 HP Class 1E-ADR-1M locomotives.

Vulcan Storage Battery Locomotives For Coal Mines, Metal Mines and General Industrial Track Haulage: This looks at the different Storage Battery locomotives built by Vulcan, their design and components and the advantages of these locomotives.

Diesel Locomotives with Four-Speed Mechanical Transmission and Side-Rod Drive: This includes a look at the design of the locomotives, their components and capabilities.

Modern Steam Locomotives for Freight and Passenger Service: This looks at the steam locomotives built by Vulcan. Includes locomotives for the Turkish State Railways, Manila Railroad Company and the Peloponese Railways of Greece.

Vulcan Locomotives for the Mining Industry: This includes images of Steam, diesel and electric locomotives for use in the mining industry.

Vulcan-Duplex Steam Locomotives: This looks at the advantages of the Vulcan-Duplex Steam Locomotive, specifications of the engines and their capabilities.