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296 pages hardcover

The Golden State of California was once a beehive of interurban electric railways and the interurban played a major role in the development of intercity public transportation. Unfortunately, the interurban's major role in public travel between cities and towns was short lived. The interurban outpaced the motor car until the depression. But with a motor car parked at home Americans were able to travel with out needing interurbans. Only those interurbans that operated freight, express and mail service and offered commuter trains were able to survive until World War 2. During and after World War 2, the motor bus and automobile triggered the demise of the interurbans. This book presents a pictorial history of California interurbans, beginning in San Diego and following the coast up to Los Angeles, home of the Pacific Electric. The story then moves to the San Franciso Bay region where there were numerous carriers. Included in the book are the Central California Traction Company, Glendale & Montrose Railway, Key System, Northern Electric Railway, Northwestern Pacific Railway, Pacific Electric Railway, Peninsular Railway, Petaluma & Santa Rosa Railway, Sacramento Northern, San Diego Electric Railway, San Diego & Southwestern Railway, San Francisco & San Mateo Ry, San Francisco Napa & Calistoga Ry, Southern Pacific (Interurban Electric), Tidewater Southern and Visalia Electric. Over 579 illustrations